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Latin America Physical Features


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Latin America Physical Features

  1. 1. Amazon River• Second largest river in world• At no point is the Amazon crossed by bridges. Why do you think that is?
  2. 2. Caribbean Sea• Borders South America to the north and Central America to the east• Popular place for tourism
  3. 3. Gulf of Mexico• 9th Largest body of water in the world• Gulf Stream originates here
  4. 4. Pacific Ocean • Borders Latin America to the West • Covers 1/3 of the Earth’s surface
  5. 5. Panama Canal • 48 mile ship canal in Panama connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
  6. 6. Andes Mountains• World’s longest continental mountain range• Highest Peak = Mt. Aconcagua
  7. 7. Sierra Madre Mountains • Extends along the western coast and interior of Mexico up through the US
  8. 8. Atacama Desert • 600 mile strip of land west of the Andes Mountains • Driest desert in the world