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Canada Vocabulary. 2011-12


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Canada Vocabulary. 2011-12

  1. 1. CANADAVocabulary
  2. 2. CANADA: VocabularyProvince – Political boundaries of Canada that share power with the federal government similar to the way states in the United States do.Territory – Area of land in Canada that has a limited organized government but does NOT share power with the federal government.St. Lawrence Seaway – Passageway built to open the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean for shipping and trading purposes
  3. 3. CANADA: VocabularyCanadian Shield – Horse shoe shaped landform located along Hudson Bay that is rich in mineralsOver-extraction – When too many raw materials or minerals are removed from the environment.Acid rain - Rain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants which are harmful to the environment.
  4. 4. CANADA: VocabularyInuit – Arctic native peoples of Canada.John Cabot - Claimed Newfoundland for England in.Samuel de Champlain - Established the 1st French settlement in Canada (Quebec—1608).Quebec – Originally a French settlement, Quebec is Canada’s largest province in land area and also known for being very determined to maintain their French culture and heritage. As a result, this province is home to a very large population of French speaking Canadians.
  5. 5. CANADA: VocabularyBilingual - A person who speaks two languages.Separatist – A person who thinks that Quebec should separate from Canada and become its own nation where it could live and practice the French way of life, culture, and language.Constitutional Monarchy – Canada recognizes Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain as Head of State. She has limited powers.
  6. 6. CANADA: VocabularyParliamentary Democracy – a democracy with a parliament elected by the people. The parliament elects the head of state who is the prime minister.Federal System – Canada has a federal system which means the provinces share power with the central government.NAFTA - Stands for ―North America Free Trade Agreement.‖ Mexico, Canada, & USA signed a treaty to approve free trade & eliminate trade barriers