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Canada Choice Project powerpoint


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Canada Choice Project powerpoint

  1. 1. CANADA
  2. 2. Directions: Choose ONE of thefollowing choices as your project forCanada. Each project choice hasspecific directions and guidelines.Note: All projects should includegraphics and include information fromeach of the following topics:
  3. 3. •PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY (landforms, bodies of water,environmental issues)•CULTURE (language, religion, influence of French and English,sports, foods, etc.)•HISTORY (colonization of Canada by British and French QuebecIndependence Movement)•GOVERNMENT (type of democracy, type of monarchy, type ofgovernment system, head of government, head of state, citizens role)•ECONOMICS (natural resources, trading partners, NAFTA, mixedeconomy)
  4. 4. BOARD GAME – Needs to include aboard, directions, and game pieces. Yourboard needs to be about the size of astudent desk. Your game needs to showevidence of knowledge in all areas above.You need to have at least 10questions/cards for each area above. Youneed to include at least one map, chart,AND graph.
  5. 5. SCRAPBOOK – Create a scrapbook ofCanada. The scrapbook needs to include atitle page and at least TWO pages for eacharea above. Be sure that each of your pages includesdetails/information listed above for eacharea. You need to include at least one map,chart, AND graph.
  6. 6. A to Z BOOK OF CANADA – Create an Ato Z book of Canada. It needs to becreative, organized, neat, and colorful.Each of the above areas needs to beincluded. Your pages need to include DETAILSregarding the information listed for eacharea. You must write in completesentences. You need to include at least onemap, chart, AND graph.
  7. 7. CANADIAN NEWSPAPER - Create anewspaper that features different aspects of lifein Canada. You must have at least one articlefrom each of the topics listed above.Each article must have a headline and apicture or artwork. You must use properparagraph format for your articles. Yournewspaper must also contain some ads, onemap, chart, and a graph.