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Fse -military_stakeholder_exercise_optimized

  1. 1. Military Technologies Stakeholder Exercise
  2. 2. Exercise • Debate and decide whether to invest in and/or regulate the following technologies – Cyber insects – Telepathic helmets– Telepathic helmets – Lethal autonomous robots • Make sure to consider all three levels of potential implications: – Level I = Military effectiveness – Level II = Adoption in civil society – Level III = Social and cultural effects
  3. 3. Roles • Congressional representative, i.e. Speaker of the House • Military commander, i.e. Chairperson of the Joint Chiefs of Staff • Soldier deployed in a war zone • Parent of a deployed soldier• Parent of a deployed soldier • Private citizen • Lobbyist for a private military contractor, i.e. Xe (formerly Blackwater) or Dyncorp • Scientific advisor to Congress • UN representative • Lobbyist for military manufacturing firms (Boston Dynamics, Foster-Miller, General Atomics, Northrop-Grumman, etc.)
  4. 4. Roles • The following slides provide a starting point for discussion • The goals listed for each role are not meant to be comprehensivebe comprehensive • You should feel free introduce your own viewpoints regarding more complex stakeholder goals
  5. 5. Congressional Representative • Goals – Get re-elected – Make laws that have wide appeal – Provide for the common defense– Provide for the common defense – Preserve a high standard of living for constituents
  6. 6. Congressional Representative • The Congressional Representative will also serve as the mediator of this discussion • You must reach a consensus regarding investment and regulation on each militaryinvestment and regulation on each military technology – Develop technology for military use? – Develop technology for civil use? – Prohibit development for civil use? – Prohibit development for military use? – More complex policy?
  7. 7. Congressional Representative • One possible approach for the debate: – Set up a time limit for each technology – Begin each topic by asking for an opening statement from each of the stakeholdersstatement from each of the stakeholders – Then try to propose a solution to achieve consensus (or one that would pass with a majority vote)
  8. 8. Military Commander • Goals: – Accomplish mission – Maintain and improve war-fighting capability – Respect the laws of war such as the Geneva– Respect the laws of war such as the Geneva Conventions
  9. 9. Soldier Deployed in a War Zone • Goals – Complete missions successfully – Come home safely
  10. 10. Parent of a Deployed Soldier • Goals – See soldier come home safely – Live in a safe and secure environment – Enjoy a high standard of living– Enjoy a high standard of living
  11. 11. Private Citizen • Goals – Live in a safe and secure environment – Enjoy a high standard of living – Retain civil rights– Retain civil rights • Freedom of speech, religion, and peaceful assembly • Right to bear arms • Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure • Right to due process – Enjoy personal privacy
  12. 12. Lobbyist for a Private Military Contractor • Goals – Maintain and improve war-fighting capability – Protect and expand streams of revenue – Protect assets (i.e., employees)– Protect assets (i.e., employees)
  13. 13. UN Representative • Goals – Represent the views of other nations – Promote global peace and prosperity
  14. 14. Scientific Advisor • Goals: Scientific – Attempt to project the Level I, II, and III impacts of the technology – Remain objective– Remain objective – Preserve opportunities for research funding – Maintain a good reputation among peers • Goals: Personal – Live in a safe and secure environment – Enjoy a high standard of living – Enjoy personal privacy
  15. 15. Lobbyist for Weapons Manufacturing Firms • Goals – Protect and expand streams of revenue (customers and products)