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Flip the Script Friday: What you can do


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Resources for taking action to support communities fighting for #JusticeforFloyd

Published in: News & Politics
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Flip the Script Friday: What you can do

  1. 1. Flip the Script what you can do Heather Newman, Owner, Creative Maven Twitter/Instagram: @heddanewman @creativemavens @mavensdoitbetta
  2. 2. How to help Minneapolis: 6 things you can do right now for the George Floyd movement things-you-can-do-right-now-for-the-george-floyd-movement BY ARIANNE COHEN
  3. 3. Louisville Community Bail Fund The Louisville Community Bail Fund exists to not only bail out folks, but provide post-release support to get them from jail, fed, and to a situation of safety. LCBF also maintains a focus on preventative measures for those targeted by law enforcement and threatened with incarceration. While they work with national networks,they are also one of the only bail funds that rely entirely on support from individuals in our social justice community.
  4. 4. 11 Things You Can Do To Help Black Lives Matter End Police Violence movement There are things all of us can do to support Black Lives Matter and fight for racial justice, we just need to go out and do it. Here are a few good places to start. BY LINCOLN ANTHONY BLADES
  5. 5. 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice do-for-racial-justice-f2d18b0e0234 It is about all of us. **Note this article is continually updated to ensure each item is accurate and needed today.** By Corinne Shutack
  6. 6. Heather NewmanCMO, Co-Founder, Maven, Speaker, Human in Tech EMAIL MARKETING CONSULTING SOFTWARE PODCAST BLOG TWITTER/INSTAGRAM @heddanewman