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Create Visual Content for Social Media


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Dreaming of a social media feed filled with great visual content? Join South Carolina social media expert Heather Heuman as she helps you discover the power of visual content marketing and how it can amplify your results. You’ll also learn actionable steps and systems that will increase your social media engagement.

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Create Visual Content for Social Media

  1. 1. Creating Social Media with HEATHER HEUMAN Visual ContentVisual Content for TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO NEW HEIGHTS!
  2. 2. #DreamBank@heatherheuman PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is NOT a Pokemon Go Stop
  3. 3. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Content with Relevant Visual images get 94% more views than content without
  4. 4. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Visual Content is more than to get shared on social media than other types of content. 40x more likely
  5. 5. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Visual Content is a preview of the better show to come. TWEET IT OUT.
  6. 6. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Visual Content is more than to get shared on social media than other types of content. 40x more likely Start the Story on social media With MORE on your website or a different social media platform.
  7. 7. You are welcome to take screenshots, video & selfies Heather Heuman
  8. 8. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Social Media Currency Like/Favorite Comment Share/Clicks of Links CONNECTIONS = Engagement & Loyalty
  9. 9. #DreamBank@heatherheuman images video live video Are you ?
  10. 10. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Where to Get FREE Images Your Camera or phone1. 2. Great Legal Online Resources
  11. 11. #DreamBank@heatherheuman 1. Take 3 photos that capture THIS workshop (people, presenter, a group, a device, etc..) 2. Select your FAVORITE. Ask someone to tell you which is THEIR favorite? 3. ACTIVITY 1
  12. 12. #DreamBank@heatherheuman 1. Post ONE photo & use 'Copy' that tells a story; what you are experiencing 2. Include hashtag #DreamBank Do @mention of 1-2 relevant people. 3. TWEET OR POST
  13. 13. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Did you both select the same 'FAVORITE'? THE RESULTS
  14. 14. FREE Image Resources Pixabay1. 2. Librestock My favorite ALL THE LINKS JUST FOR YOU!
  15. 15. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Look for Photos by color, emotion, things, places, etc.. Anger Yellow Madison
  16. 16. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Write down three words that inspire, motivate, make you happy or DESCRIBES YOUR BUSINESS? Visual Content is an investment and proves valuable with traffic, shares & increased sales.
  17. 17. #DreamBank@heatherheuman 1. Go to OR & find 2-3 images 2. Save them to your phone or device. ACTIVITY 2
  18. 18. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Types of Visual Content You Can Create SHARE WORTHY Memes Photos Motivation Inspiration Quotes TEACHABLES Tutorials How-To's Checklist Step by Step Lessons SPOTLIGHTS Facebook Live Periscope All Live Video Short Video
  19. 19. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Tools for Design Canva Adobe Post & Adobe Spark Landscape by Sprout Social (fast image sizer) Design Feed Graphic Design software RESOURCES
  21. 21. #DreamBank@heatherheuman CANVA Easily select the right size image for the visual content you are creating. Canva has a FREE version when you use your own images. Canva for Work - Magic Resize is PRICELESS!
  22. 22. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Haley Ragsdale Top Level Younique Presenter
  23. 23. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Elizabeth Foster Owner, Calligraphy by Elizabeth
  24. 24. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Here's a PRO TIP RULE OF THIRDS
  25. 25. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Here's a PRO TIP RULE OF THIRDS
  26. 26. #DreamBank@heatherheuman GET THE RULE OF THIRDS on your CAMERA PHONE for Iphone Users GENERAL....PHOTOS & CAMERA
  27. 27. #DreamBank@heatherheuman Tools for Design
  28. 28. #DreamBank@heatherheuman
  29. 29. Images: Heather Heuman & Librestock Time for Landing. Thank You @heatherheuman Design: Heather Heuman & Canva Resource sheet just for you!