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Basic rules when choosing colours for your home


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Are you planing a home renovation project? There's no need to spend a fortune for hiring a interior designer - choose the colour scheme by yourself! The only thing you need to do is to get familiar with the basic colour rules and everything will be alright.

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Basic rules when choosing colours for your home

  1. 1. Basic rules when choosing colours for your home
  2. 2. Think Big When choosing the colours for the interior of your home think how you want to look your entire house. Consider lighting - according to its amount in the room, one colour may look lighter or darker. Always get some colour samples at your home, don't trust the patterns at the store. This way you can feel which one is the right one for your home, for the specific room. First choose the furniture, it will be easier to find suitable paint colour to them than the opposite. Start with the biggest room or with this one you want to paint in darkest shade, then think about the open spaces such as hallways, stairs, entryway.
  3. 3. Get familiar with the colour wheel Monochromatic Analogous Complementary Spend some time with the colour wheel and think about what you like and which colour makes you feel comfortable. It is in a big help with understanding how different colours are corresponding and how they will look together. Thanks to the wheel you can easily choose the saturation and intensity of the colour you want.
  4. 4.  Consider your style If you prefer modern and clean look of your house but don't want to experiment with different colour combinations, stick to the monochromatic scheme. Play with different shades of one colour - darker for the walls and light for the trim is the most preferable choise. Get vibrant vision with complementary scheme - combine two colors on the opposite sides of the wheel and see how they look together. It is not necessary to use the both for painting - choose one for the walls and the other for the furniture. For relaxing and soothing look use analogous colours. They live in harmony together as they are made from each other.
  5. 5. A little bit more about colours Neutral - such as white, cream, beige, grey - they definitely will make your home look elegant and stylish, these are the colours that you can't get wrong with. Pastel - they can give you relaxing feeling and make the place more welcoming and cozy. You will be surprized how many combinations you can try with them - starting with lemon yellow and mint green to sky blue and delicate pink. Bold - for dramatic, alive touch that shows the energy in the room. But be careful with the intensely bright hues - do not overdo or the room can become unresting and irritable place. The best you can do is to use them for an accent wall and combine them with neutrals for the rest.
  6. 6. Follow the Golden Rule when painting your home - 60 % for dominant, 30 % ressesive and 10% for accents and can't get wrong with the colour scheme. At last but not least This comes to you thanks to the experts in painting and renovation services at­services­london.htm­services­london.htm