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Barry's referrence letter

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Barry's referrence letter

  1. 1. August25, 2009 Mr. Barry Fortin OperationsManager BostonChauffeur 100 CummingsCenter Beverly,MA 01915 Dear HiringManager, It ismy pleasure torecommendHeather,herperformance workingasa Dispatcher/Reservationistfor BostonChauffeurprovedthatshe will be avaluable additiontoanycompany. Heatherisa detail orientedindividualwhostrivesforperfection.She hasastrong grasp of multitasking as provenbythe factthat she was able to Dispatchwhile atthe same time takingreservationinabusy environment.She wasalwayscool underpressure andveryreliable. Heatherissomeone thatI wouldhire immediatelyif the opportunitypresenteditself.If herperformance inour companyis a good indicationof how she wouldperforminyours,she wouldbe anextremely positive assettoyourprogram. If I can be of anyfurtherassistance orprovide youwithanyfurtherinformation,pleasedonothesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely, Barry Fortin