New Media vs. Old Media


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A short power point to review some keys ideas about new and old media.

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New Media vs. Old Media

  1. 1. New Media vs. Old Media Examination On How New Media Has Affected Traditional Media MethodsBy Heather Cherry
  2. 2. New MediaThe Impact It Has On Traditional Press
  3. 3. Tapping Into Online Networks News today is increasingly a shared, social experience. ½ of Americans say they rely on the people around them to find out at least some of the news they need to know. Accessing News Online Resources Other Reference 2
  4. 4.  While most original reporting still comes from traditional journalists, technology makes it increasingly possible for the actions of citizens to influence a story’s total impact. Reference 2
  5. 5. Gaining Social Traction Information that gains traction in social media differ substantially from those that lead in the mainstream press. In a 29 week span three social platforms, blogs, Twitter and YouTube shared the same top story just once. Reference 2
  6. 6. Of the three social mediaplatforms studied, news-oriented blogs share themost similarities with themainstream press. Blogs Blogs & Traditional Press YouTube Twitter Reference 2
  7. 7. Blog vs.Traditional PressThe top news agenda in theblogosphere coincides withthat of the traditional press. Reference 2
  8. 8.  Twitter, allows News Coverage users to share messages of up to on Twitter 140 characters Consumers using Twitter focused more on technology and Web issues than anything else. Some instances of using the medium to promote activism and involvement, but they tended to be special circumstances. Reference 2
  9. 9. YouTubeOver 3 million people are connected and auto-sharingto at least one social network Priorities are not as much the most important or pressing topic of the week, but rather what image or video was the most interesting to view. Reference 2
  10. 10. Old MediaExamination On The Diminishing Trend
  11. 11. Internet Usage Increases Advertisers More than ½ looking into Internet users of all users other means rise search at least of once a day advertisement Reference 5
  12. 12. Advertising Avenues Change Internet, Online Newspapers, Internet Radio, YouTube Newspapers, Radio, TV, Billboards Reference 5
  13. 13. Print Sales Decline Newsweek Subscriptions (millions) 3.5 3 2.5 2 Newsweek 1.5 Subscriptions 1 0.5 0 2007 2008 2010 Reference 4
  14. 14. Negative Effects Of New Media New media affects the  Difficult to understand human attention or interpret what a span, specifically when persons intentions or individuals engage in messages are. multitasking.  Promotes bullies because they are Rampant use of unable to read the electronic media has a victims non-verbal cues negative impact on and the behavior will memory & reasoning. continue since they are Face-to-face interaction unaware of the consequences. is becoming less and causing attention deficits. Reference 1,3
  15. 15. Promotes Greater Attention Spans MeetMaintains Better Old Better Retention New People & Connect MediaJudge of Rate With Old Reality Better Verbal & Good Way To New Help Public i.e. Media Non- Reduce verbal Find Jobs Crime Skills Create A World Virtually Reference 3
  16. 16. Not Always Available Old More Likely Longer Used At To DefyPublishing A Slower Ethics & Media Morals Times Rate More Often Develops Misguided New Memory & Reasoning Costly Sense Of Reality Media Diminish Lack Of Verbal Contact Reference 3
  17. 17. Evolving Into The FutureAs social media sites and tools evolve, sotoo will their impact on news informationand citizens’ relationship to the news. Theinterplay among new and traditional mediawill also almost certainly evolve. Evennow, new partnerships and content sharingare being developed across platforms andoutlets. Reference 2
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