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Heath A. Buswell Resume rev.1


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Heath A. Buswell Resume rev.1

  1. 1. Heath A. Buswell 936 Dogwood lane south, Oceanside, CA 920586 (760) 429-3872  Professional Summary More than 22 years of experience as a proven and recognized leader in the fields of safety, logistics, transportation,training, administration, and Quality Assurance.Possess unique ability to take on large-scale projects and operations worth millions of dollars and to plan, coordinate, and execute with superior results. Superior Safety Managerwith proven results in identifying areas of improvement and enacting innovative processes to betteroverall adherence to safety standards,thereby markedly reducing number of mishaps. Keen eye for forecasting logistics, manpower, training, and operational needs; an expert planner who takes all factors into consideration and develops creative solutions to significantly enhance operations,training, and customer support.As an expert communicator, lead, train, mentor, and discipline junior personnelto form cohesive teams and strongerindividuals. Safety and logistics knowledge and management unparalleled as proven record of success has resulted in improved operational and safety practices, bettercoordination with external agencies, cost savings,and stellar distribution of assets. Professional Accomplishments  Organized and prepared equipment for meticulous Higher Headquarters (HQ) Occupational Health and Safety Inspection; superior management resulted in overwhelmingly successfulinspection results with no discrepancies.  Served instrumental role in researching, developing, and implementing comprehensive equipment preparation for embarkation to Australia, resulting in over 300 military vehicles, generators, and other tactical items for embark from shore to ship and ship to shore.  Employment History U.S. Marine Corps Combat Logistics Battalion 1 Camp Pendleton, CA 92055 Company First Sergeant/Company Gunnery Sergeant/Motor Transport Chief 07/2012 to Present  LEADERSHIP and SUPERVISION: Led 158 junior personnelin performance of motor transport dispatching operations.Provided initial and recurring feedback, performance evaluation, training, mentorship, and discipline. Maintained and reviewed training records to ensure all qualifications and certifications remained current. Identified discrepancies,and scheduled and conducted comprehensive training on career field-specific tasks. Coordinated with external units to schedule ancillary training required in performance of regular tasks and for personnelleaving on assignments supporting operations in hostile areas. Solved operational problems, promoted team building, improved work practices, and arranged for employee developmental training.  INSPECTION and ANALYSIS: Regularly inspected containers,vehicles, and other equipment to ensure full compliance with all applicable local and Higher HQ safety and operational policies and directives. Identified components that did not meet standards,and reported problem areas and recommended maintenance to unit supervisors.Wrote and reviewed forms and other documentation required for receipt and dispensation offuels and petroleum products,ensuring all information was accurately annotated.Inspected facilities to validate compliance with all safety and security directives. Analyzed potential safety and Force Protection risks, and relayed detailed information and recommended corrective action to unit leadership.  INSPECTIONS/AUDITS: Plan, schedule, conduct,and document recurring and impromptu inspections facilities, buildings and processes to evaluate compliance with federal OSHA, EPA, Department of Defense (DOD) and local safety regulations. Perform in-depth risk assessments of hazardous processes and working conditions, including field exercises, training initiatives, and convoy movements in order to identify, address,and mitigate or eliminate hazards to ensure safety of all personnel.  REPORTS and DOCUMENTATION: Compile and analyze statisticaldata, including number of safety incidents for industrial hygiene and occupational safety and health in order to prepare charts, table, and reports for distribution to unit leadership on a quarterly basis.
  2. 2. Heath A. Buswell 936 Dogwood lane south, Oceanside, CA 920586 (760) 429-3872   INTERAGENCY COORDINATION: Exercised expert communication skills to collaborate with external agencies to ensure standardized fuels dispensation and storage services. Liaised with HR, Finance, Services, and higher-level leadership to support junior personnelwith issues surrounding pay, official leave, temporary assignments,and housing arrangements. Safety topics and to ensure safety requirements are consistently considered and adhered to throughout the course of daily operations.Investigate,document, and prepare formal written reports that include recommendations on preventive practices upon notification of minor and major mishaps.  TRAINING: Develop and present detailed initial and recurring safety training to all assigned military and civilian personnel.Utilize safety-related educational material to relay a wide variety of procedures,regulations, resources,and reporting requirements to ensure all personnelare fully aware of regulations and response to mishaps and emergencies, as well as preventive measures to mitigate or eliminate potential hazardous in the workplace.  MOTOR TRANSPORT OPERATIONS: Develop and execute transportation support operations based on administrative and logistical requirements of current and future training and real-world operations,both stateside and overseas.Conduct recurring inspections ofvehicles and associated equipment to ensure operability and suitability for particular missions based on equipment capabilities. Relay advice and recommendations to managers on personnel,equipment, and training requirements to provide optimal logistical support to operations. U.S. Marine Corps 1st Battalion, 12th Marines Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863 Motor Transport Chief 03/2008 to 03/2012  PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Oversaw, administered, and monitored training program for 138 assigned multidisciplinary personnel.Developed and updated training records to maintain accurate data concerning formal and informal career-field specific and ancillary training, certifications, and qualifications. Planned and executing monthly audits of sub-unit training records to ensure lower- level supervisors adhered to training requirements and directives. Advised unit personnel on latest policies and requirements concerning formal and informal training.  EVALUATION/ANALYSIS: Evaluated and analyzed career field and ancillary training progression procedures for unit personneland temporary support personnel.Determined and implemented revised tracking procedures to maximize effectiveness and efficiency in tracking variety of required tasks and training modules. Initiated and conducted robust Quality Assurance (QA) inspections on training records, as well as vehicle maintenance, in order to ensure full compliance with Higher HQ and local requirements. Applied Lean concepts to streamline administrative and operational procedures in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of processes.  PLANNING: Performed a wide variety of analytical projects and studies related to training program improvement, productivity improvement, management controls,and long-range planning. Coordinated the presentation of planning issues to unit leadership. Planned, scheduled,and conducted projects and studies to evaluate and recommend ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of training and operations.Coordinated logistics for team meetings involving staff from various offices. U.S. Marine Corps 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines Camp Pendleton, CA 92055 Motor Transportation Operations Chief 02/2005 to 03/2008  INTERAGENCY COORDINATION: Coordinated on daily basis with operations,maintenance, and other units to fulfill customer requests for transportation and otherlogistical requirements. Employed vast knowledge of logistics hierarchy to collaborate with Higher HQ logistics agencies to requisition additional supplies and to address and resolve problematic areas related to maintenance, excess inventory, and other matters.  QUALITY ASSURANCE/QUALITY CONTROL: Conducted regular inspections on equipment to crosscheckphysical inventory against information contained within databases.Identified
  3. 3. Heath A. Buswell 936 Dogwood lane south, Oceanside, CA 920586 (760) 429-3872  discrepancies, and researched and executed expeditious corrective action to ensure highest level of accuracy. Reviewed personneltraining records to ensure all personnelobtained and remained current on mandatory qualifications, certifications, and specialized vehicle licenses. Scheduled and carried out required training for personnel,as appropriate. Prepared and executed in-house inspections to verify unit’s compliance with local and Higher HQ policies, procedures,and directives.  SAFETY: Provided an overall safe, healthy environment. Organized the educationaland developmental stages ofsafety programs. Created and operated safety programs in a manner to protect the health and safety of all employees. Supervised and disciplined employees for safety violations, as necessary. Education Kuemper Catholic High School Carroll, IA Related Training/Certificates * OSHA 30HR General Industry Safety& Health * Ground Safety * Mishap Investigations References Lance Oufnac USMC Battalion Sergeant Major 1-910-787-4155 Chris Buscemi USMC Company Commander 1-760-858-9961 Volunteer Experience Habitat for Humanity Branson, MO. Additional Information Willing to begin work as early as July.