Leonard Bernstein


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Leonard Bernstein

  1. 1. Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)Educator. Composer. Conductor.
  2. 2. Early LifeBorn Louis BernsteinLawrence, MAFather’s bookstoreWas his family supportive?Harvard Music School
  3. 3. Early InfluencesAesthetics ProfessorDavid PrallMarc BlitzsteinDimitriMitropoulis:ConductingAaron Copland
  4. 4. Getting a Foot in the DoorNYCThe Reviewers comedy troupeMusic Publishing under“Lenny Amber”Attended Boston SymphonyOrchestra’s summer institute,Tanglewood, for conducting in1940 Aaron CoplandAssistant conductor with NewYork Philharmonic
  5. 5. Conducting DebutNew York Philharmonic 1943UnpreparedBroadcasted across the countryGuest conducting appearancesfollowed
  6. 6. Beginning of a Career1944 Premiered JeremiahSymphony and two Broadwayshows (Fancy Free, On theTown)1945-1947 Conductor of theNew York City OrchestaPost WWII EuropeReturned to America and tookover at Tanglewood in Boston.
  7. 7. Personal LifeMarried in 1951Dispelled rumorsThree childrenCollaborator Arthur Laurentsstated that Bernstein was “a gayman who got married. Hewasn’t conflicted about it at all.He was just gay.”Evidence of extramarital affairswith men
  8. 8. The Career Builds1951 Conducted the New York Philharmonic premierof Charles Ives Symphony No. 21951-1956 Visiting professor at Brandeis University Creative arts festival1954 Omnibus Lectures for CBS Beethoven’s Fifth, Jazz, conducting, musical comedy, modern music, J.S. Bach, and grand opera Now available in DVD set1956 Conducted New York Philharmonic afterconductors death1957 Named music director of New YorkPhilharmonic1958 Began tenure with New York Philharmonic
  9. 9. Excerpt from Bernstein’s Omnibus on ConductingOriginal video can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrILZgv_0oQ
  10. 10. TV Success GrowsBecame well-knownthrough Young PeoplesConcertsFirst music appreciationprograms to air ontelevisionBecame well known foreducation as well asconductingWon a Grammy award forrecords of music lectures
  11. 11. Established ConductorTook New YorkPhilharmonic on tour Europe, Soviet Union, South AmericaRecorded well known works Shastakovitch, Mahler, Beethoven, Bernstein
  12. 12. Established ComposerWest Side Story (Click to play)Candide (Click to play)Three SymphoniesMASS: A theatre piece for singers, players, and dancers
  13. 13. Life After New York1969 Stepped down as directorof New York PhilharmonicContinued to appear withthem up until his deathWorked with ViennaPhilharmonic, LondonSymphony Orchestra, IsraelPhilharmonic, BostonSymphony Orchestra,Orchestre National du FranceComposed1973 professor of poetry atHarvard
  14. 14. Personal Life: The SequelCould no longer suppress hishomosexualityMoved in with writer TomCothranWife was diagnosed withcancerTom was diagnosed with AIDSMost friendships and musicwas unaffected
  15. 15. Final YearsSpent making guest appearancesFounded Los Angeles Philharmonic InstituteConducted and recorded most of his worksPacific Music Festival (Japan)
  16. 16. Final AppearancesAugust 19, 1990 ConductedBeethoven’s 7th Symphony atTanglewoodBroke into a coughing fitOctober 9th, 1990 Announcedretirement from conducting at 72October 14th, 1990 LeonardBernstein died of pneumonia and apleural tumorBurried in Brooklyn, NY with acopy of Mahler’s 5th Symphonyover his heart.
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