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Heart Streatham Issue 41


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Welcome to Heart Streatham’s 41st edition. the trees are budding and the early flowers are blooming as we write this in right, warm spring sunshine. this month's cover is the iconic streatham Pumping station on Conyers rd which can be seen from the railway lines as well. We have superimposed alper Yagmur, owner of el Chico's Mexican restaurant (see review - p12), who became hero to many by organising deliveries of bottled water to elderly folk and others who couldn't make it to the delivery points when the water went out. When his restaurant’s water was cut he and his staff decided to work instead for the benefit of the community and we salute that! Do you have a local hero (with, or without, cape) you think should be celebrated? Get in touch: info@heartstreatham. or

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Heart Streatham Issue 41

  1. 1. Thames Water Crisis local election Candidates all about Streatham ISSUE 41 APRIL 2018 Water tower photogragh by Philip moran
  2. 2. heart streatham | 3 CONteNts april 2018 the ImPOrtaNt BIts We hope you enjoy the magazine. see extended versions of our articles at If you have a story for us, or would like to enquire about advertising, contact or call 0208 133 4629 add your event to our website for free! Just go to www/ Heart Streatham is published by Heart Media Limited and is delivered to 17,000 Streatham and Furzedown households. Magazines can be collected from selected local businesses along Streatham High Road and down Greyhound Lane to the end of Streatham Vale. heart media Limited has endeavoured to ensure all information published in this magazine is correct at the time of publication but take no responsibility for mistakes or omissions. this publication hereby disclaims any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident, or any other cause. responsibility for the content of advertisements is solely the advertiser's. reproduction of any part of this magazine is only authorised with the written permission of the publisher. all rights are reserved. Welcome to heart streatham’s 41st edition. the trees are budding and the early flowers are blooming as we write this in bright, warm spring sunshine. this month's cover is the iconic streatham Pumping station on Conyers rd which can be seen from the railway lines as well. We have superimposed alper Yagmur, owner of el Chico's mexican restaurant (see review - p12), who became hero to many by organising deliveries of bottled water to elderly folk and others who couldn't make it to the delivery points when the water went out. When his restaurant’s water was cut he and his staff decided to work instead for the benefit of the community and we salute that! Do you have a local hero (with, or without, cape) you think should be celebrated? Get in touch: info@heartstreatham. or heartstreatham. more about the pumping station owners further in this issue, but meanwhile, happy springtime! 4 STREATHAM ROUNDUP 6 THE GEN latest news from the local area 8 SOAP BOX the thames Water Crisis 10 STREATHAM ARTIST WINS AWARD Waterstones Book award winner from streatham 12 STREATHAM GOURMET heart streatham visits el Chico's 14 A HISTORY OF CRICKET IN STREATHAM 16 STREATHAM REDHAWKS SEASON ROUNDUP 19 LOCAL ELECTIONS ROUNDUP Your candidates for the local election on may 3rd 22 BRIXTON BULLS rugby club 24 BRIGSTOCK’S BEAUTY TIPS 28 LIVE MUSIC IN APRIL 30 WHAT’S ON IN APRIL 34 POLICE REPORT 36 DIRECTORY OF LOCAL SERVICES 38 USEFUL NUMBERS
  3. 3. 4 | heart streatham The laTeST neWS streatham roundup Specialist in Vintage • Collectables • Jewellery • Trinket & Treasure boxes vintage arts and decorations We buy and sell Free gift wrapping service and vintage greeting cards are available 0203 632 5108 March has seen the first significant snowfall in Streatham for years. Children were delighted making various kinds of snow sculptures, and some even had a day or two off school. Despite the snow, a reception to celebrate streatham held by Chuka umunna mp at Portcullis house was well-attended. Lambeth Council and tfL have at last agreed to measures to prevent heavy goods vehicles from using residential roads west of streatham high road. satnav companies will be informed that Drewstead Road, Woodfield Avenue, Mount Ephraim Road, Woodfield Grove, Mount ephraim Lane, Norfolk house road, Kingscourt road, and De montford road are “Unsuitable for hGVs”, and 5 new “Unsuitable for hGVs” signs will be installed at the entrance to roads. residents on other roads are keen to get some attention too. residents of Pathfield Road, who have suffered increased rat-running and parking congestion since the partial closure of Estreham Road to northbound traffic as part of the Quietways cycle route, finally persuaded Lambeth Council to consider their problems and a public meeting was held last month to ask for views on measures to mitigate problems Tfl are considering options for the redesign of the a23 from streatham hill station up to telford ave. they showed some ideas at a community meeting with streatham action Transport Group. TfL’s analysis identified the whole a23 corridor through Lambeth as having great potential for more cycle journeys - if made safe. Ideas include wider bus lanes and footways or segregated cycle lanes. these would involve removal of the central reservation and straight-across pedestrian crossings. the long-overdue work should take place in late 2019/20. We were pleased to hear tfL make positive noises about reducing speed limits to 20mph-more than 4,000 were caught breaking the current 30mph speed limit in one 24-hour period at streatham hill. March saw significant damage to Streatham Common from Circus Zyair vehicles. apparently, road works on streatham Common south meant that ground protection trackway was not delivered. the event organiser is responsible for the costs of all reinstatement, and to allow for works and recovery, the usual benson’s Funfair visit has been postponed to the end of may, and there are no events until Kite Day on the 13th may. Contact the events team via Photo by Mark Jones
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  5. 5. 6 | heart streatham the Gen indigo Tree are finalists for Independent Gift retailer of the Year 2018 in the Greats retail awards 2018. Wandsworth oasis have opened their 9th charity shop in Putney. The rookery on streatham Common has received a Green Flag award in the Green Flag award scheme recognising it as one of the best open spaces in the UK and the World. dave Santan has a new cut ‘hangman’, produced by Nana rogues (who has worked with Drake), and the video has Dave returning to streatham surrounded by friends. the pavilion on Furzedown rec is to be refurbished with a £111K grant and returned to community use. aya, the Lebanese restaurant has opened at 78 streatham high rd. there was a high turnout for the inaugural meeting for the new railside Community garden between Gleneldon & Wellfield Roads. Some Thameslink trains through streatham now have Wi-Fi. Furzedown SW16 has been recognised as the fourth best place to live in London by the sunday times- a “kinder, gentler streatham.” the Spires Women’s outreach team are looking for donations of small packets of tissues, size 6 or 8 women’s casual clothes and packets of baby wipes. Streatham Space project have finally picked up the keys to the new theatre venue in streatham hill! the controlled crossing point at the top of the Dip at St leonard’s Junction should have just become operational as we go to press. the installation of the bus lane in tooting Bec Gardens is delayed due to contractor problems, and no decision will be made regarding the controversial no right turn into Shrubbery rd until the full junction redesign has been implemented and tried.
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  7. 7. 8 | heart streatham Soapbox april 2018 On Saturday 3 March, major water mains and sewers around Streatham buckled in the aftermath of the Beast from the East. By Sunday, over 12000 homes were without water, and a crisis unfolded. Thames Water had to set up two bottled water distribution points at Homebase in Streatham Vale, and Sainsbury’s in Balham, to which residents had to make their own way - for many, this meant a four-mile round-trip on public transport. The incomparable Streatham community sprung into action to help deliver water to vulnerable residents who couldn’t manage the trek. By Monday the council bought its own supply of water for the vulnerable, and collection points were opened by council and volunteers to ease the burden. Cllr Malcolm Clarke’s delivery team were based at Gracefield Gardens, while Cllr Scott Ainslie set up his distribution HQ in the White Lion and Cllr. Robert Hill at the Woodlawns Centre. The hero of the day was local restauranteur Alper Yagmur, owner of El Chico’s restaurant on the High Rd. When the restaurant closed because it had no water supply, and there was no accurate information about when it would be restored from Thames Water, he visited their engineers on sites to gather info “from the horses’ mouths”. Alper then drafted his delivery vans to take water to residents in need and social media was ablaze. The story was picked up by national media from Heart Streatham’s twitter feed, and Alper was interviewed on several major TV and radio channels. Many residents and businesses were affected for up to five days. “Five days without being able to wash dirty plates, five days of being unable to flush toilets, and five days without being able to bathe their children”, as Cllr. Mo Seedat put it at the time. In the aftermath, Thames Water published this table of compensation information on its website, together with a set of FAQs which included stating that compensation for residents in rented accommodation (council, private housing associations etc.) are directed to claim it from landlords themselves. Time Affected Compensation Payment 4-12 hours £30 12-24 hours £50 24-48 hours £100 48+ hours £150 Some of the FAQ answers from Thames Water’s website are eyebrow-raising! “You resupplied water to my area, but an airlock in the system meant we didn’t get water back on for a while after this – do I get compensation for this whole period? “As airlocks aren’t generally caused because the water has been turned off, but due to air being trapped in the internal plumbing system within a home, we will not be giving compensation in this situation…fittings and internal plumbing should be set up in such a way that when water is restored, the air is displaced and cleared from the system.” My water was off for longer than 48 hours. …. “the pressure may not have built back up to normal levels... the problem may have been within the customer’s own pipework. It will be difficult for us to confirm exactly what may have been the problem at a specific property, but we have carefully calculated the time people were without water and are confident that the payments we are making are fair.” I had to close my business for several days because I had no water. Will you compensate me for my loss of business/profit? …Compensation for loss of profit is normally only payable when it is as a consequence of material/physical damage caused to your property. This was not the case on this occasion, so your loss of profit… is not recoverable in law.” Water Distribution at Sainsbury's Balham
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  9. 9. 10 | heart streatham Thames Water seems to be claiming that airlocks in residents’ domestic systems were a cause of delay in water being back on after TW pipes were repaired to justify not giving the full £150 to many of those who suffered without water for more than 48 hours and were expecting the maximum compensation as their due. We asked Thames Water “how are you able accurately to estimate where airlocks were located in the pipes to assess the duration of outage and the sum you believe customers should be paid?” We’re not engineers but is seems odd that the ingress of air is a problem that is suffered mostly by pipes that are the responsibility of home owners and not Thames Water. As we go to press, we have not received an answer from Thames Water. Businesses should contact Castle Water, which is responsible for administering payments for Thames Water’s (the wholesaler) non-residential customers. Castle Water wants to identify non- residential customers that were affected and ensure it has accurate details of their supply issues. Contact details are in the Castle Water advertisement on page 18, and at John Reynolds, CEO of Castle Water advised, “a non-residential customer may be entitled to a compensation payment of £50 a day in the event of loss of supply…” He also offered to come to Streatham to meet business groups to help clarify and speed the process. Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, Lambeth Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport (part of the cross-London scrutiny of Thames Water since 2015) at the time of the incident commented, “Thames Water failed in its responsibilities at every turn. It needs to be held to account and this must never happen again.” Jane Wroe-Wright Alper Yagmar at El Chico's
  10. 10. Bottomless Brunch all weekend. Sunday Roasts with unlimited yorkies + roast potatoes. WEEKENDS DONE RIGHT 5 Streatham High Rd, London SW16 1EF 0208 772 6556
  11. 11. 12 | heart streatham ariba el Chico’s! rehema Figueiredo he was the hero of streatham’s #watergate last month, but on my visit to el Chico’s owner alper Yagmur let his food do the talking. First up were some chicken tacos with juicy jalapenos and chipotle sauce, as well as classic nachos with a fresh salad – both served with exquisitely mushy guacamole and sharp soured cream. the dishes had a good balance of guacamole and sauce, and the taco shells were perfection; not so brittle they disintegrated as you bit into them, nor so soggy that the filling fell out. these dishes are usually served as mains, but starters come in anywhere between £4.50 and £7.50, giving diners scope to tailor order to fit appetite. The tacos and nachos portions were a good size, the latter slightly bigger but not as filling as the tacos. Next came some cute quesadillas, which would have been small for a main, but among the rounds of dishes we were being brought, were ample as a second course. however, the sizzling fajitas were the showstopper! sticky and sweet, accompanied by a stack of hot tortillas and a generous selection of dips. When a beef burrito was served, we were pretty much defeated. Packed with meat and slathered in cheese, it would be the right dish to choose had you gone a bit overboard on the margaritas but otherwise, a word of warning, only order it if you are a seriously hungry hombre. my dining amigo and I visited el Chico’s on a Friday night when the place had a warm buzz about it, with a youngish crowd, mostly under- 30s, and a strong Latin soundtrack. el Chico’s is the perfect end of week hang out, and with prices to rival ‘spoon’s it’s streatham’s hottest spot for post-work drinks, with cocktails a speciality. We tried a beautifully presented strawberry daiquiri and a wickedly zingy Cipriano. If you’re just after a beer, a Corona will set you back £3.95 or you could share a bottle of wine from £15.95. What’s more, el Chico’s runs specials in the week – from ladies night on tuesdays to date night thursdays – so you won’t have to worry about your wallet when you’re making your way through the mojitos. We were served by a very bubbly waitress and overall the whole thing felt like a fiesta, transporting us from the snowy streets of streatham to a beach bar in tulum. You’ve really got no choice but to join in the fun! el Chico’s 62, streatham hill, sW16 020 8677 5100
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  13. 13. 14 | heart streatham Daisy-cutting on Streatham Common The Cricket Season begins on Friday 13th April. The earliest mention of the sport was in the late 16th century, and by the 18th century it was the national sport. Streatham Common has a long cricketing tradition, with a match between Streatham and Clapham on Monday 26th July 1731 recorded in The Daily Advertiser. From 1736-1758, George Williams, the licensee of The White Lion pub captained the side and provided refreshments at matches. On 5th May 1806 the Streatham Cricket Club was formed at the pub. Membership was originally restricted to 40, with an annual subscription of five guineas ensuring an exclusivity limited to those who could afford the membership fee. For almost 80 years, home fixtures were on Streatham Common. In January 1807 the rules of the Streatham Cricket Club decreed that the season would start on the second Saturday of May and continue every Saturday on Streatham Common until the last Saturday in August. Furthermore, any gentlemen playing in coloured jackets, breeches or pantaloons would be fined half a crown. The great sportsman C. B. Fry was a member of the club in the early days. He was so admired internationally that it was rumoured he was invited to become the King of Albania; he apparently politely declined. In 1856, an area at the bottom of the Common was roped off for the game, with various teams
  14. 14. heart streatham | 15 using the facility, Streatham Cricket Club, Streatham united Cricket Club founded in 1858 and Streatham albion Cricket Club founded in 1880. towards the end of the nineteenth century there were some 70 cricket teams in streatham made up from schools, churches, pubs, businesses and even family teams. Streatham Cricket Club subsequently moved to a ground now covered by Gracefield gardens, named after the great cricketer W. g. grace, who played there on a several occasions. It was considered one of the most attractive grounds in england. after the First Word War, the Club moved to thornton heath on a ground now used by Streatham and Croydon rugby Club. Over the past few decades, streatham Cricket Club has merged with local sides Streatham Wanderers Cricket Club in 1973, the old hollingtonians Cricket Club in 1977 and lastly with the marlborough Cricket Club in 2003, since when the club has been known as The Streatham and marlborough Cricket Club with its home ground at Cox’s Walk, Dulwich Common. Former prime minister, John major, also played a couple of games for the streatham Colts in 1960. david Wright
  15. 15. 16 | heart streatham RedHawks Round-Up Streatham's 2017/18 season ended at the Play Off quarter final stage as they lost 6-2 on aggregate to the Swindon Wildcats over two legs. The RedHawks faced an uphill battle after losing the first leg on home ice 2-0 thanks to a brace from Cats Player Coach Aaron Nell but came tantalizingly close to an upset in Wiltshire. A brace from Ryan Webb had given Streatham a 2-1 lead at the Link Centre in front of a 1000 plus crowd, but three unanswered goals in the final 21 minutes put the Wildcats through to the semi-final where they will face Peterborough Phantoms. "The season might be over earlier than I had hoped, but I think we can hold our heads up after our display last weekend" said Captain Adam Carr. "A couple of bounces the other way at the right times and we could have got through to the semi-finals. Swindon are a top team who are in the best form in the league, so gutting as it is to go out, we gave it our best and came up short." Streatham finished in 6th place in the National Ice Hockey League Britton Conference, in their first appearance in the second tier of UK hockey since the early 1990's. Head Coach Jeremy Cornish overhauled the squad last summer in anticipation of the higher standard but had a budget considerably less than the teams who dropped down into the league. "It's been a tough year as everyone expected, but we have held our own and more" said Carr, who finished as top goal scorer with 23 in all competitions." Even when we had a losing streak, we stuck together and kept working and fighting…. We beat every team in the league apart from Peterborough, which is a big positive…Our fans also deserve the highest praise as they have backed us and followed us round all year loud and proud." The RedHawks will now look forward to the 208/19 season in September. Let’s go, Streatham! Meanwhile the junior teams continue to show progress with u18 forward Alec Goldstone recently called up for England trials at u19 level and seven players called up for England duty at a tournament in Bratislava in April. Samuel Lyne, Dylan Holicka and Louie White will pull on the famous white and red England jersey at under-13 level. Harry Corkum and Amy Robery both got a call up for the under-14s with Edward Gibson named as a reserve. Jessica Wooding got the nod for the under-14 girls team. STOP PRESS Congratulations to U18 Alec Goldstone for his selection to the England U19 squad heading for training in Bratislava this month and 2 games against Romania. Back Row: Lyne, White, Corkum, Gibson Front Row: Robery, Holicka, Wooding
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  17. 17. Loss of Water Supply Information for Castle Water Customers Castle Water, the UK’s leading independent water retailer, took over the retailing activities of Thames Water for business customers from April 2017, including invoicing and customer service. Although loss of supply is the responsibility of Thames Water, Castle Water is responsible for administering payments under Ofwat’s Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) for customers. Castle Water is working with Thames Water to administer GSS payments for the loss of supply experienced by many business customers in London. This includes identifying customers in the Thames Water supply area who are entitled to GSS payments and to ensure it has accurate details of the supply losses suffered. Customers seeking GSS payments can contact Castle Water directly to provide information to help ensure that they receive the correct payment. Simply submit your details online at Alternatively, email confirming: We are open 8am ‘til 6pm, Monday to Friday. Call us on 01250 718700 or why not use our webchat service at Castle Water provides water services to business customers throughout England and Scotland, with offices in London, Blairgowrie, Glasgow, Leeds and Portsmouth. We are independent of Thames Water and other network operators. All our customer services are based in the UK. Castle Water is regulated by Ofwat and the Water Industry Commission for Scotland.  Business name  Account number (e.g. TW12345678)  Supply address  Start date of loss of supply  Date supply was restored  Contact number  Contact name  Contact email Castle Water Limited | Craighall Castle | Rattray | Blairgowrie | PH10 7JB Castle Water is a Private Limited Company registered in Scotland with Company Number SC475583. VAT Number 189 7750 40
  18. 18. heart streatham | 19 Joe todd-stanton has been named winner of the Illustrated Books category at the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2018 for his picture book the secret of Black rock. he was awarded £2000 and the promise of an ongoing commitment to his books from all Waterstones shops. the Waterstone’s Children’s Book prize is one of the most prestigious and valuable book awards in the UK. It recognises new and emerging talent in children’s writing and is unique because it is voted for solely by booksellers. Joe grew up in Brighton, but now lives in streatham hill. his mother, who is also an illustrator, taught him to draw. he studied at the University of the West of england in Bristol, graduating in 2012 with a first-class degree in Illustration. the award-winning book the secret of Black rock, is a beautifully illustrated modern folk tale. It tells the story of erin, the adventurous young girl who discovers the truth behind a mysterious legend about the deepest sea and protects a peaceful creature from human harm. erin is fascinated by the legend of Black rock: a huge, dark and spiky mass that is said to destroy any boats that come near it. But are the tales true? One day erin sneaks on board her mother’s fishing boat to find out… “todd-stanton has a compelling artistic style, with a classically captivating tone of adventure, and deftly provides a storytelling experience that both appeals to children and adults alike.” – Waterstones Children’s Buyer. streatham artist Wins Waterstones Book award LOCAL ELECTION HUSTINGS Join Streatham Action at HIDEAWAY to have your say! Send your questions for the candidates to: LOCAL ELECTION HUSTINGS Join Streatham Action at HIDEAWAY to have your say!HIDEAWAY to have your say!HIDEAWAY Send your questions for the candidates to: 11 April 2018 - 7PM 2 Empire Mews Streatham SW16 2BF QUESTION TIME FORMAT Drinks available for purchase on the night
  19. 19. 20 | heart streatham ST. LEONARD’S Conservatives Neil Salt Wendy Newall Scott Simmonds recently moved to the area. He has got stuck in though, joining the Streatham Action committee and helping them deliver the next (Re)Discover Streatham event later this year. Greens Jonathan Bartley Scott Ainslie Nicole Griffiths volunteers at the Streatham Youth and Community Trust. She is a member of the Streatham Action Committee working on the public meeting on local security to connect local police teams with young people, and to set up a jobs fair for local young people. Labour Saleha Jaffer Robert Hill Stephen Donnelly has campaigned to save Streatham's police base, gathering petition signatures across the ward and speaking out at community meetings. He's passionate about getting more young people involved in politics and local campaigns. LibDems No information supplied STREATHAM SOUTH Conservatives Helen Smith Christopher Paling Russell Newall is a structural engineer who has lived locally for many years. He is married to Wendy Newall who is a candidate in St Leonards Ward where they reside. Greens Pete Johnson has lived with his family in Streatham for 22 years. He sings with two local choirs and is a semi-retired transport consultant, He is involved with the Streatham Action Transport and his priorities are in improving the town's transport links and infrastructure and local green spaces. Charmian Kenner is a retired lecturer who has lived in Lambeth for 37 years. She is Chair of her local Resident’s Association and is a leading campaigner to save Lambeth Libraries from being sold or downgraded. Her other priorities include improving air quality. David Robinson is Chief Technology Officer for a software company. He and his family have lived in Streatham South since 2006. His priorities are achieving the best housing, cleanest transport and highest quality of life for all Lambeth residents, regardless of income. Labour Clair Wilcox John Kazantzis Danny Adilypour Libdems No information supplied. Lambeth Council Elections May 3rd Lambeth Council Candidates We go to the polls on the 3rd of May to elect Councillors to represent Streatham at Lambeth Council. Candidate nominations are ongoing, so the following information may change, but here are those candidates we know about as we go to press. New candidates have a short biography, some from open source information, and some provided by political parties. All main parties were invited to contribute.
  20. 20. heart streatham | 21 streatham WeLLs ConServaTiveS Lisabeth Liell Teresa Tunstall Simon Hemsley is co- founder of the Friends of tooting Common. he is an accountant and CFO & looks forward to getting to grips with Lambeth’s budgets to ensure the council provides quality, affordable services. Open spaces and improving streatham’s transport links are key interests for him. greenS Sheila Freeman Rebecca Deegan lives on the sackville estate and is the head of Policy at the Institute and Faculty of actuaries so she understands data, particularly demographic data. she is part of the Green Party team monitoring air quality in streatham and wants to improve health, social care. Clifford Fleming works for London Youth as membership development officer and was previously co- chair of Young Greens in england and Wales. his priorities are safer streets for young people clean air and supporting streatham’s community groups labour Malcolm Clark Mohammed Seedat Marianna Masters is an account director for a business intelligence company having also worked for thompson-reuters and Bloomberg. she’s passionate about opportunity for all, has mentored teenagers, and been Co-Chair of a professional Black employees Network. libdemS Dominic Leigh writes policy briefings on Parliamentary sub- committee hearings and has worked for a LibDem meP and a think tank focused on localism issues. he lives in streatham and wants to use this experience to hold Lambeth Council to account. Helen Thompson lives in streatham and gets around Lambeth by bicycle. her top priorities are reducing air pollution and making our streets safe and pleasant for all, including improving cycle infrastructure. Eloka Ikegbunam is an Upper sixth Form student who has lived in streatham since 2012 and Lambeth for 18 years. he is passionate about improving the lives of others, volunteering with charities and events in his free time. access for all to high quality transport and education are close to his heart. streatham hILL ConServaTiveS Alexa Bailey Russell Henman Kushal Patel greenS Leon Maurice-Jones Will Aspinall Lives in streatham hill with his young family, he's a freelance tV director for BBC and other channels (recently: Best in shop-BBC2, Inside Windsor Castle-Ch5) and local priorities are tackling air pollution, increasing renewable energy locally and better value for money for residents. Chris Holt has led the safer a23 Campaign since 2015, is a local mum, writer and runs her own a yoga business in streatham hill. her priorities are highlighting dangers to pedestrians and traffic on the A23 to tfL, the mayor and the council and delivering genuinely affordable housing. labour Liz Atkins Iain Simpson Rezina Chowdhury libdemS information not supplied.
  21. 21. 22 | heart streatham Brixton Bulls Rugby Club FREE OPEN DAY – 21st April BOYS & GIRLS IN RECEPTION TO YEAR11 Join one of London’s fastest growing rugby clubs! Sessions every Sat am year round (during term time). Reception-Year 6 10.30-11.30am; Year 7-11 12-1pm To register or for more information email Woodmansterne Playing Fields, 49 Stockport Road, Streatham SW16 5XE Brixton Bulls RLFC @BrixtonBullsRL Brixton Bulls get Bigger Brixton Bulls rugby League Club is expanding. Both minis (reception to Year 6) and men’s teams and launching both Junior (Years 7 to 11) and Women's sections. the club is based at Woodmansterne Playing Field, sW16 and is the only rugby club in Lambeth and is one of the fastest growing in London. the club started with a minis section in 2004, and its founding side rose through the years to become one of the best of their age in the south of england. two of the original minis, Kelland thomas-smith and sam Crore, both from streatham, recently played for england Under 18 amateur side, and sam has since signed professionally for Castleford Under 19s. In 2015, the club re-started the minis at Under 7s under head Coach Philippa robson, and there are now more than 50 boys and girls regularly attending sessions on saturday mornings. most of the children attend local primary schools including Hitherfield, St Julians, telferscot and Woodmansterne. they are coached by a team of enthusiastic parents lead by Philippa, as well as a few of the men's side, and supported by the London rugby League Foundation, who also run development sessions in local schools. sessions take place all year during term time, and during the summer term there are regular festivals against other clubs across London and the south east - from Croydon and richmond to as far as medway and Brighton. they have also played in festivals before the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley and an england test match at the Olympic stadium, where they had the privilege to meet the england team before they played australia. In 2016 a men’s’ side was launched by Jack Baker, a former Captain of the Oxford University rugby League side who moved to streatham. the team is a great mixture of the original minis, all from the local area, former Oxford University players, and various new additions. they won the 2017 London Championship in only their second full year. matches are played from april to July on saturday afternoons, with home matches at Woodmansterne. On 21 april, Brixton Bulls is holding an Open Day for boys and girls for both minis at 10.30am and Juniors at 12 noon at Woodmansterne Playing Fields. there has been strong interest from local secondary schools. the men are expanding to a second side this year, so also actively recruiting new players - training is on Wednesday evenings at Woodmansterne. Following the launch of the Women's super League last year, the club is also launching a Women's team to play in the Women’s merit League. training will be on thursday evenings at Woodmansterne, starting in early april. Woodmansterne Playing Field, 49 stockport road, sW16 5Xe. richard Jones
  23. 23. 24 | advertorial Summer is Coming… 10 Key Tips for IPL or Laser hair removal Summer is just around the corner and many of us will soon be wearing less clothing. Rather than constantly shaving or epilating hair we don't want to show when the weather's warm, we can remove it permanently and relatively pain-free using lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments. The investment is worthwhile when you consider the average British woman spends £8000 over her lifetime on hair removal products and treatments Both techniques are effective at permanently reducing unwanted hair growth. Here are the most important things to consider. • Always consider the cost of results not the cost of treatments. People are often taken in by cheap offers for treatments. Always ask whether your clinic will guarantee your results like Brigstock Skin and Laser does. • Choose a CQC registered clinic. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the ombudsman that regulates all healthcare services. A CQC clinic’s systems, training, governance and standards are regularly scrutinized by an independent inspector. • Check the training and experience of your technician. Operating Laser and IPL machines requires skill and experience to assure good results. • “Laser or IPL?” Both laser and IPL use light to destroy hair follicles by heating up the melanin in them. It really doesn’t matter whether this is generated through lasers or intense pulse light. Some modern machines like the Soprano laser are designed specifically to be as comfortable as possible, but treatments may take longer than many IPL treatments. • Do not pluck, wax or thread for at least six weeks before treatment because the laser or IPL needs to react with hair follicles in their growth stage. If they are removed before treatment, the light will not have anything to treat, and the hair will grow back. • Always have a patch test before treatment and and ensure your full medical history is taken to determine the safe and effective settings for your skin and hair type. Some medical conditions and medications can cause issues - another reason to only use reputable medical clinics rather than beauty salons offering similar treatments. • "No hair will return after my course of treatment has finished?" Both laser and IPL treatments only target hairs that are in their growth stage, so you will require a series of treatments over several months to achieve the best results. • Avoid sunbathing immediately before undergoing any treatment, as it limits the treatment’s effectiveness. • Follow the treatment plan your technician prescribes. No two people have the same skin and hair, so treatment must be customised for you. The best results are achieved by working with a highly skilled, experienced technician over several treatments delivered at precise intervals to coincide with your natural hair growth cycle. Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre offer a FREE initial consultation on 020 8683 6730. Your results and satisfaction are completely guaranteed, otherwise we treat you for free.
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  25. 25. 26 | heart streatham Bishop Thomas Grant Legacy 100 Project To commemorate the centenary of the Great War, every month we are publishing extracts from BTG School’s work with Professor Richard Grayson of Goldsmith’s College to research the stories of some of the Fallen who were from Streatham. Rifleman John Russell and Rifleman Robert Alfred Edmund Brunt 1st/5th London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade) Killed in Action 1st July 1916 Russell lived at 7 Rydal Road, while Brunt was from 30 Norfolk House Road. Both men died on 1st July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme. The battalion ‘took up their position in the assembly and front-line trenches’, ready for their advance. From the battalion War Diary, it seems the mission started successfully, with the first waves of men moving by 7:27am. The diary details ‘The lines advanced in excellent order and the movement went like clockwork, so much so that by 7:50am, all our objectives were reached’. However, the mission deteriorated quickly. By 8:07am, they began to face opposition in the form of ‘machine gun fire’ and ‘heavy bombing’, which led to ‘bad casualties’. By 8:45am they were ‘forced to withdraw’ and their mission wholly ‘failed on account of the lack of success by the division on our left and also because we were unable to get the Reserve Company across with the supply of bombs that was so urgently needed’. From this account, it is most likely that both men died between 8:07am and 8:45am when the battalion faced the heaviest fire from the enemy. Both men are remembered on the Thiepval Memorial. By Gabriella, Year 12 Miss S Tice Bishop Thomas Grant School
  26. 26. Open Day: Saturday 21st April, 9:30am-11:30am T H E W H I T E H O U S E P R EPA R AT O RY S C H O O L & T H E WO O D EN T O P S N U R S ER I ES THE WOODENTOPS NURSERIES Babies from 6 months SW4 | SW12 THE WHITE HOUSE PREPARATORY SCHOOL 2.5-11 years Co-Educational SW12
  27. 27. 28 | heart streatham Café barcelona ( whats-on/) 344 a streatham high road, sW16 6hh 26th April London Klezmer Quartet. Old & traditional material celebrating eastern european Jews. tapas, wine and cocktails. Doors 7.00pm, music 8.30pm. tickets £10 advance, £12 on door. The earl Ferrers ( 22 ellora rd, sW16 6JF 7th April all the People, amazing gig. 9.00pm 20th April Joe Corbin, soul & blues. 9.00pm Live music In streatham The White lion ( 232 streatham high rd, London sW16 1BB Open mic nights every monday 8.00pm hideaway (see for tickets and more details) 2 empire mews, stanthorpe road, sW16 2BF 5th April the Floacist presents FLO 6th April the edwin starr Band – 9.00pm 7th April Wayne hernandez – 9.00pm 8th April Blakey’s Boys – 2.00pm 12th April Lil maxine – 8.30pm 13th April soothsayers + special guest Dele sosimi 14th April shakatak – 9.00pm 15th April the Cadillac Kings – 2.00pm 19th April muddy Waters remembered – 8.30pm 20th & 21st April ray Gelato and the Giants – 9.00pm 22nd April the Jive aces – 2.00pm 26th April epsom College Big Band & Jazz ensemble – 8.30pm 27th & 28th April Celebrating Otis redding mudibu and the Jezebel sextet – 9.00pm 29th April Dulwich College showcase – 2.00pm The Five bells ( 68-70 streatham high rd, sW16 1Ph all music starts at 9.30pm 7th April Britpop tribute 14th April Blues Brothers tribute 21st April mel harris mod show The manor arms ( mitcham Lane, London sW16 6LQ 7th April ruta D, pop jazz trio. 8.00pm 21st April sticky Jam, folk, blues and soul band. 8.00pm.
  28. 28. Here at MW Solicitors, we pride ourselves on being local, approachable, knowledgeable and competitive. Being CQS accredited (Conveyancing Quality Scheme) means our clients can rest assured that they will be in the safest possible hands from start to finish during the buying or selling process. With over 25 high street offices, we aim to be accessible and convenient with experts on hand to assist you, every step of the way. BUYING & SELLING PROPERTY Pam Dhillon Partner - Property Law - Streatham 020 8653 8844 Solicitors
  29. 29. 30 | heart streatham in streatham every Friday Streatham Youth and Community Trust music project this Free project is being held at the streatham Youth Club in Conyers road, sW16 every Friday from 8.15-10.00 pm. It will teach 14-21 year olds music skills including production, sound engineering, lyric writing and DJ lessons. more information or details at uk or on 020 3146 4170 or 0755 433 3162 or mark at on 0755 433 3163. 6th april – Friends of Streatham Common Spring bat Walk. meet at the rookery Café 8.00pm. Booking is essential so please email IBoulton@ 3rd-14th april – Sprout arts ‘observation and imagination’ etchings, Paintings Photography and drawing by Peter solari 3rd-14th april, tues-sat 11.00am-5.30pm 9th april – dulwich picture gallery Film; Rebel Without A Cause (1955) a rebellious young man with a troubled past comes to a new town, finding friends and enemies. starring James Dean. Bar opens 7.00pm screening at 7.30pm. £9.00, £7.00 Friends. Ticket includes a glass of wine, snacks and film notes. Full details at 10th april – dulwich picture gallery lecture: does the nhS have a Future? Contextual Lecture by Professor henry marsh CBe in the Linbury room 10.30am-11.45am. £12.00, Friends £10.00 Full details at   Architecture you can trust Call us today! M: 07792 781 971 W: E: Or visit our iconic red office at 23 Thrale Road, Streatham SW16 1NS Est March 2000
  30. 30. heart streatham | 31 11th April – Streatham Action Local Election Hustings Hustings will be held for the local elections taking place across London on 3rd May at the Hideaway 2 Empire Mews, Stanthorpe Road, Streatham SW16 2BF 14th-29th April – West Norwood Free Film Festival @westnorwoodfff 14th April ExhibitB Drag Brunch Hosted by top drag queens, supermodel duo Tayce and Cara Melle, DJ Jennifer Joy-Ride. Expect pop classics, 90’ throwbacks, catwalk competitions, team games, dance offs etc. Every ticket includes one brunch dish with an hour-and-a-half bottomless bubbles. Tickets £35 for brunch, entertainment and bottomless fizz... £15 without bottomless bubbles. 2:30pm (bubbles start at 3pm) with drag performances until 7pm. 5 Streatham High Road SW16 1EF 020 8772 6556 16th April Brixton Windmill Talk By Jean Kerrigan at The Streatham Society Woodlawns Centre, 16 Leigham Court Rd, 8pm 16th April Streatham Choral Society Open Rehearsal First rehearsal for the Summer concert, new singers welcome, no audition 7.30pm St Leonard’s Church www. 18th April Unshakeable You Book Talk & Signing Author Victoria Griffith talks about her book on how to heal your life after domestic violence. 6.30-8.30pm Streatham Tate Library 21st April - Belmont Bowling Club Open Day. Bowls, Booze and BBQ. Broadlands Avenue, Streatham SW16 1NA. More details at 020 86776980 21st April - Space, Screening of Gravity with the Gallery Singers Oscar-winning film starring Sandra Bullock, with music by Eric Whitacre, Jonathan Dove, and Ola Gjeilo. 6.30pm St Margaret the Queen Church, Barcombe Ave. £10 22nd April – Friends of Tooting Common Bluebell Walk, Graveney Woods followed by Bat Walk. 6.30pm 27th April – Furzedown Network The Big Furzedown Giggle with Meryl O’Rourke, Danny Ward, Jon Long, Bex How, Alaisdair Beckett-King. Bar and raffle. Over 18s only. Graveney School. 6.30pm-10.00pm. £15.00, £12.00 concs.
  31. 31. HIDEAWAY TRIFORCE Mixing jazz, hip hop and neo soul, Triforce have been grabbing headlines on the explosively exciting current London jazz scene since signing to the artist development program run by tastemakers Jazz Re:freshed. Conjuring up splendid jazz soundscapes for her voice, Lil Maxine and her trio celebrate the art of storytelling, not just lyrically but also musically. Join this Vienna-born singer-songwriter for her UK debut. The legendary Edwin Starr recorded some of the greatest soul tunes of all time (including ‘War’, ‘Twenty Five Miles’ and ‘Agent Double O Soul’). Join his brother Angelo Starr and The Team as we celebrate some of the most iconic tunes from the golden age of soul and the music of one of the all time ‘feel good’ voices. THURSDAY 5TH APRIL THURSDAY 12TH APRIL FRIDAY 6TH APRIL Expect stunning soulful vocals from the charismatic Wayne Hernandez,  incredible vocal harmonies and infectious energy from Wayne’s band that are guaranteed to get the room moving! SATURDAY 7TH APRIL Wayne Hernandez THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELECTION OF OUR EVENTS AT HIDEAWAY. FOR FULL LISTINGS, TICKETS, SHOW DETAILS AND PRIVATE HIRE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE.
  32. 32. THE SOUL OF LIVE MUSIC IN THE HEART OF SOUTH LONDON FRIDAY 2OTH & SATURDAY 21ST APRIL RAY GELATO & THE GIANTS Ray Gelato, perhaps the last of the great jazz entertainers, leads his incredible band for two seriously hot nights featuring hard hitting swing and storming solos – get ready to be whisked back to the ‘50s heyday of showtime Vegas. SOOTHSAYERS FEATURING DELE SOSIMI FRIDAY 13TH APRIL The mighty Soothsayers return with their unique dub heavy Afro-fusion sound as they launch their latest single ‘Dis and Dat’ from their forthcoming album, with special guest, Afrobeat legend Dele Sosimi. The UK’s number one jump jive outfit return for another swinging Sunday Lunch bringing with them their high energy stage show! FRIDAY 27TH & SATURDAY 28TH APRIL Mudibu and The Jezebel Sextet return to present the world’s funkiest celebration of the legendary SOUL MAN, Mister Otis Redding, an uplifting show that is steeped in raw soul and hard 1960s funk - guaranteed to get you on the good foot. MUDIBU AND THE JEZEBEL SEXTET CELEBRATE OTIS REDDING SUNDAY 22ND APRIL Hideaway, 2 Empire Mews, Streatham, London SW16 2BF • Tel: 020 8835 7070
  33. 33. 34 | heart streatham streatham Police Update bY: inSpeCTor TereSa hubbard We are very grateful for the patience shown by the community during the recent traffic disruption and especially when many homes and businesses had to go almost a week without running water due to emergency repairs. We know of several people who went out of their way to assist the less fortunate. and we appreciate the fine local community here that drew together and helped one other. There have been several high profile incidents recently, including reported gunfire, around Lambeth, but thankfully the streatham area has been spared. Our teams have been busy patrolling with a focus on anti-social behaviour to support community cohesion, and this also helps prevent escalations into violence as well. Do get in touch when you have information so that we can nip situations in the bud. Two important things to consider – firstly we are holding Cuppa with a Copper sessions in local venues (Books with a Bobbie for our streatham Library sessions) when you can talk to local police and get advice for keeping your person and property secure. secondly, you might want to consider going a step further and getting involved yourself. The Met is recruiting, and our officers would be pleased to provide further information on careers, what the job is really like and how to best go about taking things further. speak to us at one of our local sessions. Do drop by for a chat, even if only to say “hi” and introduce yourself. We have noted a rise in motor vehicle crime in recent periods. We have sent heart streatham a list of simple, practical steps to take to secure your vehicle and make it harder to steal or steal from. Please see their website for details. Please have a look, follow the advice and be safe out there
  34. 34. Put thePut the Sales · Lettings · Property Management · Financial Services Contact us today for a free, no obligation sales or lettings valuation on 020 8768 6373 and advertise your property throughout our branch network of 28 offices across South London & Kent! Put the Streatham property experts to the test! Nuts about Streatham 4 Streatham High Road, Streatham, London SW16 1DB · 020 8768 6373
  35. 35. 36 | heart streatham 16 | HEART STREATHAM New Build/Building Extensions Full drawings prepared and submitted with good local authority planning approval rates. 07961 407067 Ali’s Car Service Mechanical repairs, accident repair, MOT tests, bodywork & painting, servicing, tyre fitting, air conditioning & more. 12-14 Gleneldon Mews SW16 2AZ 0208 677 6618 Becmead Avenue Welcoming family home. Bedrooms with private bathrooms, free parking, frequent buses, 2 stations to Central London nearby. 07752 473861 Waterlife Swim School Specialising in baby, toddler and pre-school swimming. 020 8947 2149 Party Faces London Make your party truly memorable, book a professional face painter to add sparkle to your party. Caragh 07984 619076 Clip Theatre Quality affordable drama groups for little stars aged 5 - 11 with experienced vetted staff. Book 1st session FREE. 07564 847314 Right Stuff Design A local independent graphic design company helping clients tell their story and influence change. Think. Create. Inspire. 020 8696 0101 No1 Gardens Garden Maintenance & Soft Landscaping, Services include Maintenance, Fences, Artificial Lawns & Planting 07941 056 759 Natural, Vegan, Anti-aging Skincare range for Women & Men by Arbonne Also Hair, Makeup and Healthy Nutrition. Call 07904 521694 for discount code to buy online. 45 day Money Back guarantee South West London Beauty Experience spa treatments at home. Spray tans, shellac, pedicures, eyelashes & more. 07599 668204 @swlondonbeauty Eczema, Dermatitis, Dry or sensitive skin? NATURAL ORIGIN use the finest ingredients derived from nature to care naturally for your skin. 020 8099 6513 Mediworld Visit our store or website for a full range of mobility, first aid, medical & surgical equipment. Serving Streatham since 1973 444-446 Streatham High Road 020 8764 1806 Expert Family Foot Care Major or minor 7 days a week, 4 late evenings. 020 8769 7409 Fertility Acupuncture Professional and personal IVF experience. Naturally supporting couples for over a decade. 020 8769 7409 fertility Just Ask The Masters Osteopathy & Physiotherapy to Masters Level. Open 7 days with 4 evenings 020 8769 7409 Registered Dietitian In Streatham Weight loss, heart health, diabetes and more. Tailored nutritional advice. Meal planning. 07960 686435 French Polishing & Antique Repair Complete repair and restoration service from antiques to mid- century furniture. Hand and spray polish service. E&A Wates 020 8769 2205 Caning, Rushing & Gilding Antiques or mid-century furniture including Danish cord. Oil & water gilding to paintings and mirror frames. E&A Wates 020 8769 2205 Reupholstery & Loose Covers Traditional & modern work from members of the Assoc. of Master Upholsterers with the best fabric library in S London. E&A Wates 020 8769 2205 DESIGNERS BED & BREAKFAST CHILDREN’S SERVICES HEALTH & BEAUTY FURNITURE RESTORATION HEALTH SERVICES STREATHAM DIRECTORY YOUR LOCAL SUPPLIERS Advertise your business to over 50,000 people here from £10 a month. Contact GARDEN MAINTENANCE ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES AUTO MECHANICS
  36. 36. heart streatham | 37 16 | HEART STREATHAM 07785 755758, 020 8773 5978 Curtains & Blinds Beautifully made using fabric from major brands with service including measuring, fitting, tracks & poles. E&A Wates 020 8769 2205 Martin Haughey Electrics Domestic Rewiring, Repairs, Fault Finding, Inspection & Testing, Electrical Condition Reports PAT Testing. 07961 433801 English and Maths KS1 & KS2 Qualified teacher & language graduate offers individual tuition. INTERIOR DESIGN TRADES SOFT FURNISHINGS Also advanced French & German 07931 931969 French Tuition Qualified tutor from France. Tailored lessons for all levels and ages. Beginners and improvers, KS2,3 GCSE, A Level. Call Steph on 07951 795464 French Tuition Qualified French teacher. Engaging tuition GCSE/A level or brushing up the Language. Effective & enjoyable lessons, all levels. 07731 396285 Dr Cassandra’s Academy One-to-one Tailored Tutoring, Empowering You for Exams Success in Law, English, Humanities & More! Free Consultation: 07946315571 E&A Wates Emma, our interior designer works alongside clients to create beautiful rooms using fabric, wallpaper, paint, lighting, carpets, furniture and inspiration! 020 8769 2205 Maple and Rook Ltd Locally based Interior Design firm offering a range of refurbishment and styling services for beautiful living. Dream Doors From a simple door swap (wide variety of styles & colours to suit) to a complete new kitchen installation. 10A Sunnyhill Road SW16 2UH 020 8696 9699 Dr Doolittles 2 Pet Shop & Grooming Studio Only shop in Lambeth licensed to sell live pets including aquaria. 57-59 Streatham Hill London SW2 4TX 020 8671 6760 Nick Wright Photography Bespoke Website Photography Portraits - Product Photography Affordable Professional Photography. 07753 640397 Fix. The IT & Watch Repair Centre Apple, PC, Mobile, Consoles, Watch, Jewellery & clock repairs to manufacture specification. 58 Streatham High Rd SW16 1DA 020 8769 3510 SignLondon Exterior signs, interior signs, vinyl banners, vehicle graphics, graphic design and print, PHOTOGRAPHY REPAIRS PETS TUTORS KITCHENS SIGNS, BANNERS, PRINT (STREATHAM) Welcome to your new address At Mail Boxes Etc. Streatham we provide a secure, private address for all your mail Rent a Mailbox for 12 months and get an extra 3 months free Virtual office or Mailbox address is ideal for Startups or Small Businesses Professional address for a fraction of the cost of renting an office Tailored to keep your business and home life separate Visit - for further information Post, Parcel & Print Centre Tel: 0208 677 3566 eMail:
  37. 37. 38 | heart streatham National Childbirth Trust (Streatham NCT) 0208 752 9125 Chuka Umunna MP (Local surgery) 020 8835 7062 JobCentrePlus 020 8465 2500, 020 8465 8876 Streatham Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team 07920 233842 Streatham Wells Safer Neighbourhoods Team 020 8721 2823 Streatham South Safer Neighbourhoods Team 020 8721 2628 St Leonards Safer Neighbourhoods Team 020 8721 2621 Streatham Out of Hours GP 020 8693 9066 Streatham Out of Hours Dentist 020 8299 5509 Ambulance non-emergencies 020 7887 6678 Thames Water (Water leaks) 0800 714 614 Citizens Advice Bureau 0800 254 0298 Lambeth Law Centre 020 7737 9781 Transport for London 020 7222 1234 Streatham Business Improvement District 020 8835 7067 Lambeth Victim Support 020 7820 0007 Fly-tipping, dog fouling, graffiti and abandoned vehicle reporting 020 7926 9000 Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247 Domestic Violence Refuge, Domestic Violence 0207 733 8724 Council website: Council Services 9am – 5pm: 020 7926 1000 Council Services (Emergencies only) 5pm – 9am: 020 7926 1000 Housing Management Services – including tenancy issues and repairs – 020 7926 6666 Because we you, here’s the contact list to keep by the phone – important numbers in the area for emergencies, plus ones that you’ve always wanted to have to hand. Do feel free to request numbers you think should be here, so we can add to the list. Useful Numbers
  38. 38. Blue-Chip Buyers and Tenants Are Waiting For Your Property. Martin & Co have corporate clients that want to move their employees into London’s best properties. We can bring those blue-chip buyers and tenants straight to your door. Ready to get going? Then talk to a real Estate Agent at Martin & Co today. Martin & Co Streatham 0203 621 3215 e: w: 11 Leigham Hall Parade, Streatham High Road, London, SW16 1DR
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