Hear Our Voices - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony For Daily Living Skills and Snoezlen Center


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Hear Our Voices - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony For Daily Living Skills and Snoezlen Center

  1. 1. Home About Us *WISH LIST* Mission & History Mailing List Contact Us Ribbon Cutting ceremony for Search Successes Daily Living Skills and Snoezlen Video Recent Posts Therapies Center Autism Defined Early Intervention (EI) Program: Sponsor a Child Posted on May 2, 2011 by skhov Giving Toddlers a Strong Start Forum July 6th, 2011 ICare4Autism Donate On Thursday, April 7, 2011, Assemblyman Dov Hikind International Autism Conference joined Mr. Joshua Weinstein, founder and President of ICare4autism to Create World’s First Global Autism Research and Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices, at the dedication Education CenterCenter-based Programs and ribbon cutting ceremony of two special additions Parent Training and AutismHome-based Programs Workshops at SKHOV to the Brooklyn school and center for children with Training Workshops autism. Both the ‘Snoezelen’ Sensory Room and the Recent Comments Daily Living Skills Center were sponsored by Archives Assemblyman Dov Hikind, of District 48. May 2011 Applied Behavior Analysis Categories What is Autism? Designed specifically for children with autism, The Autism Autism in the News Snoezelen Room helps to improve auditory, visual- Conferences SKHOV News spatial, and motor skills in a safe surrounding. This Early Intervention Press Education Kolainu Magazine warm space is rich in textures, colors, lights, scents SKHOV News and sounds. For some students, the goal is sensory Special Education Workshops stimulation, and to strengthen cause and effect Books and Articles associations. For others, the room can function as a Meta Log in Links therapeutic respite and a place of relaxation with Entries RSS Schools crash mats, a hammock-like chair, and a full-body Comments RSS Conferences WordPress.org Social Media warming massage mat. Above all, the room is adaptable and a tremendous addition to Shema Send Us Feedback Kolainu. The Daily Living Skills Center helps students master basic living skills and everyday activities by mimicking
  2. 2. these events in a controlled setting. Shema Kolainu’sDaily Living Skills Center includes a mini supermarket,laundry center, kitchen, bedroom and gym. Emphasisis placed on navigating the above areas as well asother skills such as; caring for personal belongings,personal hygiene, and general housekeeping skills.Our Center for Daily Living Skills makes a positivedifference in educating our children in becoming moreindependent and community wise.As Assemblyman Hikind stood behind the checkoutcounter in the Daily Living Skills Center, he expressedto Mr. Weinstein how excited he is about all the workbeing done at Shema Kolainu. He said he washonored to be a part of the day’s events and thankedeveryone for all the selfless work they continue to dofor the children.