Autism Education- The Graduation Struggles


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Autism Education- The Graduation Struggles

  1. 1. Home About Us *WISH LIST* Mission & History Mailing List Contact Us The Graduation Struggles in Search Successes Autism Education Video Recent Posts Posted on March 3, 2011 by skhov Therapies Autism: Questions & Answers No Child Left Behind: At Shema Sponsor a Child For most parents, graduation is a common occurrence. Kolainu we live by this philosophy. Forum Visitors around the year at Shema Donate Children grow up, complete their natural development Kolainu and milestones and move on to the next step in their The Graduation Struggles in Autism Education path. For parents of children with autism it is not that Autism WorkshopsCenter-based Programs easy. Graduation time is always stressful, emotionalHome-based Programs and expensive. It is a time where a parent is reminded Recent Comments Training that the security and the safety of their child’s Workshops Archives placement is coming to an end, and the emotional March 2011 rollercoaster is about to begin. Categories Applied Behavior Uncategorized Analysis Phase I: In the early years 0-3, Early Intervention is What is Autism? offered to those individuals who are identified as Meta Autism in the News Log in SKHOV News delayed. These services are extremely parent friendly. Entries RSS Press Comments RSS Most parents in this stage are trying to understand the Kolainu Magazine initial shock of their new reality. They are assigned to a service coordinator whose job is to assist the Books and Articles parents in everything that they need to know, do or Links say to maximize the potential affectedness of the Schools services provided. The parent can choose agencies, Conferences Social Media providers, location and decide the extent of personal involvement in the program. In addition, these services are free of charge and providers for this age Send Us Feedback group are usually highly qualified since financially it is the most lucrative age group to service. Phase II: The second shock comes at the turning 3 review where a parent understand that the hand holding of the Early Intervention program is no longer available and that they are now their child’s advocate. Since state approved non public day cares are available they have to go on school visits, communicate with a district administrator, and try to “beat the rush”, of the limited spaces that are available for their children. In addition, home services that are so commonly provided in previous years have to be justified with a rational and are at times taken away based on the child’s school program recommendation and developmental delays. Providers for this age group are more difficult to find since the reimbursement rate is lower and the services are mostly done after school. At this time some parents
  2. 2. choose to retain a lawyer, advocate or consultant tohelp them.Phase II: The third shock is when a child ages out of apreschool state approved program and isrecommended for placement in a small classroomratio in a public school or at times referred to CentralBased Support Team. This is, in my experience,emotionally, financially, and socially the most difficultof the stages. The parent now understands the needsof their special needs child and at times feels like thegiven recommendation does not provide appropriateeducation. Since outside services are more limited theprogram placement is crucial and the spaces arelimited. Parents struggle to find a school that providestheir child with a safe and secure environment whileteaching them the skills that they need to learn.Parents like soldiers fight in every way they can to getthe services they believe their child needs, at timesthey succeed on their own, but unfortunately manytimes they need a full army.The rest of the phases are individualized based on thelocation and path that the parents choose. It isimportant for parents to understand that they arepowerful and that their words count. As theEducational Director of Shema Kolainu, I find myselffaced with parents in all three phases on a regularbasis. I recognize the fire in their eyes and thedetermination to insure that their “babies” will continueto reach their full potential. I wanted to thank all of theparents out there that struggle each day and continueto fight for their children.Graduation time can be difficult and draining, it can bea reminder of all the struggles that are to come, but itshould also be a celebration of all the success that wehave accomplished. I wanted to personally honorthose parents who moved through the phases andsuccessfully provided a safe, secure and educationallysignificant environment for their children. Specifically, Iwant to thank the families that through the yearsallowed Shema Kolainu to be the environment of theirchoice and congratulate them on all their victories.Gili Rechany MA, SBL, BCBABoard Certified Behavior AnalystEducational Director of Shema Kolainu-Hear OurVoices
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