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New Farm Bill Potential for the Great Lakes-Tori, 2012


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The new Farm Bill has exciting new and modified programs to advance Great Lakes restoration, and improve the health of our soil, water and wildlife resources. Come learn and discover from local and Washington experts how the Farm Bill can lead to meaningful advancements in the health of the Great Lakes, and how your group can participate.

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New Farm Bill Potential for the Great Lakes-Tori, 2012

  1. 1. Regional Conservation Partnership ProgramMaking it Work for the Great Lakes
  2. 2. RCPP Purposes• Combines past programs of similar nature,• Furthers conservation, restoration and sustainable use of soil, water, wildlife, and related natural resources,• Encourages partners to cooperate with producers to meet or avoid regulatory requirements.
  3. 3. Funding• $100 M mandatory funding• 6% from EQIP, CSP & Easement program annual funding.• 25 % goes to the State NRCS• 35% goes to Critical Conservation Areas (6)• 40% Secretary for competitive grants
  4. 4. The Great Lakes Advantage• Large, geographical area with intensive and diverse agriculture. Lots of private land and agricultural producers• Huge drainage basin with LOTS of water.• Critical water conservation issues.• Existing federal and state restoration plans that include agriculture.• History of partnerships, collaboration and success!
  5. 5. Making it Work for the Great Lakes• Decide: Where would be our most critical locations or watersheds?• What would be our target issue? Broad/narrow?• Potential partners?• Funding?• Boots on the ground?• Diverse Strategies…
  6. 6. Making it Work for the Great Lakes• Great Lakes Erosion and Sediment Program model.• Other Conservation Innovation Program project models.• NEXT STEPS: Get the House to pass the FB Now!• Great Lakes Partners need to begin collaborating on ideas to build a proposal(s). SOON!