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Three Foods that you should Avoid, to always reduce your belly!


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Three Foods that you should Avoid, to always reduce your belly!

  1. 1. ==== ====For great Natural way to treat Type 2 DIABETES, Check this ====Not everybody can have a preternaturally perfect body. But the harmful effects of an unhealthystomach fat are too huge to ignore. Losing weight and reducing stomach fat are not easy tasks.You have allurements all around that may tempt you to indulge in them and you are not TheBuddha to resist such temptations. But if you consider the havoc they will create to your health,you will never desire to succumb to such temptations. By being proactive and taking care bykeeping away from such foods, you will not face an urgent situation when the weight shouldnecessarily be lost in quick time. The following points may be considered:1. When you are on a weight-losing program, it is a big "No" to baked goods like doughnuts,pound cake, etc. Baked goods contain trans fat that is harmful to health. The carbohydrates ofbaked foods, if taken in excess, are stored as fats. These refined carbohydrates have a tendencyto break quickly and get into the system fast. Hence they add to your fat very fast. These foods willnot only increase your stomach fat but you will also lose your ability with which fat can be reducedor weight lost in quick time.2. The butter you use as a spread on your toast is another dangerous food that you should avoid.This contains trans fat, saturated fat and pure fat and if excessively used, the cholesterol formeddue to them may create a block in your arteries. Hence, you should restrict use of this at verymoderate levels.3. You can use plenty of skimmed milk and must avoid fat milk because fat milk contains a lot ofunwanted fat. If you continue to have such a fatty food excessively, you will not be able to reduceyour stomach fat.Cravings for fatty foods are more emotion-related. There is a misconception that fats supply therequired energy to the body for its functioning. When you think so, your body also feels that itneeds them. There are certain steps you can take for refraining from taking these foods so thatyou can reduce your stomach fat.A major factor that may motivate you to go in for such unhealthy foods is when you are alone,stressed or are feeling bored. Hence you should try not to be alone. Stress management is a goodthing not only for avoiding these foods but it will help you in your overall health. You can learnmeditation, yoga or breathing exercises to manage your stress levels.If you do not have a good nights sleep, you will feel that your energy levels have reached rockbottom. This may motivate you to crave for such foods because by eating such foods, you mayhave a psychological feeling that levels of your energy get a boost, though it is not truly so.By doing regular exercises and by drinking plenty of water daily, you can get over the cravings for
  2. 2. eating such unhealthy foods so that the problem of stomach fat can be tackled and weight lost asquick as possible.Most people that even work hard was NOT able to lose weight. Here is the reason why1) Long, boring cardio exercise, even up to six time a week is the worst way to burn fat, it ispossible to burn belly fat 15 min a day!2) Low carb diets are worse can even let you put on more fat in the long run3) Celebrity-endorsed boxed food diets are expensive, that is hundred of dollars per month4) Starving yourself is not only stupid and dangerous, and it does NOT work.Check out the simple, quick and safe way to lose 25 pounds of fat in 7 weeks at how to loseweight quickly website.The author is a regular writer on weight loss, he also write on other topic like sleeping bags forkids []Article Source: ====For great Natural way to treat Type 2 DIABETES, Check this ====