How to lose Fat - 10 Tips to keeping the Fat Off for Good!


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How to lose Fat - 10 Tips to keeping the Fat Off for Good!

  1. 1. ==== ====For great Natural way to treat Type 2 DIABETES, Check this ====When you are trying to lose fat one of the toughest challenges is keeping the fat off. Most willregain most of the weight and fat that they lose right back.There are 2 major reasons for this. One, is they stop using the products that was promoting the fatweight loss. The second is the motivation to continue has fizzled out. The target weight wasobtained and the entire effort was let go and returning to old habits. This just promotes therestoring of fat cells and in no time the weight has returned.Below are 10 tips to help you keep the fat weight off. 1. Drink water. Add some ice to your water to help your metabolism2. Walk.  Take the stairs, park further from the front door, scoot around at lunch.3. Maintain a healthy diet. Do not kill your self here. Just stick to a balanced diet. (DO NOT DIET)4. Keep a picture of your old self available to look at. What can be more motivating then a pictureof a larger YOU5. Add some spice to you foods. Pepper, cinnamon can help to speed up your fat burning.6. Stay active. Instead of watching TV after diner go for a walk. There is that WALK thing again.Actually walking after you eat helps you digestive system7. Pick out a well deserved cheat. I love this. Pick your guilty pleasure and once a week indulge init8. Stay out of your fat storing zone. This means Do not count calories. If you reduce your caloriesto much this will have the negative affect on your efforts9. Your have lost weight and reduced your body fat. Be proud of that and when asked tell peopleabout it. This is hard to do and even hard to maintain. So be proud!10. This one is a little strange but it is effective. Take your total body weight reduction(10, 20, 30pounds). Go to the local market. Pick up a package of ground beef(1 pound). Hold it up to yourstomach. Now this is one pound. Times that package by your weight lose! Where were they allfitting?  Do you want this extra fat back? NO. So keep on keepin.These are little tips that you can use everyday to keep the motivation. You lost the fat so keep it
  2. 2. off.To Your Health!Learn how to burn the fat and feed the muscle at Lose Fat Build Lean Muscle.comArticle Source: ====For great Natural way to treat Type 2 DIABETES, Check this ====