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Remodeleze helps contractors use the internet for marketing -- without the high costs of internet development.

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For Contracting Professionals

  1. 1. Contractors Grow Their Business with Remodeling for Professionals
  2. 2. Homeowners Make Remodeling Easy with Remodeling for Smart People
  3. 3. What is helps remodeling professionals use the internet…without high internet marketing and development costs
  4. 4. What is is the fastest growing homeowner & contractor network where pros can connect with homeowners in their area
  5. 5. How we help remodeling professionals Get more exposure • Online Exposure • Local Presence • SEO and Indexing • Powerful Social Networking
  6. 6. We Put You On the Map! Local Map Placement Remodeleze offers breakthrough technology giving you guaranteed results for marketing your business online! What normally costs $500 per month (and often over $1000) with no guarantee…we can offer for $150 per month with guaranteed results. Or it’s FREE! Get on the Map!
  7. 7. We Show Your Best Work Project Portfolio The first thing homeowners want to see is "samples" of your previous work. They want to see pictures, pricing and details about the type of work they are planning to do. Load your project portfolio into and homeowners will see your work. Plus each project is sent to Google for Search Engine indexing, so people can find your projects everywhere they search.
  8. 8. Everywhere You Work! Project Search Typical contractor directories only list your office location…so people searching will not find you unless they’re looking in the right place. Remodeleze indexes all of your projects…so people can find you everywhere you’ve worked. That gives you more exposure where it counts!
  9. 9. We Help Homeowners Find You Project Indexing Works! Load your projects and info into Remodeleze and you’ll start showing up…and up….in the search engines! Get on top without spending a fortune!
  10. 10. We Help You Close the Deal Project Brochures When you go on a sales meeting with a potential customer, it's a good idea to leave them a brochure showing your work. Every project you load into Remodeleze is a potential project brochure for your meetings, and includes information and pictures about the project and your company. A professional presentation to keep you Front-of-Mind.
  11. 11. We Extend Your Web Site Project Widget Showcase your work on your company web site using our project widget. Any time you change or add a project on Remodeleze, it automatically updates your widget. That saves you the time and money you’d spend updating your site.
  12. 12. We Help You Stay In Touch Company Mailings Do you have an easy way to send information about your company, your latest work and your special offers to your list of customers? Doing it by hand is an administrative hassle and email services cost money! Add your mailing list to Remodeleze and send them a weekly email with links to your projects and special offers. It's easy to keep in touch. Mailing list members will also receive your monthly newsletter automatically!
  13. 13. We Help You Grow Your Contacts Social Media Integration Do you have a Twitter or FaceBook account? How often do you update them with new posts? We can help you add new content with ease! Just keep active on Remodeleze by loading projects, inviting customers to review you, add special offers, etc... and we will post this activity on your behalf to your Twitter and FaceBook accounts! How easy is that?
  14. 14. We Help You Promote Special Offers Promote your special discounts and offers to everyone on Remodeleze! We created an easy way to do it. Just fill out the special offer details and we’ll post it in your profile and in our Special Offers section. You can also include it in your customer emails and post it to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts.
  15. 15. We Make You Look Good Be An Expert Show your expertise and build trust with new customers. Answer our homeowners’ questions on Remodeleze, write articles for us to publish, and post your tips. The more you show your knowledge of your craft…the more you can establish your expertise and build trust!
  16. 16. It’s Time You Knew… It’s All About Relationships Today, marketing is all about social media... and that means relationships. Remodeleze helps your relationship- marketing efforts with Regular Communication Expert Advice Your Portfolio of Work
  17. 17. What Does All This Really Mean? More Exposure Increased Trust More Leads & Referrals
  18. 18. Welcome to the New World of Marketing… Welcome to Remodeleze