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HealthStartup Europe - Concept & Format


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An introduction to HealthStartup, Europe's most intense networking conference for digital health innovators

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HealthStartup Europe - Concept & Format

  1. 1. Europe’s networkingconference for digitalhealth innovatorsCONCEPT &FORMATEditions in London, Heidelberg,Warsaw, Brussels, Antwerp,Nijmegen
  2. 2. themehigh-potentialstartupshand-pickeddecisionmakersHealthStartup offers Europe’s most intense &highly focused programme for healthcareinnovators110100
  3. 3. Hand-picked for the right mix of:Successful entrepreneursInvestors (VC, angel, corporate)Pharmaceutical companiesLarge technology companiesHealthcare providersResearchersInsurance/healthcare financing100 Outstanding innovators
  4. 4. Strict screening on:Potential impact on healthcareSufficiently advancedRelevant to conference themeHigh-potential startups10
  5. 5. Previous topics:• Technologies in physical therapy and rehabilitation• Imaging for diagnostics & decision making• Healthcare supply chain & admin• At-home care• Big Data• Health data integration/transparencyTheme1
  6. 6. “An extraordinary and well curatedevent that is educational, mind blowinglyintense and most importantly extractsvalue for the high powered startups aswell as the attendees. Bravo!”- Eugene BorukhovichHigh-Intensity FormatBreakouts: Startups in the Hotseat
  7. 7. Expert Panels: Europe’s most influentialhealthcare innovators lead the discussionRecent panels included:Julie Meyer MBE, Ariadne CapitalMark Davies, UK Cabinet Advisor HealthcarePeter Langkafel, SAP EMEA HealthcareMartin Kelly, IBM Venture CapitalMohammad Al-Ubaydli, PatientsKnowBestRudi Van de Velde, CIO UZ BrusselsOscar Wijsman, Almere Data CapitalLeslie Ziegler, RockHealthHigh-Intensity Format
  8. 8. Contact us if you’d like toparticipate or present your