Contraceptives Lesson Plan


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Contraceptives Lesson Plan

  1. 1. Hany HachemEduc 264Lesson plan 2Dr. Faysal el Kak<br /><ul><li>Introduction: this lesson plan is about teaching students from grade 12, about contraception, and birth control mainly relating to contraceptives, since the last is part of the biology curriculum of the final year, contraception will be tackled from a societal point of view. The lesson plan will be implemented in two sessions of 50 minutes each.
  2. 2. Unit: birth control; contraceptives
  3. 3. General instructional objectives:
  4. 4. Revive the idea of contraceptives in the minds of students
  5. 5. Remind the students with the different ways of contraception
  6. 6. Explain to students the major misconceptions and effectiveness of contraception
  7. 7. Expose students to different religious views regarding contraception
  8. 8. Strengthen the abilities of students to research and write a paper about issues in contraception
  9. 9. Let students explore the world of societal problems that could be solved with contraception.
  10. 10. Specific learning outcomes:
  11. 11. Each student should be able to define, accurately, the word contraception using his/her memory
  12. 12. Each students should be able to list the methods of contraception with 80% accuracy, using his/her memory
  13. 13. Each student should be able to list explain what the different kind of contraceptives are under the physical and behavioral methods, using their own words from their understanding, knowing that the explanation should be close in meaning
  14. 14. Each student will be able to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the contraceptive methods, with 80 % accuracy, using his understanding of the process and his memory
  15. 15. Each student will get to be informed about the new methods of contraception which are in development
  16. 16. Each student will get to list all the misconceptions in contraceptives, using his memory and his own words, with 90% correct answers
  17. 17. Each student should be able to distinguish between a misconception and a fact with 100% accuracy, in given situations, using their understanding and their analysis abilities
  18. 18. Each student will be able to define the word “effectiveness” in contraceptives, with 100% accuracy using his memory
  19. 19. Each student will be able to say which method is more effective, given all the information needed, with 90 % accuracy
  20. 20. Each student will get exposed to the different religious views concerning contraception
  21. 21. Each student will be able to relate and synthesize a paper regarding contraceptives and one social problem of his own choice
  22. 22. Each student will get to interpret the different relationships between contraception and many social problems.
  23. 23. Rationale: Among all the controversies in the world, contraception is one of the most important, because it could prevent resolving to abortion, it could prevent unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, it could prevent misery to millions of babies, but at the same time it could provide safe sex, safe pleasure, and unfruitful intercourse, which provokes the reservations of many religious currents which claim that every intercourse should be fruitful. This will be interesting to students since, it is at this period where adolescents begin to discover their sexual abilities, and not so far, marriage and family with all the accompanying responsibilities. Contraception is said to be one of the solutions for many societal problems related to increase of population, that what makes it interesting to grade 12 students.
  24. 24. Content and skills:Contraceptionfertilizationovumspermatozoonbarrier methods hormonal methodsintrauterine methodsemergency contraceptioninduced abortion sterilizationfertility awarenesscoitus interruptusabstinencelactationeffectiveness.
  25. 25. Instructional procedures:
  26. 26. Session one:
  27. 27. Teacher greets students, and introduces the topic of contraception as a continuum of the last topic concerning abortion, making a link between the two controversies.
  28. 28. Teacher then uses the start of “concept attainment model” by drawing two a small table on the board with two columns, one for concept of the contraceptives and another for non example of the same concept.
  29. 29. Teacher asks students to brain storm on what they know about contraceptives, and teacher starts labeling each suggestion by example or non example.
  30. 30. At the end of this activity, a lay definition would be reached; all the students would have been involved in this activity.
  31. 31. After the lay definition, teacher will define scientifically the word contraception.
  32. 32. Teacher explains to students the several methods of contraception, with showing pictures using the power point presentation.
  33. 33. Teacher talks briefly about the methods in development, which will revolutionize the concept of contraception by making it easier and affordable.
  34. 34. Teacher identifies many misconceptions about contraception, and explains them well to students.
  35. 35. Activity one: complete the sentence:I am with contraception because------------------------------------------------------------------I am against contraception because--------------------------------------------------------------if my parents used contraception-----------------------------------------------------------------I think that contraception is------------------------------------------------------------------------contraceptives should be----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. 36. Session two:
  37. 37. Teacher greets students, and recapitulates what they have done last time in class, and declares he’s ready for any inquiry.
  38. 38. Teacher introduces the concept of effectiveness of some contraceptives with real examples.
  39. 39. Briefly teacher asks students to say out loud what their religion has to say about contraceptives, correcting the wrong, and supporting, elaborating more on the right, and letting space for personal comment, on the religious opinions.
  40. 40. Activity two: open ended questions: teacher asks these two open questions, and divide the class into groups where they try to answer these two questions, and one of them will stand up and answer, representing the whole groupThere is a vicious circle relating fertility to poverty???!!!Does abortion increase crime rate?!
  41. 41. At the end of the session, teacher explains to students that it is obvious that contraception is related to many social problems, or could be at least, an agent of problem, or a solution… teacher exposes some of the problems, and give them a project (assessment).
  42. 42. Assessment: write a two pages article, on the relation between contraception and one social problem of your choice.Arguments should be convincing, and personal touch should be present in the article.
  43. 43. Materials:board, papers and pencils, power point presentation
  44. 44. news: contraception ‘key to poverty trap’CNN news: Abortion raises crime rates, economist says