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Doctor Reputation Management


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Doctor Reputation Management - case studies on how a doctor's reputation impacts his career and profitability of his organization. Presentation by Dr. Sikorski at

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Doctor Reputation Management

  2. 2. What are Your Goals (Select Yours)Gain new patientsIncrease number of referralsImprove visibility of my brandGain recognition in my industry & among peersHave a more profitable practice / organizationBecome the most reputable source for patient/medical educationDominate online presenceOther…
  3. 3. GOOGLE YOUR NAMEGo on Google and “Google Your Name”What comes up?Are the “reviews” that come up representative of who you are as a doctor or organization?Why do “they” claim ownership over your name? Your Career? Your Goals?
  4. 4. APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING PROCESSPatient goes online (80% of U.S. Population)Searches for “specialist” and locationLooks over only those doctors with websitesVerifies via content on those websites whether in fact the doctor’s expertise pertains to their medical needsThe patient makes a decision to find out more about their top 2-3 choices …
  5. 5. What happens if you don’t have a website? NOTHING HAPPENSAnd most importantly you’re completely defenseless ONE bad comment WILL ruin your reputation
  6. 6. It’s 2012. Who doesn’t have a website? Can‘t Afford one? Seriously?$300 bucks/mo gets you a great online presence Thousands of companies offer the same price
  7. 7. SO BACK ON GOOGLEWhat’s Relevant & Important at this point? #1 - Patient Review Sites #2 – Social Media Presence What do both have in common? They are the patient’s background check.
  8. 8. EXAMPLESHow one review can spell disaster for getting new patient volumesCould this review have been prevented if the doctor asked for feedback during the follow up?
  9. 9. Example #2 – (Nationally recognized Hospital) Celebrates all their doctors and their sub-expertise When you Google most of these doctors you get this: Are 10 surveys from 2008 (that’s 4 years ago) representative of the doctors’ several thousand procedures?
  10. 10. One bad review leads to “group mentality” What if that March review was never posted and was handledin real-time at the followup visit? Would others not join the “gang”
  11. 11. Same Doctor … Another review… Is it Credible? What kind of credibility does this have? Could it be an office staff member? How do you know it’s a true review?
  12. 12. It’s NOT just about POSITIVE ReviewsIt’s about a positive patient experience, every time.If EVERY patient gets your iPad to write a comment when they come in for the next visit or follow up after surgery you have the opportunity to ask the patient a very important question …“Please tell us about your experience. It really matters to us that each patient gets the best treatment possible”
  13. 13. … the little things that matter “Rude receptionist …” “Doctor did not talk to me …” “The office looks awful and smells like a rotten egg” Can these things be addressed and corrected rightthere on the spot as they happen? Before they are ever published?
  14. 14. The Goal“My Doctor listens to me. He cares about my needs.”
  15. 15. Form a new HabitAsk for Feedback every time …and have the right technology available to control what happens … in real time… as it happens!
  16. 16. Technology Overview: (screenshot not shown for patent protection) Getting Reviews in Your OfficeTablet PC / iPad Review App – allows you to ask for anhonest review.  Patients electronically sign off a detailed waiver  2-step verification process verifies their identity & intentions  You get to review the anonymous comment and reply to it if necessary  Publish Reviews to pre-selected Physician Review sites & your website with a click of a button  HIPAA & FTC CompliantBuilt-in Complaint Form – allows you to answer acomplaint as it’s written, before it gets published
  17. 17. Technology Overview:(screenshot not shown for patent protection)ALL PUBLISHED REVIEWS ARE LABELED AS TRUE & VERIFIED
  18. 18. Getting Reviews From Patient’s HomeYour patient can log-in directly from your website orAn embedded code is sent via email or newsletter  One click sends them to the review-form  Patients electronically sign off a detailed waiver  2-step verification process verifies their identity & intentions  You get a request to review the anonymous review  Publish Reviews to pre-selected Physician Review sites & your website with a click of a button  HIPAA & FTC CompliantBuilt-in Complaint Form – allows you to answer a complaint as it’s written, before it gets published
  19. 19. Already on Facebook? We have an APP for That! Your fans can write their review right there on Facebook! (and you can also review it)
  20. 20. The Technology continued (spread awareness, own your name)Own Your NameOwn Your LocationMobile-ReadyFully-CustomizedReviews integrated!QR integration
  21. 21. The Technology continued(Scan the QR Code onto your mobile phone and…) Make a Call Check out the Reviews Write a Review Get Directions
  22. 22. Your Monthly Report Includes All Your Reviews
  23. 23. Google Analytics and Reporting INSTALLED!Key Benefit: “Now you can measure return on investment factors”• Analyze performance and optimizecampaigns• Track local web traffic from your localnetwork!• Conversion rate tracking• Target Demographic Analysis• Campaign Profit Analysis• Measure ROI factors for local search
  24. 24. Save $Millions in Advertising CostsIf your doctors have stellar reputations and you understand the patient mind-set when looking for a new doctor (refer to slide #3) …  Do you think your conversion rates from Ad-Clicks / Radio/ Etc. to Appointments will increase?  Will you be able to get more of the patients that make your practice or hospital successful?  Will you be able to spread awareness about your top area of expertise faster and easier when you have hundreds of patient advocates on your side… working for you 24/7 (for free)?  Will you be able to gain recognition among your referring doctors if they see their patients’ comments about you?  What about the savings in promoting your Brand?
  25. 25. Case Study #1 – Chiropractor (2 week time-frame)Gathered 15 reviews for his new highly profitable and highly effective all-natural therapyAppointments increased by 300% within 4 days of publishing them. Ok, the 300% increase was only 3 patients, but nevertheless 3 NEW patients.Without any extra work… he received two calls from Pain Management doctors to work with their patients. Both commented about the reviews.
  26. 26. Case Study #2 – (Ambulatory Surgery Center - 15 doctors. 5 weeks time-frame)9 stellar-reputation doctors, 2 average, 4 sub-par highlighted as part of the same practice on public site22 reviews for the 6 non-stellar surgeons were published within 3 weeksAt week Four, 33 additional appointments were scheduled equaling to $132,000 in surgeons’ fees alone3 complaints were managed. They were never published. 2 complaints turned into great reviews!
  27. 27. Case Study #3 – (Medical Spa with 2 plastic surgeons. 5 weeks time-frame)5 terrible reviews because of a failed Groupon “steal”Review-Site replaced their website’s position on Google resulting in 22 canceled appointments and no new- patient calls for 2 weeks straight, despite more than $15,000 in advertisementsAt week #3, they published 25 reviews to 10 different review sites where we updated their profiles resulting in 5 new calls the same week – 1st 6 results on Google were these new testimonials.
  28. 28. Case Study #4 – Dental OfficeSpending $8,000/month on Google AdvertisementsDecreased Ad spending to $1500/month due to the enormous SEO boost of their website after 40 testimonials were published & the dentists finally Owned their name on Google. In fact, they trademarked their names.Got rid of a 1-800 “service” - $4,000/monthGot rid of 5 directory listings - $6,000/monthTotal savings for same new patient volume: $16,500/month – that’s $198,000 a year!
  29. 29. What do you need to Get Started? Make the Call: (646) 648 – 1355Within 48 hours of processing your payment we’ll activate your iPad, tablet PC, laptop, patient loginscreen, and website with this technology and begin working on improving your reputation. All you need is to ask for your patients’ honestfeedback while handing them the iPad and expect monthly reports. We’ll take care of the rest.
  30. 30. Make the Call: (646) 648 – 1355