12 case studies about managing doctors reputations


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These 12 case studies highlight the importance of doctors' reputations and their impact on the profitability and brand recognition of a practice or hospital. These case studies are courtesy of http://www.HealthcareMarketingCOE.com from doctor reputation management campaigns installed in May and June of 2012.

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12 case studies about managing doctors reputations

  2. 2. Case Study #1How one review can spell disaster for getting new patient volumesCould this review have been prevented if the doctor asked for feedback during the follow up?
  3. 3. Disaster for the doctor - Case Study #1It was quite unfortunate that this doctor commented on this review, getting 5 new negative comments. Result: New surgical-patient volume dropped by 15 patients the following month
  4. 4. Solution - Case Study #1Doctor subscribed to HMCOE’s reputation management & PRWithin 7 weeks he was able to gather 55 great reviews from hispatients, and caught one complaint before it was publishedWe combined updates to his website with profiles on 5 doctor-review sites where we published the new reviews.He now dominates 2 first pages of Google results for his specialty,and 10 pages for his name.Result, in 8 weeks his new surgical-patient volume increased by ~9patients per month – without spending ANY money onadvertisements.
  5. 5. Case Study#2 – (Nationally recognized Hospital) Celebrates all their doctors and their sub-expertise Googl’ing 40% of their doctors shows below average statistics: Are 10 surveys from 2008 (that’s 4 years ago) representative of the doctors’ several thousand procedures?
  6. 6. Solution for Case Study#2 – (Nationally recognized Hospital) 1 month Project to verify patient satisfaction 20 doctors used HMCOE service to gather patient feedback for internal purposes Of the 350 reviews, 90 were not-satisfactory From 90 reviews, 55 were directly aimed at the doctors. Quote: “I waited over 45 minutes for Dr. X” Quick fix: Hospital hired a nurse-practitioner to assist in patient- flow in the doctors’ offices. Cost for the hospital to verify patient experience: $4,000 Hospital now uses the service for all its operations, including vendor management
  7. 7. Case Study #3 - One bad review leads to “group mentality” What if that March review was never posted and was handledin real-time at the followup visit? Would others not join the “gang”
  8. 8. Same Doctor … Another review… Is it Credible? What kind of credibility does this have? Could it be an office staff member? How do you know it’s a true review?
  9. 9. Case Study #4 - Patients recognize the “brand” but Google the doctor they want to seeHMCOE ran a well-tracked Google advertising campaign for a 50-practice-group for 30 days with ads specifically highlighting the brand.The following month HMCOE ran advertisements specifically highlighting each doctor’s expertiseResult: 200% increase of new appointments.
  10. 10. Case Study #5 Increasing Out-of-Network patient volumeHMCOE ran a 2 month advertising campaign for a 3- surgeon Orthopaedic practice resulting in 40 new patients, 5 of which were out-of-networkWe followed up with a 1 month ad campaign specific to the newly improved reputation of each doctor for their sub-expertise (~30+ new reviews/doctor)Result: 12 more new out-of-network patients ~$7,000 surgeon’s fees per patient
  11. 11. ROIThat equals to 1766% ROI on a $4500 investment (just on the out-of-network goal at month #2) Total 2 month ROI=(profit-cost)/cost= 2111%
  12. 12. Reason for 2111% ROIEach Doctor had 30+ publicly- displayed positive reviews …from verified patients.
  13. 13. It’s about Patient DemographicsIt’s a known fact that if a person has $100,000+ salary and is within the 24-45 age group … 80% of this demographic Googles their doctors before scheduling an appointment and considers their social media presence as a “must” – Why?Because customer service & background checks matter to “educated shoppers” who pay out of pocket!They are also the ones with private insurance with out- of-network benefits.
  14. 14. Case Study #6: Are Employed Doctors Proactive?80% of hospital-employed doctors have never Googled their own names (based on our analysis of 3 hospitals with a total of 250 employed doctors)20% of doctors at these same hospitals have bad to awful patient reviews.Most of those poor reviews within past 6 months.
  15. 15. Case Study #7: Doctor’s Reputations versus where patients go for surgeryHMCOE analyzed one 700-bed hospital and #1 local competitor – a local ASC owned by 20 doctors with STELLAR reputations (without ANY brand recognition)It took 5 weeks for HMCOE to help 42 hospital-employed doctors raise their reputation levels.Within 1st month: advertising spend decreased by $60,000 and case volumes skyrocketed by 120%.During 2nd month: HMCOE continued highlighting sub- expertise of each doctor resulting in additional 30% increase in case volume.
  16. 16. Case Study #8 – Save your money!Another 50-practice-group spending $150,000 on internet advertising alone + city-wide billboards ($500,000/mo). They now own 80% of doctors within their specialty. Last year they spent $7.8Million on advertising.From the remaining profitable practices in the region 1% refused to join and have started to promote their reputations
  17. 17. Case Study #8 – (Continued)We helped 3 of the 40 independent doctors put together advertising campaigns based on their growing reputations.One of the 3 doctors shared with us his old Google Adwords campaign results: 1 new out-of-network patient for every $700 spent.His new conversion rate combining reputation platform and Google Ads – 1 new patient for every $300 spent. (Each patient on average brings $3500 profit to the practice. Savings per month - $4500)
  18. 18. Case Study #9 – Chiropractor (2 week time-frame)Gathered 15 reviews for his new highly profitable and highly effective all-natural therapyWithin 4 days of publishing them he got 3 NEW patients. All three commented about those reviews as the reason why they scheduled the appointment.Without any extra work… he received two calls from Pain Management doctors to work with their patients. Both commented about the reviews.
  19. 19. Case Study #10 – (Ambulatory Surgery Center - 15 doctors. 5 weeks time-frame)9 stellar-reputation doctors, 2 average, 4 sub-par highlighted as part of the same practice on public site22 reviews for the 6 sub-par surgeons were published within 3 weeksAt week Four, 33 additional appointments were scheduled equaling to $132,000 in surgeons’ fees alone3 complaints were managed. They were never published. 2 complaints turned into great reviews!
  20. 20. Case Study #11 – (Medical Spa with 2 plastic surgeons. 5 weeks time-frame)5 terrible reviews because of a failed Groupon “steal”Review-Site replaced their website’s position on Google resulting in 22 canceled appointments and no new- patient calls for 2 weeks straight, despite more than $15,000 in advertisementsAt week #3, they published 25 reviews to 10 different review sites where we updated their profiles resulting in 5 new calls the same week
  21. 21. Case Study #12 – Dental OfficeSpending $8,000/month on Google AdvertisementsDecreased Ad spending to $1500/month due to the enormous SEO boost of their website after 40 testimonials were published & the dentists finally Owned their name on Google.Got rid of a 1-800 “service” - $4,000/monthGot rid of 5 directory listings - $6,000/monthTotal savings for same new patient volume: $16,500/month – that’s $198,000 a year!
  22. 22. Customer Service Customer service at a hospital or practice is EVERYONE’s job, including the doctorEven coming in late once can affect a doctor’s and the practice’s reputationBut it’s about addressing those mistakes in real-time that make the difference in patient satisfaction.
  23. 23. Streamline Customer Service at Hospital / PracticeTraining per doctor about our technology – 2 minutesAsking a patient “Please write about your experience as it’s very important for me” … 3 seconds.A doctor showing his patient that he cares about their experience … Priceless.Earning thousands of positive patient experiences, controlling poor experiences, and having an extra accountability process streamlined? Brand Recognition
  24. 24. Save $Millions in Advertising CostsIf your doctors have stellar reputations and you understand the patient mind-set when looking for a new doctor (refer to slide #3) …  Do you think your conversion rates from Ad-Clicks / Radio/ Etc. to Appointments will increase?  Will you be able to get more of the patients that make your practice or hospital successful?  Will you be able to spread awareness about your top area of expertise faster and easier when you have hundreds of patient advocates on your side… working for you 24/7 (for free)?  Will you be able to gain recognition among your referring doctors if they see their patients’ comments about you?  What about the savings in promoting your Brand?
  25. 25. What do you need to Get Started?