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Andy Black's presentation from Hospital + Innovation 2015


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Andy Black's (Chairman, Durrow Limited, UK) presentation from the Hospital + Innovation Congress 2015.

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Andy Black's presentation from Hospital + Innovation 2015

  1. 1. Andy Black Design and organization of hospitals of the future – how can we collaborate?
  2. 2. “ studying the projects submitted, it is striking that they in fact elaborate on the existing and familiar concept of a hospital... taking us along well trodden paths leading to hospitals that are out of date the minute they are completed.” (E. Borst 1997)
  3. 3. “Criteria for determining which patient should be managed by which specialists are often non existent, with care defaulting to the admitting generalist. Where clear criteria do exist, the patient remains at risk of being overlooked by the specialty if they are placed in a bed other than those designated for that specialty.”