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HealthXL 2014


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HealthXL 2014

  1. 1. Global ecosystem of 200 hand picked individuals Terry McGuire Polaris Gary Fingerhut Cleveland Clinic Ulrich Muehlner David Gibson Novartis GSK/SROne Esther Dyson HICCup JC Simbana Silicon Valley Bank Sean Hogan Ashifi Gogo IBM Healthcare Sproxil Bill Taranto Chris Coburn Merck Global Health Fund Partners Healthcare HealthXL promotes innovation in healthcare globally to improve access, reduced cost and improve outcomes while advancing commercial interests of members.
  2. 2. Driving innovation and commercial returns HealthXL supports collaboration among and between established global firms and fast growing companies for commercial partnership and investment opportunities Define innovation agenda for each strategic partner Identify target influencers investors and entrepreneurs Host tailored quarterly events based on common commercial interests Innovative new products and solutions New partnership models Strategic investment and M&A opportunities
  3. 3. Finding the right partners for your business globally 186 digital health firms each raised $2m+ in 2013 in USA 350+ mobile health products across Africa Nigeria Ghana SA Kenya
  4. 4. Aligned with your digital health strategy HealthXL sources opportunities by aligning the specific interests of our corporate, entrepreneur and investment partners globally Stage -Concept -Seed -Start-up -Series A -Scale -Growth Key Themes Market Map Therapeutic Areas -Big Data and analytics -Remote monitoring -Adherence support -Genomics -Patient engagement -Social media -EHR V2.0 -North America -Europe -Japan -Middle East -China -Brazil -Africa -COPD -Heart Failure -Obesity -Oncology -NCDs -Mental Health -Orthopaedics Global partner network Innovative new products and solutions New partnership models Strategic investment and M&A opportunities
  5. 5. Beyond accelerators and incubators Innovating in healthcare is complex and requires a structured approach to drive results across the entire ecosystem: International 24 month program: - Network of global events - Executive education for growth - Innovation reporting platform
  6. 6. Network of global events HealthXL hosts a series of member invite only events 2014 Apr Global Influencer Report Online May Global Gathering Ireland Sept Global Gathering San Francisco Oct Global Gathering Cleveland Dec Regional Gathering Ghana *TBC Governor Deval Patrick attends start-up pitch session in Dublin
  7. 7. Network of global events Fast growth companies are selected based on strategic interests of HealthXL partners and investors Leading Silicon Valley Venture Capital Meeting in Napa Valley 2013 Day 1 – Education and Customer meetings (private) Board meeting (founding partners only) Peer learning - members & mentors only Meetings & dinner with key sponsors European investors and entrepreneurs attend 1st Global Gathering Day 2 – Investor meetings + Conference Health conference for thought leaders CEOs, VCs and potential new entrants Global media coverage
  8. 8. Executive education for growth 2 year program for 20 fast growth companies focused on scaling internationally and building strategic alliances HelalthXL Mentors attending mentor training session Tailored program of quarterly 2 day mentor lead sessions covering Leadership Scaling Growth
  9. 9. Innovation reporting platform HealthXL reports provide unique insights on global innovation trends in digital health including progress updates on selected companies
  10. 10. Leverage a global network influencers HealthXL provide new strategic partners the opportunity to effectively source and leverage innovation globally Advisory Board Senior executives External Mentors Internal Mentors Investors and entrepreneurs Execs from founding partners HealthXL Alumni Da Vinci Group International thought-leaders
  11. 11. Ecosystem collaboration for better outcomes Find new models to drive productivity in current environments of care delivery and find new ways to serve patients in ways Access to mentors, partners and investors Access to latest innovations and corporate insights Promote closer engagement with patients to inform product development, show effectiveness of drugs, enhance ability to connect with end consumers Access to new tech and new business models Promote innovation that leverages services models, info technology and big data
  12. 12. Why get involved Leverage the benefits of venture capital insights, networks and due dilliegence without the management fees 1. Set the digital health agenda 2. Find ground breaking innovation globally 3. Promote entrepreneurship internally 4. Network with key thought-leaders 5. Gain insights in dynamic market from peers