Akhsar Kharebov at Health Extension Salon #6


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Akhsar reviews Eric Topol's book The Creative Destruction of Medicine, and outlines its implications for the medicine we need to sustain our lives.

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Akhsar Kharebov at Health Extension Salon #6

  1. 1. Review of Eric Topols"The Creative Destruction of Medicine" Presented by Akhsar Kharebov Health Extension Salon #6 Feb 27, 2013 Y COMBINATOR, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA
  2. 2. Break down:part 1: behind the linespart 2: what can be some actionablesBreak Out Session: general about book content
  3. 3. Learnings: Behind the lines
  4. 4. From a perspective of (Eric)is a researcher and doctor turned intra-preneur and given resources- he is kinda like super hero status- a call to action to patients / society- also autobiographical and venting :)
  5. 5. On TechnologyHas a lot of interest and respect for the digitalrevolutionHe is amazed at what it has been able to doHis description may not accurately describethe "build up" before the iPhone
  6. 6. Other interesting observationsHas a reputation for breaking the rules andpissing people offHas been fired from the hospital he foundedfor (essentially) innovationLuckily he has a pair of great backers, so thatis able to work free of the system
  7. 7. Mary and Gary WestWest Corporation - 911 & telecomunicationPhilantrophistsWestHealth.org
  8. 8. Erics Prescription to Medicine:Needs to be Schumpetedhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Schumpeter
  9. 9. By Us Patients
  10. 10. Creative DestructionIncessantly revolutionizes the economicstructure from within, incessantly destroyingthe old one, incessantly creating a new one.
  11. 11. Radically Transformeddigital information has revolutionized ourworld, but not our health until now
  12. 12. So that we refocus on : Preserving Our Health
  13. 13. Digitizing the world, Digitizing the Body
  14. 14. Assembling Relevant Data, Making Actionable suggestions
  15. 15. We Have the Technical FoundationThink of the SmartPhone
  16. 16. Medical Smartphone ie Tricorderwith massive number of other sensors
  17. 17. Data:previous:1 Billion gigabytes by 2003now:x trillion gigabytes per year35 trillion gigabytes per yearmostly from sensors
  18. 18. Current Status and Health ReformReform: mainly operational, not better healthBut currently needed because there is noalignment for innovation in healthOveruse and Wrong use, No prevention
  19. 19. Patients are organizing:- Are able to get data- Determine Treatment- can be a problem.- resisted by the industry
  20. 20. Potential Problems:Treating the virtual vs. real patientLoss of interaction and healing touchProblems with innovative productsData Deluge
  21. 21. Actionables
  22. 22. Some of the pportunities discussedMoving away from Population Medicine toperson Unique TreatmentsContinuous tracking of all body functions andvital signsAbility to make analysis: Being able to predictheart attacks, cancer ie check engine light
  23. 23. Point of the book:Make consumers aware of the CreativeDestruction about to happenAnd prepare to make the right trade offs asMedicine get’s Schumpeted.A CALL TO ACTION!
  24. 24. Eric is uniqueEric has great fundingMost Doctors do not get this chanceInterWest Institute - Test tube for creativedestruction
  25. 25. Question to Audience:How do we find and fund people like Eric, whom are not yet discovered?