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HealthFore Technologies Limited - Corporate Profile

  1. 1. OUR GLOBAL FOOTPRINT OUR CLIENT OUR LOCATION Bahrain | Botswana | Egypt | Ghana | India | Jordan | Kuwait | Mauritius Nigeria | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Thailand | UAE
  2. 2. OUR OFFERINGS Products & Solutions | Services | Tele-Health HealthFore’s IT products and health advisory services help healthcare enterprises deliver world-class patient care.
  3. 3. Teleconsultation TeleRadiology Healthcare Content Services Products & Solutions Services Tele-Health Magnum In nity HIS Magnum Imaging RIS-PACS Magnum Lite Consulting & Implementation Services Healthcare Data Analytics Healthcare IT Enablement
  5. 5. Products & Solutions Magnum In nity HIS Magnum Imaging RIS-PACS Magnum Lite
  6. 6. A FUTURE-PROOF SOLUTIONFOR HEALTHCARE CHALLENGES HealthFore s Magnum In nity Hospital Information System creates a seamless network across and beyond your enterprise for superior clinical and nancial outcomes. It realizes integrated healthcare by delivering accurate and meaningful information at the point of care. HAAD and DHA regulation compliant- The rst of its kind single integrated web based Hospital Information System comprising of ERP, LIS, RIS PACS as a single integrated product for Hospital, chains of medical centers, clinics.
  7. 7. MOBILE DEVICES ROBUST SECURITYWEB BASED CLOUD ENABLED MULTI SITE DEPLOYMENT HOW FLUID IS DATA AT YOUR HEALTHCARE CENTER? Let us reconstruct a day at your healthcare delivery center: your receptionist must minimize waiting time for patients while registrations, managing schedules across multiple resources, collection of insurance details etc. Your doctors must deliver high quality care and manage requests for clinical investigations, medication and treatment procedures within approved costs, yet ensure compliance to regional documentation requirements for smooth insurance claims. Your accounting department must ensure prompt invoicing and on time creation and settlement of claims. You need real-time status of revenues and expenditures including cost of assets and inventories. Data is the quintessence of your healthcare delivery system. Clinical, administration and back office personnel must share sensitive data across the enterprise. In addition, every changing regulations for integrated and accountable care require you to communicate with other stakeholders such as payers and third party administrators, while ensuring privacy and security of patient data. MAGNUM INFINITY HIS – DESIGNED FOR THE DIGITAL ERA on the Internet to integrate HealthFore’s Magnum Innity Hospital Information System (HIS) capitalizes modular applications, across geographies, clinical disciplines and departments, into a seamless workow of administrative and clinical events. It incorporates advanced IT services such as mobility and cloud computing to realize anytime, anywhere healthcare. Magnum In nity HIS
  8. 8. ENTERPRISE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT REVENUE MANAGEMENT MODULAR AND SCALABLE Schedule manager optimizes resource utilization across care venues within the enterprise. Work ow design manages interdependencies across stakeholders. Seamless integration captures services and materials consumption across the care delivery cycle. Con gurability facilitates changes to tariffs bene t plans and contracts, and automates the invoicing cycle. Claim management work ow (submissions, re-submissions and remittances) to ensure closure of approvals and remittances (compliant to HAAD, DHA regulations). In-built nancial accounting supports the revenue cycle. Plug-and-play modules allow freedom of choice on functional coverage. Supports small clinics as well as large hospitals. Phased implementation approach enables controlled adoption. The HealthFore Magnum In nity Hospital Information System provides a uni ed framework for smooth ow of information. It presents granular data for real-time decision-making. HIGHLIGHTS
  9. 9. FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT MODELS SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Facilitates centralized and decentralized operations. Can be hosted on the cloud. Provides feature access rights and control access. Enables audits to monitor access. Offers standards-based information exchange with external devices/ software/ agencies. Con gurable templates and work ows capture data at the point of action. Consolidation, codi cation and reporting tools facilitate audits. Magnum In nity HIS
  10. 10. performance, ensure security of mission-critical data and enable user-friendly interface. Appplication Server: Microsoft IIS 7 Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Client: Microsoft Silverlight 5 Data Layer Business Layer Presentation Layer
  11. 11. EVOLVE CONSTANTLY CONNECT EVERYONE INVOLVED TRANSFORM ADOPTION & EFFICIENCY Adapt constantly to dynamic and futuristic needs of healthcare. Connect all stakeholders of the healthcare system securely, accurately and in real time. Empower every stakeholder in a growing digital healthcare beyond your enterprise. It empowers stakeholders with accurate environment. THE CORE HealthFore s Magnum In nity Hospital Information System (HIS) facilitates a seamless network across and and meaningful information for superior ecosystem into a real time digital enterprise that addresses current and emerging healthcare challenges. Magnum In nity HIS
  12. 12. A FUTURE-PROOF SOLUTIONFOR DIGITAL IMAGE MANAGEMENT HelathFore s Magnum imaging is an FDA-certi ed, multi- speciality, work ow- driven system for medical imaging. Our web-based system streamlines the clinical image lifecycle, while addressing healthcare standards and regulations. MAGNUM IMAGING
  13. 13. DOES YOUR IMAGING SOLUTION OFFER THE BIG PICTURE? Let us evaluate the contours of personalized treatment: your radiologists must have state-of-the art diagnostic workstations and and easy-use tools for precise imaging. your clinical workows must incorporate images from multiple clinical modalities with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to aggregatepatient data. Your physicians must have real-time access to patient records. HealthFore’s Magnum Imaging system combines Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS), Radiology Information System (RIS) and Teleradiology. It integrates seamlessly with existing RIS and Hospital Information System (HIS) to provide consolidate patient data. Our imaging and information management solution helps multi-site hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers improve patient care by enhancing diagnostic and therapy workow. In addition, it improves user ifficiency, while minimizing the cost of clinical imaging services. Magnum ImagingMagnum Imaging
  14. 14. The Magnum Imaging system integrates the latest healthcare standards and next-generation technology for superior medical imaging. COMBINES TECHNOLOGY AND HEALTHCARE MOBILE DEVICES ROBUST SECURITY WEB BASED CLOUD ENABLED FDA CERTIFIED DICOM 3.0 & HL7-COMPLIANT INVESTMENT PROTECTION
  15. 15. The big picture Magnum Imaging system integrates Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS) with RIS and EMR. Its enhanced security and administrator-friendly features support distributed deployment
  16. 16. The Magnum Imaging application leverages advances in imaging and information technology to improve the accuracy of images and ensure patient safety. HIGHLIGHTS PLATFORM INDEPENDENT Can be deployed on Microsoft Windows OS and Linux OS DATABASE INDEPENDENT Can be deployed using My SQL, MS SQL and Oracle Database 10g SECURE AND COMPLIANT - Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) - Secure transport layer ensures safe data transmission over public networks ADVANCED RULE ENGINE Supports Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)-rati ed compression techniques
  17. 17. BROKERLESS - Integrates RIS and PACS seamlessly - Integrates HL7 2.3, 2.5, XML, and 2D barcode COST EFFECTIVE - Does not require separate web or application servers - Minimizes capital investment in hardware, and maintenance and software costs PRODUCTIVITY - Reduces patient waiting time for scans and reports -Patient portal helps physicians access images and reports from anywhere ADVANCED DIAGNOSIS AND REPORTING - Offers advanced 2D and 3D clinical workstations - Enables critical result management, virtual colonoscopy with sphere nder, coronary analysis, and 4D left ventricular volume analysis Magnum Imaging
  18. 18. A FUTURE-PROOF SOLUTIONFOR DIGITAL IMAGE MANAGEMENT HealthFore Magnum Lite helps physicians access medical images on tablets and mobile devices. It incorporates streaming technology to display data from diverse medical imaging tools and imaging modalities of PACS and RIS. Magnum Lite s intuitive interface helps users create customized repositories for special cases and share images/ reports with peers. MAGNUM LITE
  19. 19. Zoom, pan and rotate images Preset window width and level Multiple measurement tools - linear, angle, Cobb angle, ellipse, and circle Series and image layout Magnum Lite
  21. 21. Services Consulting & Implementation Services Healthcare Data Analytics Healthcare IT Enablement
  22. 22. Addressing Complexities with Simplicity CONSULTING & IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES Process Optimization Need analysis and articulation Program Management & Governance Consulting Services Implementation and Integration Services Solution Integration Operational Integration
  23. 23. Process Optimization To maximize profits, reduce costs, and achieve a seamless healthcare continuum, it is imperative to improve the efficiency of back-end business functions across supply chain management, inventory management, patient relationship management, human resources, finance and billing. This can be achieved by business process optimization and technology enablement. Quite often, hospitals implement big ERP products but fail to implement the optimized workow processes leading to dissatisfaction among user, lower productivity, waste of efforts in implementing the product and loss of potential savings. Our experienced domain consultants have extensive experience in healthcare ERP products, supply chain management, human resources, revenue cycle management, patient relationship management, and business process optimization. HealthFore's experts help to realize the maximum value by optimizing the IT and business process to work in tandem with each other. HealthFore experts engage stakeholders for operational improvements; optimizing business processes, defining appropriate product configuration and capturing right metrics and defining dashboards that results in increased utilization of equipment and infrastructure, generating additional capacity and increase in customer satisfaction. Consulting Services Consulting & Implementation Services
  24. 24. The biggest challenge that the Healthcare organizations face is not to adopt, implement, upgrade technology; but tracking and reporting utilization and effectiveness of the same. A list of common business challenges that providers face includes: ö Data collation from disparate systems ö Integration of disparate specialist systems ö Analyze changes due to adoption of new technology ö Large data handling and business specific reporting ö Real time monitoring of measures and status reporting ö Leverage the Business Intelligence and Data Ware house investments HealthFore’s Team of experts helps to overcome these challenges by adopting innovative ways to collate, analyze and present the data that will help organizations Need Analysis and Articulation Consulting & Implementation Services
  25. 25. Lack of disciplined approach in projectprogram execution often leads to a program failure. Any good Plan would need a robust monitoring and control processes to be defined as early as possible. Without a process in place early even a good planned project could well stray. HealthFore Technologies having experience of executing large scale Healthcare IT projects have a strong Project Management & Governance. HealthFore's Program Management Consulting Services will own and manage business transformation programs. We deliver a consistent and repeatable model and establishing a culture in which project governance can thrive. Program Management & Governance
  26. 26. HealthFore's Consulting team comprises of highly experienced Techno functional Healthcare Application Implementation consultants. Our pool of highly talented solution architects, engagement managers, domain experts and application consultants; our implementation teams will deliver tailored services for the organization. Our Implementation Methodology takes a disciplined, step-by-step approach to successful implementation services engagements and is supported by a methodology framework consisting of services templates, tools, technical guide books and implementation best practices. Our technology implementation services include: ö Implementation of various Healthcare solutions (TrakCare, Lorenzo, Magnum Infinity, PACS etc.) ö Implementation Integration of third party modules (e.g. Ambulatory, Acute Care, Specialty and Mobile solutions) ö Custom application build and deployment ö Cross platform application integration ö Healthcare Enterprise Architecture Consulting and Design Solution Integration Implementation and Integration Services
  27. 27. Optimizing operations is important to the success of any healthcare organization. With mission-critical administrative functions like accounting and finance, human resources and legal, organizations must streamline every department for maximum efficiency. Quite often, organizations procure best of both the HIS (Hospital Information System) and Back office products in quest to achieve the maximum profit and reduced cost, however, these come with their own overheads if these are not implemented or integrated properly. HealthFore's team of experts helps to implement operational processes in an optimal manner without much altering the business processes. HealthFore experts engage stakeholders for operational improvements and optimizing business processes. HealthFore's team also have extensive experience in integrating the back office modules with the core ERP (HIS) product used in the hospital which will help leverage the potential of both the product working in tandem with each other. Operational Integration Services Consulting & Implementation Services
  28. 28. Addressing Complexities with Simplicity HEALTHCARE DATA ANALYTICS
  29. 29. Healthcare Analytic Services Healthcare organizations around the world are challenged by pressures to reduce costs, improve coordination and outcomes, provide more with less and be more patient centric. The global healthcare industry is experiencing fundamental transformation as it moves from a volume-based business to a value-based business. With increasing demands from consumers for enhanced healthcare quality and increased value, healthcare providers and payers are under pressure to deliver better outcomes. Primary care physician and nursing shortages require overworked professionals to be even more productive and efficient. The cost dynamics of healthcare are changing, driven by people living longer, the pervasiveness of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases, and defensive medicine practices. Improve Clinical Quality of care Improve patient safety and reduce medical errors Improve wellness, prevention and disease management Understand physician profiles and clinical performance Improve customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention Improve clinical effectiveness and member/patient satisfaction Specific Objectives Addressed by AnalyticsBusiness Goals Reduce costs and increase efficiency Optimize catchment area and network management Improve pay for performance and accountability Increase operating speed and adaptability Improve operational effectiveness Reduce costs and increase efficiency Optimize catchment area and network management Improve pay for performance and accountability Increase operating speed and adaptability Improve financial and administrative performance Healthcare Data Analytics
  30. 30. õ Data Management and Data Preparation - Decisions are only as good as the data used to make them. The world's best tools can be rendered helpless by poor data quality. õ Statistical Modeling Services - Leveraging off-the-shelf tools, our team delivers development, validation and testing of statistical models for a variety of business analytics applications. We also maintain statistical models used for prediction right from conception to deployment. õ Visualization - Improve your business insight and productivity through the intuitive visualization of analytical output. HealthFore's analytics services are supplemented with support in the following areas: Healthcare Data Analytics
  31. 31. Three Step Approach for Data Intelligence Assessments Data & Text Mining Predictive Analytics õ Analytical Maturity Assessment õ Data Discovery/Exploration õ Identify Hidden Data Patterns and Trends õ Analyze Unstructured Data õ Leverage mining and Forecasting Capabilties õ Conceptualize and develop consumer behavior and domain-centric analytics solutions
  32. 32. HealthFore manages the IT infrastructure at healthcare enterprises. Our IT services realize business value by improving healthcare delivery and reducing costs. IT MANAGEDSERVICES
  33. 33. Assess the existing infrastructure, and recommend IT systems, processes and policies. We provide business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. IT PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Ensure end-to-end IT implementation and support, including procurement of hardware and software. SYSTEMS INTEGRATION SERVICES Include remote, onsite and hybrid support for data center, network, end user device, server, storage, and vendor management. IT MANAGED SERVICES Implement mail and management packs such as System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and System Center Con guration Manager (SCCM). MICROSOFT SERVICES Healthcare IT Enablement
  35. 35. Tele-Health Teleconsultation TeleRadiology Healthcare Content Services
  36. 36. DELIVERING PHYSICIANSTO PATIENTS The HealthFore telehealth solution realizes universal healthcare. It leverages mobility and wireless communications for convenient access to on-demand health services and prompt mobilization of resources in the event of emergencies. TELEHEALTH
  37. 37. Teleradiology (USFDA-certi ed) solution transmits data from remote X-Ray, CT scan and USB machines to Emergency response triggered by our hospitals for diagnosis and treatment. TELERADIOLOGY telehealth solution alerts the team through SMS, voice calls or medical Messaging application shares professionals. EMERGENCY RESPONSE information via SMS and e-mail. We remind patients about monitoring vital signs, drug schedules and hospital appointments to improve clinical outcomes. MESSAGING APPLICATION Teleconsultation and video consultation services recreate the patient s experience at a hospital. Physicians assess medical symptoms, prescribe treatment and provide coordinated care. Remote monitoring of patients improves the management of chronic health conditions. Signi cantly, it addresses infant and maternal mortality. TELECONSULTATION AND VIDEO CONSULTATION Telemedicine kiosks share knowledge for consulting and remote diagnosis Telepathology HealthFore helps through audiovisual media. TELEMEDICINE healthcare providers deliver static/ passive telepathology solutions. TELEPATHOLOGY Tele-Health
  38. 38. Given the current lack in adequate staff for providing interpretive coverage and lack of expertise in its Radiology services. NRHM, Assam wanted to establish a tele-radiology service across 11 district hospitals of state. In order to provide its constituents with the best in-class radiology services 24x7 in its districts ensuring that any lack of local radiologist does not affect the healthcare services adversely. In light of its extensive experience in the healthcare space and after a successful tendering phase, NRHM, Assam awarded the project to set up and operate the Tele Radiology services in 11 districts of the state. The key points of operation were: · Providing the Infrastructure Set Up (IT and minor civil) · Providing the RIS-PACS solution · Running radiology services in 11 districts · Day-to-day service operations and maintenance of centers · Creation and maintenance of online patient database and MIS reports of service usage · Tele-Radiology reporting services The lack of qualified radiologists while acute in the remote districts of Assam is a challenge faced all over India. With the high demand on their time and frequently rotating hours, there was a project risk that irrespective of the location chosen, access to the radiologists, will be difficult to ensure. Religare overcame this challenge by deploying an internet based RIS-PACS system, which allows for Radiologists to view and report their findings from anywhere and at any hour in the country. - No interruptions of service for lack of Radiologists - Centralized automated patient data capture and patient MIS identifiable by each district - Risk-Reward model, with each party sharing equitable stake in program success Project Details Project Challenges Solution Benefits
  39. 39. MinistryofHealth, CASE STUDY020202 Ghana, Africa No. of Locations Connected: 3 List of functionalities covered: All Administrative, Revenue and Clinical modules including MPI, CPOE, EMR, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology
  40. 40. The e-Health Program is an initiative by the Government of Ghana to automate the entire set of hospitals under MOH (Ministry of Health) Ghana with a Hospital Management Software, so as to enable them to improve service delivery at Hospitals and at the same time generate useful data for their analysis and planning purpose. The e-Health program is being driven by Ministry of Communications (MOC), a Governmental Ministry of the Republic of Ghana, with the assistance of prominent IT bodies of the country such as NITA (National Information Technology Agency). This project is for implementation of HIS & PACS in 3 hospitals under MOH as pilot (Phase-1) for the eHealth Project. - Korle-bu Teaching Hospital, Greater Accra Region - Wa Regional Hospital, Upper West Region - Zebila District Hospital, Bawku Upper East Region On successful implementation, MOC proposes to extend this to a nation-wide rollout of e-Health Ghana. Low IT skill & adoption. No centralized repository for Patient Information & data. Multiple government bodies and stakeholders driving healthcare policies & practices. Solution to be rolled out in eHealth Ghana had to address & align with policies of the various central Ministries in Ghana. This also required a exible & scalable Solution since this involved a nation-wide roll out - Improved patient care due to availability of patient history & information through EMR - Availability of healthcare data for nation-wide analysis - Better monitoring of inventory & arresting malpractices - Better facility to handle referral cases - Improved Patient satisfaction - Tangible way of show-casing citizen care by the Government Project Details Project Challenges Solution Benefits
  41. 41. Mediclinic CASE STUDY030303 Dubai, UAE No. of Locations Connected: 10 List of functionalities covered: Magnum HIS + integration with RIS and PACS.
  42. 42. Mediclinic group has recently taken over the EHL which owned and managed 2 hospitals and 8 medical centers in Dubai. Being JCI certified, Mediclinic Welcare Hospital is considered as one of the oldest and most preferred healthcare provider in Dubai. Mediclinic City Hospital is a 5 Star surgical specialized hospital catering to secondary and tertiary surgical requirements in the region Religare Technologies was awarded the project in 2007 to implement its HIMS solution @ Welcare Hospital which was changed to City Hospital being the hospital of choice and 2009 this hospital went live with magnum. Post this within a span of a year 4 of the medical centers associated with City Hospital went live on a central HIS and a central EMR was made available across the network of 1 hospital and 4 medical centers. Additional 4 medical centers were added to the network in 2011 marking the total facilities to 1 hospital and 8 medical centers and the entire deployment went live in Mid 2011 being the first and the only site in the region to be centrally controlled and managed. In 2012-13 Mediclinic bought over the entire EHL group and added Welcare Hospital into the network. From the last 10 months Mediclinic group has been the largest facility chain to be automated in the region High level of automation expected from users who have been previously exposed to Process driven HIS systems in the United states and south African regions. Ease of use of the application by Physicians was a must. - Centralization- Drastic reduction in costs - Centrally available patient file- Better Patient care - Workows across the enterprise is better streamlined Project Details Project Challenges Solution Benefits
  43. 43. Chulaborn Research Institute CASE STUDY040404 Bangkok, Thailand No. of Locations Connected: 10 List of functionalities covered: Clinical modules including MPI, CPOE, RADIOPHARMACY, EMR, Laboratory, Radiology
  44. 44. CRI Hospital is one of the major PER CT center in Thailand. Patient across the globe get treated here for cancer. CRI mainly into producing of radioactive isotopes (FDG, FDOPA, Choline) which are injected for cancer patients. CRI has out patient care, PET CT and all Radiopahramcy consultation. RCare magnum has helped users to mainatain accurate formula for all isotopes being produced at CRI. The formula calculation has made the production of radioactive isotopes accurately. Religare Technologies partnered with CRI Institute to provide and implement RCare Magnum, an integrated Healthcare solution, which ensures that the organization out-beats competition by enabling efficient patient care. HIS adoption required systematic training for users to get used to new IT skills and environment. Also communication and understanding of the Radiopharmacy-PET CT module specific for CRI during the implementation. - RCare Magnum has provided measurable improvements in delivering patient care and an overall operational efficiency by increasing the availability and exchange of information across various departments within the facility. - Patients EMR are available for all patients. So the RCare Magnum has made the users very easy access to Medical Records of the patient. - RCare Magnum provides clinical information at the point-of-care to enable care givers to deliver the highest possible quality of medical care. - CPOE provides powerful clinical decision-support and intuitive workows, enabling CRI to deliver better care while improving efficiency, simplifying decisions and minimizing errors. - Besides providing fundamental clinical decision support for determining default drug doses, routes and frequencies. Project Details Project Challenges Solution Benefits
  45. 45. All our physicians now have access to centrally available patient information and data. It ensures better coordination and continuity in the care we deliver. Moreover, HealthFore has been very supportive in enabling us to comply with the regional, ministry and insurance-related requirements along with quick responses to our functional enhancement requirements. Group IT manager, Mediclinic, Dubai We implemented Magnum in July 2009 to provide an integrated and patient-centric solution for the delivery of healthcare services to the NLNG community. Magnum is suitable for small, medium and big-sized hospitals. It is a complete solution for hospital operations and activities. Hospital Administrator & Ancillary Services Officer, Nigeria LNG Hospital HealthFore offers a range of solutions to integrate and automate workflow across medical care while fulfilling the needs of departments, be it at the patient's bedside, the emergency department or revenue department. The staff and physicians privy to the selection procedure selected HealthFore's Magnum based on quality, the expertise of people and their product support capability. Over the years, we have adopted HealthFore's financial management systems to increase operational efficiencies, and also upgraded HealthFore's older version of medical imaging solutions to eliminate film costs while improving turnaround time and diagnostic quality. Trustee, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Pune, India For the launch of our new 'Q Diagnostic & Imaging Centre' in early 2011, we selected HealthFore to provide us with a RIS/PACS solution. HealthFore worked closely with us to get the web-based, enterprise-class Magnum RIS/PACS suite rolled out in record time. They played a key role in the successful implementation of the Radiology Image Sharing interface with the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. Throughout the process, HealthFore provided support and have become one of our valued and long-term IT partners. CIO, Quality HealthCare Medical Services, Hong Kong 'I am very happy to implement HealthFore's PACS/ RIS system here at Rajburana Hospital. It helps us to save time and cost of hospital' Mrs. Nittaya Prichayudh, Hospital Director, Rajburana Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand