Pensions Core Course 2013: A Brazilian Perspective on Social Security


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Pensions Core Course 2013: A Brazilian Perspective on Social Security

  1. 1. A Brazilian perspective onSocial SecurityApril / 2013
  2. 2. Context
  3. 3. Some numbersPopulation 2012:193 millionsEconomically activePopulation:101,11 millionsGDP (2011):US$ 2,07 trillionsSocial Security Expenses in 2011:US$ 255 billions (12,29% of GDP)Universal Health Service:Social Security:Social Assistance:Unemployment Benefits:Judicial Payments:US$ 36 billionsUS$ 180 billionsUS$ 23 billionsUS$ 12 billionsUS$ 3,6 billions
  4. 4. Social Security, Assistance and HealthCONTRIBUTORY NON CONTRIBUTORYSocial SecurityGeneral RegimeUrban and rural workersCurrent publicservant fundsSupplementarypension systemMinistry of SocialSecuritySocial AssistanceWelfare policiesSocial assistancepension for impairedand aged person (Loas)Conditional cash transferprogram (Bolsa Família)Ministry of SocialDevelopment and Fightagainst Hunger (MSD)HealthPublic plans and policiesoriented to promote,prevent and assistUniversal and equalaccess to health careUnified HealthSystem (SUS)Ministry of Health
  5. 5. Ministry of Social SecurityNational Institute ofSocial Insurance – INSSOperation of GeneralRegime and ContinuousCash BenefitsNationalSuperintendency ofSupplementaryPensionsDataprev – Social SecurityData Processing CompanySupervision and Controlof Pension FundsInformation TechnologySocial Security in Brazil
  6. 6. Dataprev is a 38 year old, government owned,service provider focused on ITC solutions forthe implementation and improvement of socialpolicies: social security, labor, social benefitsand civil records.Services: System development, operational support, communication networks, dataprocessing, management and processing of information.Dataprev – Social Security DataProcessing Company of Brazil3.670 Professionals3 Data Centers22 Regional Offices5 Service Offices5 Software Development Units
  7. 7. DataprevMinistry of Social SecurityNational Institute of Social Security (INSS)Ministry of Labor and EmploymentMinistry of Planning, Budget and ManagementOffice of Federal Revenue of BrazilFinancial Institutions, Pension Entitiesand Public Enterprises19 billion registriesin the National Data Baseof Social Information30.2 million benefitsprocessed per month7 million contributionslips processed monthlyClients: The informationmanagement of theseclients include:
  8. 8. Social Security Numbers (March 2013)30,2 millionsmonthlybenefits719.7thousandmonthlyapplications415.8thousandbenefitsin analysis591.790scheduledservicesessions628thousandmonthlymedical audits*US$13 billionspaid monthly4 millionsmonthlyservicesessions5,4 millionsmonthly callsat the 135 callcenter** May 2012
  9. 9. Types of benefitsRetirement by ageRetirementby incapacityRetirementby yearsof contributionSpecial retirementTemporaryincapacity benefitMaternity benefitPrisonersfamily benefitPensionon the deathof the beneficiaryFamily benefit
  10. 10. Benefits paid by Social Security(in millions of benefits – 2002 to 2011)
  11. 11. Service Network69 vans1.379 AgenciesPresent in 1.262 Municipalities5 boats178 offices in other public structures1.557 service centers
  12. 12. Service Network
  13. 13. Service Network: local offices
  14. 14. Service Monitoring Panel
  15. 15. Providing ServiceBookingservice135 call centerInternetAgency walk-insServiceprovidedConfirmation135 call centerResults andQuality control135 call center Agency service center Medical audit room
  16. 16. RGPS – SOCIALSECURITY GENERALREGIMERPPS – PUBLICSERVANT SOCIALSECURITYCOMPLEMENTARYPENSION SYSTEMWorkers in private sector andpublic companiesMaximum: US$ 2.070,00Contributors: 60,2 miBeneficiaries: 30 miPublic servants and militaryMaximum : US$ 13.400,00Funpresp (Maximum):US$ 2.070,00Contributors: 6,4 miBeneficiaries: 3,6 miAssets: US$ 80 billionOptional, managed by openentities (for profit) or closed(non profit)Participants: 2,4 mi (closed)Beneficiaries: 641 milAssets: US$ 300 billion(closed)Managed by INSS Managed by the Union, stateand local governments underthe supervision of the Ministryof Social Security (MPS)Under supervision of theMPS/Previc (closed) andMinistry of Treasury andregulatory entity- Susep (open)Simple allocation Simple allocation andcapitalization / states and citiesCapitalizationTypes of Regimes
  17. 17. Social Security overviewof the employed population(between 16 and 59 years) - 2009Source: Microdata PNAD 2009. * In PNAD these people declare themselves not taxpayers. **Includes 525,393 unprotected with an ignored income.Contributors (6,32 millions)Public Servant Funds (Military andPublic Servants) – RPPSContributors (41,97 millions)Social Security General RegimeRGPSSPECIAL INSURANCES *(RURAL) (7,17 millions)General Regime – RGPSNOT CONTRIBUTORS(28,92 millions)EMPLOYED POPULATION16 TO 59 YEARS OLD (82,39 millions)BENEFICIARIES (1,11 million)SOCIALLY UNPROTECTED(27,81 millions)**< 1 Minimum Salary(13,15 millions)Equal to or greaterthan 1 Minimum Salary(14,13 millions)SOCIALLYPROTECTED(56,58 millions):67%33% of Total
  18. 18. FinancingGeneralRegime– RGPSManagedby INSS,Health andSocial CareMinistry of Finance/Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil –responsible for the collection and inspection of all taxesand social contributionsNet income of lotteries, shareof compulsory vehicularinsurance, donations...Other sourcesLabor income and similarSOCIALCONTRIBUTIONSCorporate profitsCompanies’ revenueor earnings
  19. 19. RODRIGO ASSUMPÇÃOCEODataprevFone : +55 61