Health Datapalooza 2013: Open Health Data in the NHS - Tim Kelsey


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Health Datapalooza IV: June 3rd-4th, 2013
Open Health Data in the United Kingdom’s National Health Services
Mark Davies, Chief Executive of Imperial College Healthcare, National Health Services Trust
Alex Abbott, Chief Technology Officer, National Health Services Commissioning Board
Mo Dewji, Department of Health
Tim Kelsey, National Director for Patients and Information, National Health Services Commissioning Board
Geraint Lewis, Chief Data Officer, National Health Services Commissioning Board
Kate Lillywhite, National Health Services
Inderjit Singh, Lead Technical Architect, Technology Office, National Health Services

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) is changing. Never has there been a more exciting time in health care innovation. The UK is making huge strides forward in the use of information and technology, which have the potential to deliver powerful benefits to our patients, colleagues and citizens. We will describe in this session the approach the NHS is taking toward open data and public participation. We will describe some dramatic changes to the flows of data in the NHS and showcase some examples of how the data is being used to improve services.

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Health Datapalooza 2013: Open Health Data in the NHS - Tim Kelsey

  1. 1. Building choice of high quality support for commissionersThe Future is Open: building thebest Customer Service in theworldMarch 20131
  2. 2. Our mission:
  3. 3. ‘We prioritise patientsin every decision wemake’TransparencyParticipationKnowledgefor allWhat are the key characteristics of aworld class patient service?3‘We want to make theNHS the best patientservice in the world’‘We exist to designand deliver carearound the needs andchoices of eachindividual patient’
  4. 4. Transparency and participation havetransformed customer service in other sectors…so why not healthcare?SOURCE: Financial Fraud Action UKConsumer applications offered with digital bankingOnline banking – a consumer success story▪ Launched in the US in 1994 and in the UK in 1998▪ Now >22M adult users (>50% of computer users)Access to records Online banking offersaccess to personalbank accountapplications in a secureenvironment Healthcare equivalent:access to the medicalrecordAbility to transact Customers pay bills andreceive payments Healthcare equivalent:ability to receive testresultsAbility to bookappointments Online banks offer realtime facilities to bookmeetings and calls withadvisers Healthcare equivalent:ability to email yourdoctor4
  5. 5. UNCLASSIFIEDThe NHS will become a world class patient serviceby promoting Transparency and ParticipationAccountabilityChoiceEconomicGrowthOutcomesCustomerServiceEfficiencyDriving up quality: 1,000fewer deaths each year incardiac surgery since datapublishedDigital services: The VAreduced bed days by 25%by introducing online recordaccess to encourage self-care Identifying best practiceand reducing waste:Customer insight hastransformed costs andvalue of health systemsRaw material for enterprise:NHS data offers global lead intechnology and life sciencesKnowledgefor allUnleashing demand:comparative data haspromoted active choice inother sectors5
  6. 6. This is what we mean by dataConnected DataStructured datagenerated aboutme in networks(eg Google trends)My Public DataUnstructured dataI share with others(eg email)Insight DataStructured data Ivolunteer to others(eg Net Promoter)LIQUIDDATAMy Private DataStructuredconfidential data Icollect on myselfRoutine DataStructured dataabout me (eg healthepisodes)
  7. 7. Text TextWorld class DataOpen OutcomesPatient Voiceand InsightCustomer choiceand controlTransparencyParticipationWhat are the key cornerstones of aworld class customer service?Knowledgefor all7
  8. 8. For the first time, information, technology and communications functions in the NHS have beenbrought together in one place to facilitate excellence in transparency and participationA new commitment to customer serviceThe Directorate for Patients & Information:8
  9. 9. Transform dataquality- Data inventory- Data standards- Linked Data- Improved access toroutine primary care data- NHS Assurance andsupportTransform dataaccess- New platformfor commissioners- New proposals forInformation Governance- More Transparent, OpenData- Code for healthTransformevidence ofbenefit- Focus on evaluation ofimpact on outcomes andefficiency of better use ofdata and transparencyA. IntelligenceSupporting people to make the best decisions they can9
  10. 10. IntelligenceDeveloping data tools and capabilitiescare.dataA new initiative to create acomprehensive data platform forhealth and social careBy April, we will have published theNHSCB data catalogue for2013/14, CCG assurance protocolsand launched a NHSCB ‘CEO app’ –an iPad enabled beta data service.Transparency and Codefor HealthWe will be publishing more data for free re-useand driving innovation and enterprise in theuse of data by training staff and the public. Wewant Open Data in healthcare to be a socialmovement10
  11. 11. Transform insight- Friends and Family test rollout to Acute trusts by April2013 and then primary care- Comprehensive real timeplan for patient feedbackpublished by April 2013- Provide support andassurance for high qualitydeployment of marketresearch tools among CCGsTransformparticipation- New Civil Society Assembly- New social media networkfor patient groups- Provide support andassurance for world classpatient and publicparticipation by CCGsTransform patientempowerment- A programme to supportinformation as a healthservice to be published byApril 2013 to promote self-care, health literacy andhealth championsB. Patient and public voicePutting the citizen at the heart of the NHS11
  12. 12. Patient and public voiceA new approach to public engagementCivil Society AssemblyA new initiative to bring together NHSchampions to work with the NHSCommissioning Board on shaping its future.A virtual and physical network for anybodywho wants to support and develop thework. It will have a steerco comprised ofleaders from a variety of backgrounds, aswell as patient bodiesCustomer InsightEvery NHS organisation thatreceives funds from NHS CB willneed to demonstrate it is listeningto its service users and respondingto their requirements. From April2013, one such tool – the Friendsand Family test – will be mandatoryin every NHS acute Trust.12
  13. 13. TransparencyTransform digitalinformation services- Launch a new customerservice platform –combining 111, NHSChoices and other channelservices – to provide anaccurate directory ofservices and a nationalpoint of access to the NHS-Provide assurance andsupport to local NHS indevelopment of digitalservicesTransactionsDevelop the NHS CBpatient ‘App’ store- Providing new tools tosupport patients accesstheir own data and developa range of convenientcustomer-focussed servicesincluding the ordering ofrepeat prescriptions onlineand booking appointmentswith the GPParticipationTransform patientfeedback and networks- Develop a new offer to thepublic to be the ‘eyes andears of the NHS’ by feedingback on their experiences inreal time and connectingwith other patients andmembers of the publicC. Customer RelationsGiving the patient control and choice when they want it13
  14. 14. Single Customer PlatformTransactionsParticipationTransparency•Service Directories•ProviderComparisons•NHS ChoicesconditioninformationTransparency•Real time feedbackthrough 111•Patients Like Menetworks•Civic ParticipationnetworksParticipation•Online record access•Booked appointments•Repeat prescriptionsTransactionsA new customerservice platformwill launch inNovember 2013.This will mark awatershed in theadoption of digitaltechnology inhealthcare. It willprovide a multi-channelpoint of access toinformation and servicesin the NHS. It will be thebiggest online service ofits kindCustomer RelationsPutting the consumer digital revolution at the heart of the NHS14
  15. 15. The 311 movement: a model for theNHS?American cities transformed their commissioningefficiency through use of multi-channel platformsbased around the 311 non-emergency helpline.They encouraged mass citizen feedback. New Yorkreceives 90,000 calls and texts a day.There is now clear evidence that ‘crowdsourcing’municipal commissioning reduced costs , improvedquality and has transformed citizen relationshipsCustomer RelationsPutting the consumer digital revolution at the heart of theNHS: it’s worked in the US and we have pioneersOnline record access:transforming the customer experienceMargaret Rickson, 83, from Hyde inGreater Manchester trained herself touse a computer in order to orderprescriptions online. This has changedher life. More than 50m visits to the GPmay not be needed if patients wentonline as they do15
  16. 16. Re-launch digitaloffer to the patient- Launch new vision for NHSElectronic Booking, one stepon a new roadmap for NHSInformatics to include singleplatform, interoperability, patient access and control ofrecordsTechnology Leaders- Developcurriculum, resources andmaterial to raise awarenessand capability of localinformatics and non-informatics staffTransforminnovation andenterprise intechnology and lifesciences- Launch a programme toengage with entrepreneursand develop proposals for anEnterprise zone based inLeeds in partnership withLocalAuthority, NHS, Universities.A ‘’ style B2Bportal to showcase hubproducts to the NHSD. Systems and TechnologyDigital First16
  17. 17. Delivering a paperless NHSNHS Electronic booking will bere-launched as an apps-based systemin a new vision for a customer-focussed NHS in Spring 2013. NHS CBwill work to end paper referrals bythe end of 2015.Making the NHS a global leader in technologyand life sciences innovationNHS CB will develop proposals to make access fortechnology and life sciences entrepreneurs easier and willwork with the local authority in Leeds to investigate thefeasibility of a technology enterprise cluster in the city.Systems and TechnologyPromoting customer service and growth17
  18. 18. Whoever said it would be easy?Nobody has ever done this before18