Health Datapalooza 2013: Founder & CEO Roundtable - J. Sairamesh (Ramesh)


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Health Datapalooza IV: June 3rd-4th, 2013
Founder & CEO Roundtable
Dick Foster, Dean, Health Datapalooza Business School; Venture Partner, Lux Capital; Managing Partner, Milbrook Management Group LLC

Michael Weintraub, President and Chief Executive Officer, Humedica
J. Sairamesh (Ramesh), President and Chief Executive Officer, 360 Fresh
Douglas Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, Connecture

Successful entrepreneurs in health care have valuable insights to offer about how they’ve taken their ideas from concept to business to exit. Hear first-hand stories of how founders and executives built and created value in companies recently acquired by strategic partners and learn about future opportunities for the innovative use of health information.

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Health Datapalooza 2013: Founder & CEO Roundtable - J. Sairamesh (Ramesh)

  1. 1. ©2011 THE ADVISORY BOARD COMPANY • ADVISORY.COM©2013 THE ADVISORY BOARD COMPANY • ADVISORY.COM360Fresh, Inc: Transforming MedicalData into actions for Patient Quality,Safety and Cost ReductionCEO, J. Sairamesh (Ramesh), M. Phil, Ph.D1An Advisory Board Company
  2. 2. ©2011 THE ADVISORY BOARD COMPANY • ADVISORY.COM2Transforming Unstructured and Structuredmedical data into actions for patient quality,safety and cost reduction360 Fresh Offers “Predictive Risk and Workflow Tools for Patient Quality and SafetyOutcomes” (e.g., Readmissions)• Company (2007) based in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto and San Francisco)• Diseases areas: HF, Cancer, AMI, Pneumonia, CoPD, Asthma, Autism, ADHD, Depression & Diabetes• Engage with Hospitals, ACOs, Payors & Care Providers• Partially supported by NIH/NCI on Risk Prediction, Adherence & Early Warning• Recently merged with Advisory Board Company• Leaders in predictive analytics for patient quality outcomes• Our tools have analyzed tens of million encounters (over 6 years)• Optimized risk assessments & delivering meaningful use around EMRs at the point of care• Collaborated with Federal agencies: NIH/NCI, NCATS, ONC and others• On-going NIH/NCATS/NCI project over 2 years Risk prediction – 2012-2014• Drive thought leadership on EMR use/Health Intelligence (NIH Workshop 2010)Current and Past Experience:Federally Funded Research and Contributions:
  3. 3. ©2011 THE ADVISORY BOARD COMPANY • ADVISORY.COM3Driving Member Impact and ROI Across Four VerticalsNow part of Advisory Board: In Service to the Nation’s Hospitals and Health SystemsStrategic Guidance andActionable Insights• Dedicated to the mostpressing issues and concernsin health care• 300+ industry experts on call• 200+ customizable forecastingand decision-support toolsNational Peer CollaborativesPowered by Web-basedAnalytic Platforms• 50% Inpatient admissions inthe United States flows throughour technology platforms• 1.5 Million user sessionsannually• Key challenges addressed:revenue cycle, physicianperformance, employeebenefits, and surgicalprofitabilitySeasoned, Hands-OnSupport and PracticeManagement Services• 2500+years of “operator”experience in hospital andphysician practices• 100+ physician practicesmanaged• Select engagements: clinicalintegration, physicianalignment, accountable carestrategy, surgery performance,and revenue cycle optimizationPartnering to DriveWorkforce Impact andEngagement• Impacted the achievement of76,000+ executives,physicians, clinical leaders,and managers• 17,000+ outcomes-drivenworkshops tailored to partners’specific needsSurvey Solutions• Customized strategies forimproving employee andphysician engagement165,000+ leadersserved globally$500+ million inrealized value per year6,200+ employee-ledimprovement projects1,300+ engagementscompletedServing an unparalleled membership of 3600hospitals and health care organizationsEmploying 2,200+ health careprofessionalsLeading provider of performancetechnologies, now in 1,500+ hospitals3,600+ 2,200+ 1,500+RESEARCHAND INSIGHTSPERFORMANCETECHNOLOGIESCONSULTING ANDMANAGEMENTTALENTDEVELOPMENT