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Health Datapalooza 2013: State of the Art - CLIPMERGE


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Health Datapalooza IV: June 3rd-4th, 2013
The State of the Art: Enterprise Data Use at the Point of Care
Janet Marchibroda, Director, Health Innovation Initiative, Bipartisan Policy Center

The new delivery models have made it clear- they need health information technology (IT) and data in order to succeed in providing high value health care. Many decision-makers and clinical staff are overwhelmed by or are looking for the evidence to support using the increasing amount and divergent types of data that can be leveraged at the enterprise level and point of care. Patient-generated data, open data streams, cost and quality information – how will it fit into the clinical workflow, and does it make a difference in operations and clinical outcomes? Join us for demos and a discussion of the state of the art.

Panel A (3:30-4:15pm): Enterprise-Level Data Analytics
Jack Challis, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, CliniCast
Allen Kamer, Vice President Corporate Development and Marketing, Humedica
Jonathan Porter, Vice President Product Strategy, athenahealth
Eric Page, Chief Executive Officer, Amplify Health
Graham Gardner, Chief Executive Officer,

Panel B (4:15-5:00 pm): Data at the Point of Care
Jason Bhan, Executive Vice President & Co-founder, Medivo
Madhu Nutakki, Vice President of Digital Presence Technologies, Kaiser Permanente
Noah Craft, Chief Medical Officer, VisualDx
Michael Long, Chief Executive Officer, Lumeris
Omri Gottesman, CLIPMERGE, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

These sessions are eligible for continuing education credit.

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Health Datapalooza 2013: State of the Art - CLIPMERGE

  1. 1. Borrowed from ‘Controversies in Medicine: Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing’By Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, MD, PhD. DukeMed Magazine, June 18, 2010.Personalizing Medicine at the Point of Care:Learning to Walk Before we Run
  2. 2. DisclosuresPatent Applications:System and Methods for Personalized Clinical Decision Support
  3. 3. CLIPMERGEClinical Implementation of Personalized Medicine through Electronic Health Records and Genomics
  4. 4. CLIPMERGE: What it is• Genome-guided Clinical Decision Support deliveredthrough the EHR• Data management platform enables personalizedmedicine at the point of care• Focus of research program is providers• CLIPMERGE PGx pilot currently enrolling patients
  5. 5. Why Pharmacogenomics (PGx)?• Using a genetic profile to predict response to drugs• FDA has modified labels to include PGx information• Peer-reviewed guidelines published
  6. 6. CLIPMERGE PGx: How it works 1• 1500 Mount Sinai patients• Pre-emptively genotyped for PGx variants• CDS for clopidogrel, warfarin and simvastatin• Providers surveyed and data collected directly from EHR• Rules exist in the CLIPMERGE engine like this:Drug ‘A’ + Genotype 2 = DANGER!
  7. 7. Gottesman et al. The CLIPMERGE PGx Program: Clinical Implementation of Personalized Medicine Through Electronic HealthRecords and Genomics-Pharmacogenomics. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2013 Apr 3. doi: 10.1038/clpt.2013.72.CLIPMERGE PGx: How it works 2
  8. 8. CLIPMERGE PGx TeamAngelika Ludtke, MD, PhDSteve EllisCasey Lynnette Overby, PhDJean Sebastien-Hulot, MD, PhDNoura Abul-Husn, MD, PhDRajiv NadukuruVaneet LotayJeffrey HallBrian CajesNaresh HindujaDeepesh ChandraPrabhakaran NatarajanBei ZhangMay LiuEpic TeamKristin MyersJoseph Kannry, MDKevin DelaneyAditi VakilRiya DeepakElizabeth KerchNoel HowardPaul FrancavigliaKaren TrommerJason MartinDaniel EdonyaboDaniel KatselnikResearch ITBill FultzEugene GershteynVlad MetelkinIPM TeamErwin Bottinger, MDYolanda KeppelAna MejiaTanisha BrownStacy ParisQuingbin Song, MDIlkka HuopaniemiBernadette LiggayuPatrick ShanleyYumin LiMS Statistical SupportEmilia Bagiella, PhDDOMBarbara Murphy, MDAlex Federman, MDScott Lorin MDJenny Lin, MDEva Waite, MDJuan Wisnivesky, MDAIG TeamAmol KulkarniOmair HaqAnand RamaswamyRobert KitchenInfrastructure TeamLarry BloomLi LiaoHenry EscobarGenetics and Genomic SciencesStuart Scott, PhDRajasekar R-Chakravarthi