Health Datapalooza 2013: Apps Expo Resonate Health


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Health Datapalooza IV: June 3rd-4th, 2013
Monday June 3, 2013 • 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: Ambassador Ballroom
Hurricane Sandy disproportionately affected older adults in New York. Seniors’ health
depends not only on hospitals and disaster management organizations--but also community
social services. Civic tech volunteers created the Senior Services Map for elderly, caregivers,
professionals, and volunteers. The map included disaster-specific needs of older adults, as well as
ongoing resources because the help many older adults needed after the storm were meals, care
management, and services that senior organizations usually provide. This project demonstrates
the power of open data for civilian engagement, effectiveness of public-private partnerships,
plus importance of community resilience and capacity building prior to disaster.

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Health Datapalooza 2013: Apps Expo Resonate Health

  1. 1. Sandy Senior Serviceson Google Crisis MapWen Dombrowski MD @HealthcareWenLeah Vaughn MD MPH @HealthPolicyGrp
  2. 2. Hurricane Sandy in New York@HealthcareWen @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  3. 3. Elderly disproportionately affected@HealthcareWen @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  4. 4. Where Find Help? Where Volunteer?@HealthcareWen @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  5. 5. • Hear storm updates• Find resources• Contact orgs• Distribute info ( )Twitter@HealthcareWen @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  6. 6. Open Data Sources  Google Spreadsheet@HealthcareWen @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  7. 7. Details & Updates@HealthcareWen @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  8. 8. 600 NYC + 100 LI addresses mapped@HealthcareWen @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  9. 9. @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  10. 10. Feedback from professionals in agingservices & other community leaders:VERY USEFUL!• “Awesome. Thanks for this. Were using it with our work at Selfhelp.”• “Thank you very much. This is a great resource for the community. I willbe sure to pass this along to community members.”• “This is amazing - I was just thinking of all the amazing tech potential ofcompanies and hoping that someone would take the lead on aninitiative like this.”BEYOND NYC?• Is this only for NYC? Long Island has been hit so hard.• Is anyone from your group working with any NJ agencies?• We need to also think about the bigger picture because of the area ofdamage done by Sandy.@HealthcareWen @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  11. 11. Lessons Learned• DATA– Toughest part of project = 1. getting the data 2. cleaning the data– Make existing data sets available– Crowdsource additional data• COLLABORATE with different orgs and stakeholders– Ex. Tech + Aging + Medical communities– Do so early, before a crisis– Involve grass roots and community based organizations.– Partner with individuals and organizations who will get stuff done.• SUSTAINABILITY– Consider different needs of different stages of Relief, Recovery, Rebuilding.Develop tech that can manage entire lifecycle of disaster response.– Consolidate similar projects (for example put all mapped info in one website.)@HealthcareWen @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  12. 12. What’s Next?• Preparing for emergencies ismost effective by building skillsand tools used before crisis• There is ongoing, everydayneed for a Senior Services Mapto be used by caregivers, socialservices & healthcare pros.– Rapidly aging population– Caregiver burden & timeaway from workFind funding & project ownerto:• Develop separate websitefor the map with morerobust features– Searching / filtering– Demographic layers– Analytics• Expand map to other states& regions as an ongoingcommunity resource@HealthcareWen @HealthPolicyGrp #HDPalooza
  13. 13. Questions or suggestions contact:HelpNYCSeniors@gmail.comWen Dombrowski @HealthcareWen (geriatrics physician in tech)Leah Vaughn @HealthPolicyGrp (open data provider)Pete Giencke @Giencke (Google Crisis Response team GIS engineer)Jimmy Shen @JimmyShen (data analyst)Council of Senior Centers and Services (distribution channel)North Shore – LIJ (data provider and distribution channel)#HDPalooza