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Health Industry Bootcamp: A Real-World Crash Course in Everything You Didn’t Learn in Business School about Using Public Data to Create Market Value, Navigate Perverse Incentives, and Deliver Public and Social Good
Joshua Rosenthal, Co-Founder, RowdMap
Sergeants at Arms:
Sujata Bhatia, Harvard University
Marshall Votta, Vice President, Leverage Health Solutions
Special Ops:
Khin-Kyemon Aung, President, Harvard University Premedical Society
Aman Bhandari, Health IT & Data Partnerships, Business Development and Strategy, Merck
Lily Bradley, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), US Department of Health and Human Services
Zen Chu, MBA, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David Dickey, Co-Founder, RedBrick Health; CEO, Second Story Sales
M. Chris Gibbons, Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute
Evon Holliday, Vice President Business Intelligence, Catholic Health Initiatives
Lissy Hu, Co-Founder, CarePort Health
Owen Johnson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, BetaSpring
Adam Kushner, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins & Columbia; Founder, Surgeons OverSeas
Jack Lewin, MD, Founder, MEDePASS; Board Member National Coalition on Health Care
Richard Lungen, Managing Partner, Leverage Health Solutions
Karen Milgate, Health Policy Consultant; Former Director, Office of Policy, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Jay Nagy, PISPS, Associate Principal, The Advisory Board Company
Kevin Ryan, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, McKesson
Abir Sen, Co-Founder, Definity, RedBrick, Bloom Health and Idego
Burak Sezen, Co-Founder, RowdMap
Ted Smith, PhD, Chief Economic Growth and Innovation, Louisville Metro
Jordan Shlain, MD, Commissioner, San Francisco Health Services; Founder, HealthLoop
Randy Stoughton, President, Compass Rose Benefits Group
David Wennberg, Co-Founder, Health Dialog; Chief Technology Officer, The Dartmouth Institute; Chief Executive Officer, NNEACC

JAG Jury:
Richard Dale, Chief Operating Officer, Optum Labs
Brad Fluegel, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Walgreens
Anna Haghgooie, Managing Partner, Sand Box / Blue Cross Blue Shield Ventures
David Jones, Jr. , Member of the Board, Humana; Chairman, Chrysalis Ventures
Mohit Kaushal, MD, MBA, Partner, Aberdare Ventures
Les McPhearson, Innovation & Business Development Executive, Florida Blue, HealthBox
[former Lieutenant, United States Navy]
Bill Wray, Chief Operating Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield Rhode Island
[United States Military Academy, West Point]

An interactive, games-based bootcamp designed to get participants up and running the same day with their own real-world portfolio covering how to use public data to create market value, how to navigate perverse incentives in the industry, and how to deliver public and social good.

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Health Datapalooza: Bootcamp User Guide

  1. 1. Health DatapaloozaHealth Data ConsortiumUS Department of Health & Human ServicesJoshua Rosenthal, PhDDr. Sujata Bhatia, MD, PhDMarshall VottaUSER GUIDE
  2. 2. ContextExitExit w/Good MultipleIdeaPrototypeFunded1 %*1 %*1 %*1 %**Health Care Start Upsfail at astounding,disproportionate rates
  3. 3. AlternativesBetter Odds (seriously) DefaultBetter Odds (w/ life insurance) Not an Alternative (infra)Noble, but hard & < 10 years leftSee “Default”
  4. 4. Note: Payer buying ProviderMost ‘Successes’, Aren’tUser Guide
  5. 5. User Guide
  6. 6. User Guide (ALT)Consultants /Professional Services,ProvidersSaaS-baseddata / analyticplatforms
  7. 7. >* gave more $ to the arts last year than the NEA.Cf. WarbyParker & eyeglasses for AfricaHey, what aboutSocial / Public Good?You’re always better off if you create market value(even if you’re a non-profit)With finite budgets, non-profits will compete against each other;need market reinforcement/accelerationCan go for-profit w/ public/social goodfor broader usage/greater impact*MPH?
  8. 8. ContextEasyHardLowBiz ValueHighBiz Value??Most:Cool TechComplex DataFigure out howto create valuefrom tech / dataStart with BizProblem, figureout data / techComp Sci. InterestsVC /AcceleratorPublic DataBig Data
  9. 9. Health care has not done so well“Just wait ‘till next year Financial Services & Energy!”In this race vs. other verticals
  10. 10. Lots of BodiesHealthCare,WhereGood IdeasGo to Die
  11. 11. Lots of failure (DTC*)*Direct-to-Consumer Note:People don’t like to payout of pocket for somethingthey don’t like to do ordon’t want to know about
  12. 12. Lots of noise & fluffSpeaking at a major health care conference near you
  13. 13. NoiseI have betterengineering / architectureHmm, ‘fixing the pipes’was not the answer
  14. 14. FluffI have betterdesign & experienceHmm, the pretty colorson my social app didn’t stop me
  15. 15. Lots of ‘false indicators’My data is bigger than yours Hmm,this fixation indicates...Silly boys
  16. 16. Lots of market perversities* Source: Dartmouth Atlas for Unwarranted Variation*
  17. 17. ReviewHealth Care Start Upsfail at astounding,disproportionate ratesFAIL
  18. 18. Old Paradigm – Fee for ServicePayers aggregate –but some have not historically been “health care”“Actually, I make more moneyoff of bad drivers.”*(Read w/ accent)* Note:Affordable Care Act changes thisCf. Medicare Advantage
  19. 19. Old Paradigm – Fee for ServiceSome Hospitals/Providers may historically generated revenueby filling rooms*Keep patients away?!?I was trying to book you for an extra night!* Note:Affordable Care Act changes thisCf. Medicare Advantage
  20. 20. Shift: Demographic –> MarketMBA test:“To stay ahead of the game, the market I should look at is ____________ .”
  21. 21. Market Shift = New Profit ParadigmWRONG – This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning!** Cf.P4P to incentivize market (including payers)
  22. 22. Government is releasing lots of data** Expertly captained by
  23. 23. Need market to adopt – use to create valueCf. Weather & Geo-Location dataThanks, government!
  24. 24. So?
  25. 25. Do Good…... but you are probably not profitableIf P < EHC x DWS, then 501c3P: Profit; EHC: Employee Head Count; DWS: Dog Walker’s Salary; 501c3: Non-profitIt’s easy to do good...
  26. 26. … and Create Value... but you are probably doing bad things“I’ll bill you.”It’s easy to make money...
  27. 27. It’s tough to do good & create value in Health CareSo let’s practicetogether