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Health Datapalooza IV: June 3rd-4th, 2013
Sanofi US Data Design Diabetes Demo Day
The “2013 Sanofi US Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge – Prove It!” invites innovators to develop solutions that use or produce data for decision-making to help improve health outcomes for people living with diabetes. Through baseline knowledge models, evidence-based practice, or predictive analysis, Prove It! asks innovators to think creatively about how to effectively harness data to address diabetes in the United States. During this hour, the final teams will live pitch their product to a panel of judges on the Main Stage with one winner to be presented with $100,000 on Tuesday, June 4.
Presenter: Sara Holoubek, Chief Executive Officer, Luminary Labs

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  • I'm James Maisel, Chairman of ZyDoc. As a retinal surgeon, I provide tertiary care for thousands of diabetic patients. No other group of patients requires as much information to properly manage their problems . Unforturnately, like dark matter, much of their data is inaccessible, hidden away inside of unstructured text. The medical universe contains a billion transcription documents generated yearly and the current generation of EHRs contains additional unstructured and semi-structured data.  As a result, the meaning of the data is trapped and inaccessible.  I would like to show you our MediSapien software solution for extracting data from unstructured sources allowing healthcare and application providers to leverage their existing information content. Most of the applications and the analytic reporting you see require structured data.
  • As the supercollider seeks to expand our knowledge of the universe by extracting the basic building blocks of matter, MediSapien facilitates the generation of the life-building data elements of healthcare informatics - SNOMED, ICD-10, LOINC and RxNorm codes Using Natural Language Processing and associated patent-pending processes, MediSapien converts unstructured text to structured data with coded clinical concepts that can be inserted into the patient record or further shared. It can be used for:Data repository for clinical research, outcomes analysis, quality controlFeeding data to 3rd party applicationsFacilitating interoperability among providers 
  • The structured codes and clinical concepts that MediSapien generates are like the nucleotides of DNA; they are the building blocks of medical analysis and reporting: the SNOMED clinical terminology,  ICD-10 diagnoses and procedures, LOINC lab tests  and RxNorm drug codes. MediSapien accomplishes its mission by doing three processes:   1.  We accept source documents with totally unstructured text, or semi-structured documents with a mix of text and structured codes. 2.  We process the source documents to extract the relevant coded clinical concepts. 3.  We store the structured code data for subsequent analysis, and we also transmit the structured code data to EHRs and third party applications for their subsequent analysis and use in furtherance of their respective business missions. 
  • Out of the estimated 1 billion plus documents annually in the hidden world of dark matter, we estimate that 170 million pertain to current diabetic patients, and perhaps twice that number pertain to the undiagnosed and pre-diabetic population. As a result of the MediSapien processes: 1. Our clients are able to see complications and conditions within their current diabetic patient community that are otherwise hidden. This knowledge leads to better modeling and better treatment at the individual patient level and at the group level. 2. Our clients are able to discover and monitor patients who are still in a pre-diabetic phase. This knowledge supports preemptive educational and treatment protocols with the potential for significantly improved outcomes.
  • The ZyDoc Team has significant collective expertise in developing innovative disruptive, yet enabling health care technology solutions. We are delighted to be a participant in this year’s Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge, and would like to thank Sonofi, the sponsor of this competition, as well as the team from Luminary labs and their consultants who provided invaluable assistance in helping us to explain MediSapien’s role in supporting better outcomes in the diabetic community.   And most of all, don’t forget the dark matter! 
  • Health Datapalooza 2013: Data Design Diabetes Demo Day ZyDoc Medisapien

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