Health Datapalooza 2013: Apps Demos Healthy Communities Institute


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Health Datapalooza IV: June 3rd-4th, 2013
Tuesday June 4, 2013 • 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: Ambassador Ballroom

Healthy Communities Institute’s web-based platform, the Healthy Communities Network (HCN),
is available for any community in the United States. The system pulls health data from national,
state, and local sources, and provides dashboards and interactive GIS maps as a front end to
help all stakeholders understand complex health data and see community “risk profiles.” Data
is continuously updated. Promising practices are linked to help people find evidence-based
interventions. HCI’s technology is an end-to-end solution for improving community health and
supports hospitals, health departments and coalitions with IRS 990 requirements, Public Health
Accreditation (PHAB), CHIP, SHIP, MAPP and Collective Impact planning.

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Health Datapalooza 2013: Apps Demos Healthy Communities Institute

  1. 1. Using Data To Improve TheHealth Of Communities Deryk Van Brunt, DrPHPresident and Chairman,Healthy Communities InstituteAssociate Clinical Professor,UC Berkeley School of Public HealthLessons Learned by theHealthy Communities Institute
  2. 2. • Mission‒ Improve the health, vitality and environmental sustainability of communities,counties and states• Headquarters‒ Berkeley, California• Problem / Approach‒ Population health data is decentralized‒ Centralize in a constantly updated dashboard‒ Link to evidence-based programs• Solution / Healthy Communities Network‒ Web-based system with health indicator dashboards, GIS mapping ,best practice sharing tools leveraging population health data and local data• National Relationships / Awards / Coverage‒ 2012 Health and Human Services Award: “Best Community Health App”‒ 2011 Health and Human Services Award: MyHealthyPeople: Attain The GoalsOf Healthy People 2020‒ 90+ million lives in the United StatesandHealthy Communities Instituteand
  3. 3. Let’s Go Online!and
  4. 4. San Francisco:The Sobering Center Results• Improved health outcomes; more people served• Serves 5-10 people per day who would have gone into the ER• Average cost of ER visit: $2,800• Average daily cost of Sobering Center (all patients): $2,700• Therefore a cost savings of roughly 4+ ER Visits per day!• In 2011 estimated savings > $5M annuallyand
  5. 5. Success StoriesSuccess Story: Collaboration - Health Matters in San Francisco, CA• Use HCN to identify needs and build collaboration• Work with 600+ stakeholders; 10 priority health goals• Implemented constantly updated progress tracker to monitor progress to goalsSuccess Story: Community Health Management - St. Mary Medical Center, PA• Use HCN to identify chronic disease management as a key issue• Implemented Promising Practice “Chronic Disease Self-Management Program”• After 1 year, successful (confidence of management 8/10) with waiting lists, 10 additional programsbeing implementedSuccess Story: Collaboration - Sonoma, CA• Dashboard leads to prioritization/focus on Obesity• Promising Practices database identifies multiple strategies• Multiple programs implemented, including iWalk with 42 walking groups in place todaySuccess Story: Return On Investment Plan - Community Health Network, IN• Used dashboard to identify regional variation conditions (asthma, immunizations, mental healthservices, etc.• Used promising practices and literature tools to identify target prgrams• 3 programs starting now; estimated ROI 400% for target programsand
  6. 6. Data-Driven Community Health ImprovementThe Formula For Success!• Use latest health data to select priorities in yourcommunity/region/state• Find evidence-based programs and policies• Build your working groups and set local targets• Evaluate your resultsandCome see us at Booth 25!Deryk Van Brunt, DrPH | info@healthycommunitiesinstitute.orgSupports IRS 990, PHAB, CHIP, SHIP,MAPP, Collective Impact, etc.
  7. 7. Thank You!For more information:Deryk Van Brunt, DrPHderyk@healthycities.org415-456-1842
  8. 8. Partner LocationsOver 90 Million Lives Coveredand
  9. 9. San Francisco Community Vital Signsand
  10. 10. San Francisco ER Rates: Alcohol Abuseand
  11. 11. San Francisco ER Rates: Alcohol AbuseMapand
  12. 12. andHCI Team• Ambassador Kevin Moley, U.S. Ambassador toUnited Nations 2001-06, former Deputy Secretary,Health and Human Services• Kevin Patrick, MD, Professor UCSD, Editor In ChiefAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine• Len Duhl, MD, Professor UC Berkeley,Co-Founder Healthy Cities Movement• Linda Neuhauser, PhD, Clinical Professor, School ofPublic Health, Co-PI Health Research for Action, UCBerkeley• Dr. David Holbrooke, Founder PerSe Techs,Board Advisor McGill University Medical School• Hans Ploos Van Amstel, CFO Levi Strauss• David Warthen, Founder Ask JeevesAdvisors• Deryk Van Brunt, DrPH, President/CEO‒ Associate Clinical Professor, UC Berkeley;CEO, eMedicine; COO HealthCentral• Marcos Athanasoulis, DrPH, CTO‒ Director IT, Harvard Medical School; VP EngineeringRelayHealth; CTO• Florence Reinisch, MPH, VP Strategic Planning‒ Research Director, CA Health Department• Robert Murphy, Marketing‒ SVP Marketing iMetrikus• Jan Barker, RN, FNP, MS, Business Development Advisor‒ MedVenture• Kathi deFremery, VP Finance‒ Finance Director, Center for Volunteer & Non-profitLeadership• Sheila Baxter, MPH, Business Development‒ WHO, UCSF, Kaiser Permanente• Megan Yee, MPH, Business Development‒ Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, John Muir Health, Kaiser Perm• Scott Dahl, MBA, Business Development‒ VHA, Texas Health Resources; Kimberly-ClarkManagement Team
  13. 13. •100–200 Indicators•Color-Coded•Constantly UpdatedCommunityDashboard•2000+ in Database•Programs and Policies•Evaluation-basedPromisingPractices•Form Working Groups•Set Local Goals•Manage Achievementof Objectives•HP 2020 Tracker•Local Priorities Tracker•Comparative andLongitudinal EvaluationEvaluation &TrackingCollaborationCentersandHealthy Communities Networkand
  14. 14. Generalized Population Health BenefitsHospital/Health Systems• Helps local stakeholders perform strategicplanning.• Promotes community health and development(one source of truth).• Drives community engagement.• Helps meet Public Health Accreditation Boardassessments and state requirements.• Supports MAPP programs (communitypartnerships, data requirements, etc.) .• Helps hospitals meet Health Care Reformand IRS 990 requirements.• Promotes best practice sharing.• Map Hotspots: Identify and geo-maphigh risk population hotspots withexpensive chronic disease.• Drill Down: Cross-reference lifestyle,behavioral, and demographic factors toidentify opportunities to mitigate riskand lower costs within hotspots.• Best Practices: Implement communityhealth best practices across targetpopulations.• Track and Evaluate Progress:Customizable Dashboards, Trackers,Report Cards, etc.andHealthy Communities NetworkStandard Features and Benefits