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Different Alternatives To Weight Loss


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Losing weight and diets can be hard. But if you have healthy diet plans, you can decide which alternative weight loss plan is right for you. There are different alternatives that can aid weight loss. It is best to consult a physician.

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Different Alternatives To Weight Loss

  1. 1. • Diet is first alternatives to loss weight although you must avoid using other people’s diets. Everybody is genetically created different. Therefore before anything else, you must Study your body first and make a plan. • The best diet of loosing weight is eating the real food and avoiding processed foods that are modified to last longer. • By eating real foods that are whole and unprocessed: – You will achieve a healthy weight – You will improve your heart health – You will avoid the dangers of being overweight. • One misconception regarding the best weight loss diets is just eating fat-free foods and nothing else. But your body needs fat, provided that they are healthy fats. • Healthy fats are found foods which are low in calories and contains high amounts of essential vitamins and nutrients. Therefore avoid processed foods. You can eat nuts fruits, vegetables and other foods which are low in calories. Diets and Foods
  2. 2. • learn how to choose the right combination of diet foods that help you burn fat to speed up metabolisim and promote your body at the same.
  3. 3. Exercise • If you want to feel healthier and develop a sense of pride and self-esteem. You need to begin a weight loss exercise program. There any fat burning exercise program out there you can carry out and shed extra pounds. Exercise will help you loose weight fast. – It works your body – strengthens your muscles – Strengthens your heart – it burns your fat – It keeps your body active – It regulates body processes, – gives you more energy during the day • You need both aerobic exercise and weight training to lose weight and maintain what you’ve lost.
  4. 4. • Burn a lot of calories • Helps you become leaner overall • Increase the function of heart and lung • Releases endorphins • Circulate fresh oxygen throughout the body Aerobic exercises • Increase the size and strength of your muscles • Helps you to burn more calories • Increases your bone density • Helps you to look thinner Weight training exercises
  5. 5. • Did you know that hunger/thirst center of the brain gives a hunger signal when you are becoming dehydrated? Did you know that if you are not drinking enough water you may be mistaking hunger for thirst? Your body responds to various changes such as dehydration, change in hormones, environment, disease or exercise and many people first notice a change in weight. • the only solution is to drink at least 64 oz of water each day – increased in water consumption improves metabolism and the functions of body organs. – Water helps in flushing out chemicals from your system – Avoid adding sugar to water because your kidneys will need to process it and it will reduce the benefits of the water. Water
  6. 6. It is hard to try surgery as a weight loss alternative. But there are many surgery procedures used to loose weight depending on the following factors ► Your goals ► your surgeon’s preference ► your health ► Procedures covered by insurance Here are the types of weight loss surgery ► restrictive surgeries ► Malabsorptive surgeries ► Adjustable Gastric Banding ► Sleeve Gastrectomy ► Gastric Bypass Surgery ► Biliopancreatic Diversion It is important to talk with your doctor about Each procedure to decide on one. Make sure Your surgeon is experienced in performing the Procedure you need. Weight Loss Surgery
  7. 7. • You may think that the best way to cure being overweight is to stay out of the kitchen, but that's simply not true. • Natural therapies are other alternative methods that promote weight loss. • They are successful weight loss discoveries which can act in only 2 weeks by: – Gently removing irritating toxins from your body – Allowing the body to be re-energized – They provide advanced support for continued regularity – They have fat burning properties loaded with antioxidants and other properties that increase metabolism – They are safe and effective • For instance, Blueberries acts against diabetic chemicals in human bodies and other complicated diseases such as obesity. Fruits have beneficial qualities to our bodies – They are rich in water which contains carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, enzymes, fiber, fatty acids, mineral salts and fructose, which keeps the body well hydrated, clean and alive. – They have a high power purifiers Natural Therapies
  8. 8. • Two common natural therapies that are beneficially used for fat loss. – Magnet therapy for fat loss – Massage therapy for fat loss Magnetic Therapy for fat loss If some of the claims are to be believed, magnetic therapy offers a cure nothing short of miraculous It uses magnetic bracelets and necklaces, mattress underlay, and supports for the back, wrist, knee and ankle. They are used to treat the patient’s disease such as obesity. It uses north pole and south pole – north pole – stimulates various processes of the body and south pole slows down various processes of the body – in a fat person's body, metabolism is slow and the food is transformed into fat instead of burning them away. North pole stimulates the process of burning away the food, hence preventing or removing obesity – Metabolism of is directly related to the thyroid gland, when this gland is stimulated the rate goes up and the food is burnt in large quantities and this requires a patient to drink constant amount of water during the day, like 3 to 4 times a day.
  9. 9. Massage therapy for fat loss • Massage is extensively used in treating obesity and removing the excess fat from particular parts of the body. • It increases heat in the body and causes profuse perspiration. As a result of this, the basal metabolic rate goes up and health of the skin also improves. • Massage improves the health of the skin. While massaging, care should be taken to ensure that the flow of the blood going towards the heart should be assisted and not vice versa.
  10. 10. Are you one of those people who have tried everything to lose weight without success, and tried every diet under the sun and still struggling with your weight? Weight loss with Hypnosis will help you to: • Gain your perfect image • Feel and look better • Accomplish your weight loss goals • Have a greater sense of health and wellbeing • Have improved health • Clear your cravings for unhealthy foods • Boost cravings for healthy foods • Control your appetite • Control the size of food you take • Enjoy your exercise It is a mind-body technique often purported to promote weight loss Weight Loss With Hypnosis
  11. 11. If you desperately desire to lose weight permanently, hypnosis for weight loss will work for you. It will help you to feel great, lose weight and not struggle as you do it. Hypnosis for weight loss techniques are very powerful. They can reprogram your unconscious mind to reinforce will power, self discipline and greatly increase motivation, and consequently weight loss become easy. During Hypnosis, your unconscious mind will be given new suggestions to replace your old mindset beliefs about food and eating like: – You love exercise – You believe you are beautiful and look totally fabulous – Losing weight is easy for you – You are now achieving the body of your dreams – You’ll never eat unhealthy foods – You love drinking water