Who is Ganesh?


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A little understanding into the Hindu Deity Ganesh and his significance...

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Who is Ganesh?

  1. 1. Who is Ganesh? Wisdom of Ganesh
  2. 2. Ganesh is one of the widely known Hindu deities. This joyously happy andextremely benevolent elephant-faced God is revered and cherished not just byHindus but also by many people of other spiritual faiths.All Hindu deities represent cosmic energies that are part of the DivineUniversal Energy or the Supreme God-head. In this regard, Ganesh representsthe energy that is capable of removing obstacles and obstructions. Due to this,he is revered and paid obeisance before starting any auspicious or importantwork. His blessings are sought before starting travel to ensure safe, smoothjourney and successful completion of work.According to mythology, Ganesh is the second son of the deities- Shiva andParvati. Here the concept of ‘son’ is used to indicate the product or aneffective outcome.
  3. 3. Shiva represents the Male Cosmic energy principle of our form-created worldand Parvati (who is another representation of Shakti), is the Female Cosmicenergy principle. Both these primal Male and Female cosmic energy principlesare responsible for creating our form world.The energy of this action of creation (kinetic or action energy) is their first son-Karthikeya. Thus Shiva and Shakti together create this form-world as weknow.Their second son is Ganesh. Thus his energy is of prime importance in thiscreated (manifested) world and he is considered as a ruling-leader of themasses. It is due to this leadership position that Ganesh is revered beforestarting any important task. He is considered as the prime energy ofimportance in our material world for special occasions as well as day to dayexistence.
  4. 4. This Ganesh energy is called by many names to address his various abilitiesand qualities- as a Leader of the Masses, he is called Ganaraj or Ganapati) andas a Remover of Obstacles; he is called Vighnaharta .Ganesh’s two consorts are Buddhi (Intellect) and Siddhi (Accomplishment).Typically his consort Buddhi is also addressed as Riddhi which is Abundance orAffluence. This is to indicate that the energy of Ganesh is the governingenergy behind intelligence, abundance, affluence and accomplishment.Joyous benevolent Ganesh is revered by millions worldwide across manycultures and countries. He comes to the aid of anyone who requests throughprayers for help and guidance. It could be in the form of daily prayers or to askfor obstructions & obstacles to be cleared before starting a special venture orbefore starting on a journey for its successful completion.
  5. 5. As the ruling energy- i.e. theLeader of the Masses- Ganapatiis always willing to help andbenefit anyone who seeks hisguidance.- This article written by Maitreyi
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