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Healing Reviews Denver Tell Tales of Wellness In Colorado at Your Healing Place


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Healing Reviews Denver Tell Tales of Wellness In Colorado at Your Healing Place

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Healing Reviews Denver Tell Tales of Wellness In Colorado at Your Healing Place Denver, COLO., (August 1, 2013) –Your Healing Place is an integrative holistic health and wellness center in Denver, Colorado that promotes your overall health through natural medicine. If you are tired of chemicals, preservative laden food, and a general feeling of malady, than Your Place Healing can help you get your life on track for healthy living including healthy eating, healthy exercise and a healthy mind and spirit. By visiting their website you can see for yourself their great healing reviews in Denver, Colorado. With two doctors on staff to serve all your ailments you will receive the highest level of care to help you get back on the path of healthy living. Dr. Carly Carny will ensure your physical health and mobility as a classically trained Chiropractor with specialized training in Network Spinal Analysis, a gentle approach to spinal subluxation. As a certified Webster in-utero breech turning specialist you can attain natural birth without a c-section. Dr. Mark Carney is a certified and licensed naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist with a prestigious family residency award for excellence in care. As a naturopath, Dr. Carney aids in healing many different types of ailments including disease, diet issues, muscle aches and pains and overall health. As a full service holistic health and wellness center Your Healing Place provides services in complete individual and family health care including: Personal Injury Recovery Massage Therapy Physical Therapy Acupuncture Chiropractic care Naturopathic medical treatments Herbal medical treatments Nutrition Counselling & Diet Analysis Weight-loss Cancer support Homeopathy Pediatric care If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, life coaching, holistic health care or a more natural way to take care of your body, Your Healing Place is the right place. Their clients are screaming their praises for Dr.’s Mark and Carly amazing abilities to provide total health care in a holistic and natural way. Forget the chemicals, preservatives and invasive therapies receive truly exceptional care, naturally. Here are just some of the healing reviews Denver: From curing infertility: “Acupuncture cured my infertility. After years of trying and no success… after 3 months of (acupuncture) treatment we were finally able to conceive!” To perfect diagnosis:
  2. 2. “I woke up one day with severe pain down my leg… after MRI’s, cortisone injections, with no relief and other doctors finding nothing wrong, I met Dr. Carly Carney. Through the miracle of her hands and chiropractic I went from having trouble getting out of bed to skiing down mountains.” To relief of ailments after years of suffering: “I had a strange neurological incident that resulted in numbness to my left hand and foot… the MRI was inconclusive and the neurologist had no diagnosis. Within two weeks of seeing Dr. Carly the numbness was unnoticeable and a pain the neck that I had for over a year is all but gone.” If you are suffering from ailments that other traditional doctors have not been able to diagnose or heal, its time to see Doctors Carly or Mark for your specific assessment and natural healing treatments. Their healing reviews right here in Denver speak to their caring, effective and holistic approach to your health. Contact Information: Call for immediate booking and consultation: Phone: (303) 636.0000 Email: Address: 7120 E. Hampden Ave, Suite B Denver, CO, 80224 Or visit our website at: Our website provides a full community page for raw food enthusiasts.