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HOTELIEREdition 10th , 2013                                                                                INDONESIA      ...
HOT Profile     PROFILE:                          JAKUB                          SIPPL   DIRECTOR OF FOOD & BEVERAGE AT AM...
HOT Profile  With his support we determined the way F&B in our resort          [HI] What personal goals have you reached? ...
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Jakub Sippl interview, Hotelier Indonesia magazine, Issue 10, 2013


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Interview with Jakub Sippl
Director F&B
Amiana Resort, Nha Trang, Vietnam

from Hotelier Indonesia Magazine
February 2013

Published in: Business
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Jakub Sippl interview, Hotelier Indonesia magazine, Issue 10, 2013

  1. 1. HOTELIEREdition 10th , 2013 INDONESIA 10th Edition, 2013 SAXON LOOKER THE INTERVIEWHICAP UPDATE 2013Indonesia HotelsInvestment World 2013Organizational Culture PERSPECTIVES ONPAY FOR PERFORMANCE? Or PAY GHM IN INDIAFOR POSITION? Hotel and Branded Residential Market Update 2012 Edition HOTELIER INDONESIA JOBS | EVENTS | HOSPITALITY NEWS | MAGAZINE and 2013 Outlook. HOTELIER INDONESIA
  2. 2. HOT Profile PROFILE: JAKUB SIPPL DIRECTOR OF FOOD & BEVERAGE AT AMIANA RESORT NHATRANG During our travels, Hotelier Indonesia comes across executives with a unique path in the hospi- tality industry. In recent travels on the southern coast of Vietnam, we had the plea- sure to meet with Jakub Sippl, Director of Food & Beverage at the new Amiana Resort in Nha Trang. [HI] You seemed to grow-up in the hospitality industry. study hotel high school and since then I knew what I want When and how did you get your first work in a hotel? to do in life. [JS] I have grown up in the hotel actually. My mother [HI] You’re currently Director of Food & Beverage at worked as Executive Housekeeper in one of the hotels Amiana Resort in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Having a quick in our town. I used to go there after school since I was 7 look at the site, it is quite impressive. As the resort is or 8 years old and spend 2 to 3 hours every day. Running weeks from opening, what are some of the pre-opening around in the back of the house and discovering the work responsibilities you’ve been responsible for? flows. When I turn 14 I took my first part-time job in Stewarding department, I would be washing pots and pans [JS] I have joined Amiana over 4 months ago, since than in my free time, unless like most kids my age, I was making we were able with clear direction of our General Manager a “good “pocket money those days…When they asked me create a new concept for our flagship restaurant called which high school I will choose I automatically decided to Bacaro.14 • HOTELIER INDONESIA
  3. 3. HOT Profile With his support we determined the way F&B in our resort [HI] What personal goals have you reached? What goals will go and I am proud to say that we will feature plenty of have you set for the future? new products for this market and feature a lot of new ideas and service touch points. I wish to share the details, but [JS] So far I have set a several personal and work goals. people will have to simply come and experience themself. Some short term and some long term. Talking about work, I have reached my goal so far, which was a managerial posi- [HI] Can you give us a bit of a background on your path to tion in high class 5 star pre-opening experience, which Amiana Resort? Amiana is. My future goal is to establish F&B operation with Amiana and ensure to have the most enjoyable culinary and [JS] I have moved abroad 9 years ago, my first destination service experience in Vietnam together with creating the was sunny Malta, where I worked for international chain. most enjoyable environment for my staff. I was able to quickly progress my career with 2 task force in Africa (Djibouti and Tanzania) where I was part of the [HI] Is there a personal philosophy that drives your pre-opening teams. After Malta, I have moved to UK, where career? I worked in one of the leading hotels of the world before moving to London to do my management training . At that [JS] I do have personal philosophy which drives me since time I felt like I need big challenge in my life and took an the beginning. It does develop with me of course, but the opportunity to move to Vietnam for the first time. I have core is to work hard and most importantly smart in order to been in Asia since, working in Cambodia and Indonesia, achieve my goals. before ending in Vietnam again. [HI] What advice do you have to others starting their [HI] Is there a particular challenge or two you’ve had to careers in the industry? address in your career? [JS] This industry can be quite hard sometimes and many [JS] As you know, Hotelier life is full of challenges, but my people can start in the wrong places which change very biggest challenge so far was being in charge of Food and quickly their perception about this job. My advice would Beverage Operations in athlete village for Seagames 2011 be to create your own career path and follow your targets, in Palembang, Indonesia. The hotel chain I worked for a some people could call it dreams. Always learn from your that time got the contract only less than a month ago, so co-workers. Bad and good habits, because in the end every we had very little time to prepare and organized. During experience is a good experience. I always try to turn nega- the preparation time we had to overcome many challenges, tive to the positive. Since we work in very stressful and full for example the kitchen in the athlete village was not ready of pressure environment it is not a career for everybody, but before and during the event, so we have to prepare food to me there is no better feeling than going home after a well in our hotel and deliver by heated trucks, which was about organized event or leaving property which became success- 15 km route. Since we were running 24 hours operation ful thanks to your contribution. for 16 days it required a lot of logistics and coordination. In addition to that we were hosting some of the head of states In the end I would like to thank you Bill for this interview, and government officials during that period, for example great talking with you. I wish all the readers of Hotelier President of Indonesia, Princess of Thailand, Deputy Prime Indonesia great year 2013 and good luck with their careers Minister of Singapore and many more. After less than a and assignments. month preparation, 16 days of execution of the event all was successfully done. I have to say that my team did amaz- Hotelier Indonesia would also like to thank Jakub for sharing ing job and they really exceeded my expectation. This was his experiences in the industry. Further information about Nha the biggest and most difficult challenge for me so far…I am Trang’s new Amiana Resort can be found at: hoping for more in a near future. HOTELIER INDONESIA • 15