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CanAmAthon, Healey Golf Marathon, OB Golf and Lifestyle Magazine 2011
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CanAmAthon, Healey Golf Marathon, OB Golf and Lifestyle Magazine 2011


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CanAmAthon 2005
Jim & Pat Healey Golfing Marathon
61 days through 50 US states, 10 Canadian provinces and Washington DC.

As published in OB Golf and Lifestyle Magazine, Indonesia
April - May 2011 issue.
Full issue:

Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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CanAmAthon, Healey Golf Marathon, OB Golf and Lifestyle Magazine 2011

  1. 1. CanAmAthonSpecial Features In Their Own Words by: Jim and Pat Healey o, avid Several years ag rs, Jim & Pat American golfe on a unique Healey set-out dyssey 61-day golfing o l 50 US crossing into al ton DC and states, Washing vinces. The 10 Canadian pro e husband and endeavor had th a round of wife team playing llowed by a golf every day, fo oat ride to the flight, drive or b vince on their next state or pro pre-set agenda. V ery few people have at least once a week, but usually course since 1964. originally thought about playing accomplished this 2 or 3 times weekly (during Pat’s best rounds have in all 50 states in 50 days. Since arduous golfing Michigan’s golfing season - April been in the mid-90s and her Jim’s dad was Canadian, we feat. What makes to September). Pat played handicap averaged around 25 added 10 Canadian provinces this accomplishment more occasionally through the years; in her prime. She now carries for a total of 60 days. We astonishing is that the retired however she spent more time at a handicap in the low to mid- decided to include Washington couple successfully completed the swimming pool with our four thirties and fights to break 110 DC (a governmental region the 61-day journey while in their children than she did on the golf at Sunnybrook Country Club. within mainland USA), making it seventies (at the time Jim was course. After the children were We have traveled a 61-day journey. 74 years old, his wife Pat was grown, Pat began to get more considerably in our 55 years Early in 2005 we started the 72). serious about the game of golf. together and have played a preliminary planning and had Jim & Pat titled their journey Jim practiced hard on his lot of golf around the world. the trip quite well organized in “CanAmAthon” in recognition of game through the years, and Prior to CanAmAthon, we had early August. We began our their golfing “marathon” across reached his best handicap of played in 28 states, 5 Canadian CanAmAthon on August 20, Canada and America. They 8 when he was about 35 years provinces, Puerto Rico, the 2005 at beautiful Anchorage Golf provide the following summary old. (An 8 handicap means that Bahamas, St. Croix, Bermuda, Course in Anchorage, Alaska, of CanAmAthon, from their he scored in the high seventies Ireland, Scotland, England and and completed the journey on home in Hudsonville Michigan, or low eighties most of the time.) Portugal. October 19, 2005 at beautiful 5KM from Sunnybrook Country For the majority of his golfing One sleepless night in late Pearl Country Club in Honolulu, Club, their home golf club since life, his handicap hovered 2004, Jim came up with the Hawaii. 1964. between 10 and 12. He has idea to play in every state. He We knew that it would be Between the two of us we had one or two scores in the approached Pat with his plan impossible to do something like have been playing golf for 115 high 60s on easy courses (5500 at breakfast the next morning. this without a lot of planning. We years. Jim started playing at the yards), but his best score on a After some initial reservations, actually worked on it for several age of 13, and Pat began the course of 6000 yards or greater we both concurred that we months before we mentioned year we were married in 1956 was 74. He has had several might be able to make the anything about it. We used (50 years ago). Jim has played scores of 74 on Sunnybrook attempt. In the next few an atlas of North America and quite steadily through the years, Country Club, which is our home days we refined our plan. We began mapping our route. 2 OB Golf & Lifestyle Magazine April/May 2011
  2. 2. Special Features As we were organizing the kind enough to welcome us into symptoms” as well as being Angeles Times, The Chicagoroute and thinking more about their homes for one, two and concerned about our welfare. Tribune and others. We werethis odyssey, it entered our mind even four nights. You might be For the most part we kept up featured on several internationalthat it could be quite expensive. wondering about the 4 nights at to date. On some days if we cable channels including theMotels, food, golf fees and one place. When we stayed in had a long drive after golf, we Golf Channel and the Weathergasoline could add up to at the US state Rhode Island, we would compose the journal as Channel. We were also featuredleast $14,000, which would be were very close to golf courses we traveled. Pat or Jim would on several national radio talkprohibitive. We were so carried in Massachusetts, Connecticut, drive and the other would work shows.away with the excitement of New Hampshire, and Rhode the laptop computer. During One of the first questionsthe trip that we didn’t take Island. When we stayed in the whole 9-weeks we received the reporters asked us wasinto account the hard financial Maryland, we were very close about 400 emails and we had WHY? Well, we suppose itrealities. Once we had our to golf courses in Delaware, over 20,000 website hits. We comes from the same mentalityroute mapped, we had to find a Washington DC, Virginia and really appreciated the emails that drives the mountain climber,way to cut expenses. We knew Maryland. We were able to from friends and strangers alike. long distance swimmer, or otherthat our air travel would be free play 8 courses from only 2 They were encouraging and people who engage in extremesince our son Ken is a pilot locations. Similar circumstances helped to keep our spirits up. activities. These people arewith Delta Airlines, providing us prevailed as we traveled along MEDIA: As we were leaving attempting extreme feats tofree air travel. We knew that we the Canadian border from the motel in Salt Lake City prove both their physical andwould drive about 14,000 miles, Minnesota to British Columbia. for our third round of golf at mental strengths. We both lovecosting about $2000 worth of In all, we stayed 24 nights WingPointe Golf Course, our to travel and love to play golf, sogasoline, and there was no way with friends and relatives and mobile phone rang. It was Tom we thought we’d try to test ourto cut gasoline costs. 2 nights at our home when we Rademacher, a writer from the endurance and see if we could We estimated the golf played our Michigan round. We Grand Rapids Press (Michigan), actually do it.fees would run US$5000 to had 3 nights when we didn’t wanting to do an interview about We might add that much ofUS$6000. What could we do to have lodging----we flew the our venture. He had spoken the interest came early in theminimize the cost? After locating all night “red eye” from Alaska with family members in Grand trip, and it had us worried thatour prospective courses, we to Salt Lake City, Utah at the Rapids and wanted to get more it would be an embarrassmentwrote letters to each of them beginning of our trip, and we information directly from us. The to all concerned if we shouldtelling about our intended flew all night at the end of our telephone interview resulted in be unable to complete the tripCanAmAthon. We asked if they trip from Honolulu to Cincinnati. an article that appeared in the for any one of several reasonswould give us a reduced rate on We also took the all night ferry next day’s news. such as illness, car problems,either the green fee or cart fee, from Newfoundland to Nova Tom Rademacher put or bad weather. Also, many ofor both. We included stamped Scotia. The remainder of the 34 his article on the Associated the golf courses had let us knowpost cards for them to fill out nights we stayed in motels. Press wire which sparked an that they had some welcomingand return to us. We were Prior to leaving on the trip, international interest in our golf ceremonies awaiting our arrival,pleasantly surprised when most we worked with Mick Force, odyssey. That was one of the and we certainly didn’t wantof the post cards were sent back a software programmer with surprises of the trip, that there to disappoint them. Perhapsto us, and that so many of the Handicomp (www.handicomp. was so much interest from the fear of failure was one ofcourses responded favorably to com) to establish a website various media. the driving forces that kept usour request. Some of those who which would completely record During the trip we were going. It has certainly becomedidn’t respond favorably had a our trip on a daily basis. We had interviewed by 14 newspapers, a story that we’ve been asked tochange of heart when we finally two laptop computers with us. on 8 radio talk shows, and tell many times over.arrived at the golf course on the Every night Jim would assemble met at 5 different golf courses OB Golf & Lifestyleappointed day. Many then gave the pictures on one computer by television cameras and Magazine would like to thankus reduced rates or even at no- and Pat would type the daily reporters. Our story appeared Jim & Pat Healey for sharingcost. journal on the other. We would in countless newspapers their unique golfing journey with Lodging costs for 63 nights then assemble the pictures and including USA Today, The Los our readers.of motels figured to be about script and email the complete$5000. What could we do in this journal to Mick, and he wouldarea? We wrote to some of Pat’s post it on the CanAmAthoncousins in eastern United States, website the next morning.some of Jim’s Canadian cousins Sometimes we would falland several long time friends, a day or two behind in ourasking for one or more nights postings. Usually this wasof free lodging. We were quite because we were visitingsuccessful in the fact that that friends and relatives, and it waswe were invited into peoples difficult to break away from thehomes for 24 nights. This also conversation to compose themeant that we spent very little journal. Several people whoon food during those days. Not were following our journey viaonly were we offered a bed, but the website emailed us withwe were quite well fed. their concerns if we missed a There were 11 different day or two. Some said theyrelatives and friends who were had “CanAmAthon withdrawal A daily journal can be found on the internet at: April/May 2011 OB Golf & Lifestyle Magazine 3
  3. 3. Special Features DAY NUMBER DAY OF WEEK DATE COUNTRY STATE/PROVINCE GOLF CLUB Day 0 Friday 19-Aug-2005 Travel Day Day 1 Saturday 20-Aug-2005 USA Alaska Anchorage Golf Club Day 2 Sunday 21-Aug-2005 USA Wyoming Purple Sage Golf Club Day 3 Monday 22-Aug-2005 USA Utah Wingpoint Golf Course Day 4 Tuesday 23-Aug-2005 USA Ohio Twin Lakes Golf Course Day 5 Wednesday 24-Aug-2005 USA New York Terry Hills Golf Course Day 6 Thursday 25-Aug-2005 Canada Ontario Summerheights Golf Links Day 7 Friday 26-Aug-2005 USA Vermont Newport Country Club Day 8 Saturday 27-Aug-2005 Canada Quebec Club De Golf Val Neigette Day 9 Sunday 28-Aug-2005 Canada New Brunswick Bouctouche Golf Club Day 10 Monday 29-Aug-2005 Canada Prince Edward Island Summerside Golf & Country Club Day 11 Tuesday 30-Aug-2005 Canada Newfoundland St. Andrews Na Creige Golf Course Day 12 Wednesday 31-Aug-2005 Canada Nova Scotia Abercrombie Golf Club Day 13 Thursday 1-Sep-2005 USA Maine Va Jo Wa Golf Course Day 14 Friday 2-Sep-2005 USA New Hampshire Sunningdale Golf Course Day 15 Saturday 3-Sep-2005 USA Massachusetts Touisset Country Club Day 16 Sunday 4-Sep-2005 USA Rhode Island Fox Woods Golf & Country Club Day 17 Monday 5-Sep-2005 USA Connecticut Elmridge Golf Course Day 18 Tuesday 6-Sep-2005 USA New Jersey Fiddlers Elbow Country Club Day 19 Wednesday 7-Sep-2005 USA Pennsylvania Pocono Manor Golf Club Day 20 Thursday 8-Sep-2005 USA Delaware Delcastle Golf Club Day 21 Friday 9-Sep-2005 USA Maryland Bethesda Country Club Day 22 Saturday 10-Sep-2005 USA Washington DC Rock Creek Park Golf Course Day 23 Sunday 11-Sep-2005 USA Virginia Goose Creek Golf Course Day 24 Monday 12-Sep-2005 USA West Virginia Mountaineers Woodview Golf Course Day 25 Tuesday 13-Sep-2005 USA Indiana Lake James Golf Course Day 26 Wednesday 14-Sep-2005 USA Michigan Sunnybrook Country Club Day 27 Thursday 15-Sep-2005 USA Wisconsin Hillmoor Golf Course Day 28 Friday 16-Sep-2005 USA Illinios Renwood Golf Course Day 29 Saturday 17-Sep-2005 USA Iowa Lakeside Municipal Golf Course Day 30 Sunday 18-Sep-2005 USA Nebraska South Ridge Golf Club Day 31 Monday 19-Sep-2005 USA South Dakota Two Rivers Golf Club Day 32 Tuesday 20-Sep-2005 USA Minnesota Two Rivers Golf Club Day 33 Wednesday 21-Sep-2005 Canada Manitoba Glenboro Golf Course Day 34 Thursday 22-Sep-2005 Canada Saskatchewan Woodlawn Golf Club Day 35 Friday 23-Sep-2005 USA North Dakota Crosby Country Club Day 36 Saturday 24-Sep-2005 USA Montana Plentywood Golf Club Day 37 Sunday 25-Sep-2005 Canada Alberta Connaught Golf Club Day 38 Monday 26-Sep-2005 Canada British Columbia Bootleg Gap Golf Club Day 39 Tuesday 27-Sep-2005 USA Idaho Mirror Lake Golf Course Day 40 Wednesday 28-Sep-2005 USA Washington Downriver Golf Course Day 41 Thursday 29-Sep-2005 USA Oregon Ontario Golf Course Day 42 Friday 30-Sep-2005 USA Nevada White Pine Golf Course Day 43 Saturday 1-Oct-2005 USA California Blythe Municipal Golf Course Day 44 Sunday 2-Oct-2005 USA Arizona Hidden Cove Golf Course Day 45 Monday 3-Oct-2005 USA New Mexico Links New Mexico Highlands University Golf Course Day 46 Tuesday 4-Oct-2005 USA Colorado Trinidad Golf Course Day 47 Wednesday 5-Oct-2005 USA Kansas Willow Tree Golf Course Day 48 Thursday 6-Oct-2005 USA Oklahoma Lew Wentz Golf Course Day 49 Friday 7-Oct-2005 USA Missouri Loma Linda Country Club Day 50 Saturday 8-Oct-2005 USA Arkansas Ben Geren Regional Park Golf Course Day 51 Sunday 9-Oct-2005 USA Texas Alpine Golf Course Day 52 Monday 10-Oct-2005 USA Louisiana Trails End Golf Course Day 53 Tuesday 11-Oct-2005 USA Mississippi Shadow Ridge Golf Course Day 54 Wednesday 12-Oct-2005 USA Florida Foxwood Country Club Day 55 Thursday 13-Oct-2005 USA Alabama Bent Brook Golf Course Day 56 Friday 14-Oct-2005 USA Georgia Dogwood Golf Club Day 57 Saturday 15-Oct-2005 USA South Carolina The Creek Golf Course Day 58 Sunday 16-Oct-2005 USA North Carolina North Stone Country Club Day 59 Monday 17-Oct-2005 USA Tennessee Knoxville Golf Course Day 60 Tuesday 18-Oct-2005 USA Kentucky Twin Oaks & Plantation Club Day 61 Wednesday 19-Oct-2005 USA Hawaii Pearl Country Club Day 62 Thursday 20-Oct-2005 Home in Michigan 4 OB Golf & Lifestyle Magazine April/May 2011