Improving Customer Experience to Gain & Retain Customers


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Slides from a talk by Paul Clayton, MD at Healdi, a business management & training consultancy specialising in continuous business improvement.
You & your Customers are at the heart of Healdi. Our specialties include improving business competencies, communication, strategic sales & marketing planning and customer experience management (CEM) to improve customer acquisition & retention rates and develop sales to existing customers.
Our clients are organisations of all sizes which want to grow and be the best in their chosen business sector, standing head & shoulders above the competition and believe that continual reassessment of their sales & marketing strategies plus improvement in communication at all contact points with customers and suppliers will improve sales, build outstanding customer relationships, provide exceptional customer service and increase loyalty & profitability.
Our Clients come from all sectors: Manufacturing,B2B & B2C Services, Retail, Tourism, Health and Public.
Our ethos is simple; “By utilising our knowledge and skills in business organisation, communication, sales and customer service our clients will gain new customers, boost business with existing accounts, increase service levels from suppliers and strengthen internal team cohesion and motivation, leading to increased sales and profitability.’

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Improving Customer Experience to Gain & Retain Customers

  1. 1. Improving CustomerExperienceRetaining & Gaining CustomersTraining on the line
  2. 2. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  3. 3. What is Customer Experience?A customer experience occurs every timea customer interacts with your business.Total number of interactionsCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  4. 4. What is Customer Experience?Single or multiple contactsBuilds perceptionInfluence and determine the relationshipCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  5. 5. Customer Experience Management (CEM) is theprocess of understanding and managing yourcustomers’ interactions with, and theirperceptions about, your company.CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  6. 6. Four Reasons Why Customers Leave1234CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  7. 7. 68%14%9%5% 3% 1%Why Customers Leave %Perception of Not ValuedProduct/ServicePriceRecommendationMoveDieCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  8. 8. Why Bother?ExistingNewCustomer churn?CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  9. 9. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  10. 10. Adding at Every Contact Point of TheBusinessCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  11. 11. Planning Inbound CallsTo Place An OrderCustomers Wanting InformationTimeCostAccountsProspects Wanting InformationSuppliers Giving or Wanting FeedbackCustomers ComplainingPressGeneral PublicSales CallsCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  12. 12. Adding at Every Contact Point of TheBusinessWe Must be Able to:CommunicateUnderstand the CustomerCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  13. 13. What Do You Understand byCommunication?CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  14. 14. Effective communication is about conveying yourmessages to other people clearly and unambiguously.Its also about receiving information that others aresending to you, with as little distortion as possible.Communication
  15. 15. How Do We Communicate?
  16. 16. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining CustomersCommunicationAre We All the Same?Do We All Communicate the same way?
  17. 17. DriveSelf MotivationDirectnessCompetitiveAudaciousPioneeringDecisiveEmpathyConfidencePersuasiveEmotionOptimisticFriendlinessSupportivePatientTenaciousSteadinessConsistentDependableReactiveAmiableLogicalPreciseCautiousFormalDisciplinedDetailedSensitiveCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  18. 18. Communication• Verbal CommunicationWhat we say (Words)• Vocal CommunicationHow we say it (Inflection & Tone)• Non Verbal CommunicationWhat we don’t say (Non Verbal)
  19. 19. CommunicationWords 7%Tone& Inflection 38%NonV 55%
  20. 20. Over half of your communication impact isbased on what you don’t say!CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  21. 21. It’s about Understanding Your Customers!CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  22. 22. Creating RapportCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining CustomersBuilding Relationships
  23. 23. QuestioningTypes of QuestionWhen to AskWhat to AskWho to AskWords to UseWords NOT to UseCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  24. 24. Active ListeningHearingUnderstanding&InterpretationCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  25. 25. 1st Impressions• Inbound<3 Seconds• Outbound• 15 Seconds• Respect - Treat People As You Would Want To BeTreat• Professional• Give The Customer Confidence in YOU!• Take Control & Take OwnershipCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  26. 26. * Onetel business Surveyanswer phone………….when calling to place an order!1st ImpressionsCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  27. 27. 1st IMPRESSIONSThe GreetingHumanAuto ResponderOn HoldVoicemailEngagedNot AnsweredCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  28. 28. Communicate & Empower1st ImpressionsAnswering within 3 rings90 Day RuleNo Courtesy CallAlways Gain & Leave ValueManage VoicemailWhat Can You Do About It?CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  29. 29. Adding at Every Contact Point of TheBusinessGoing the Extra MileDoing Everyday Things Exceptionally WellMaking Every Customer Feel Extra ValuedLearn From Every Interaction to Benefit theNextWhat Can You Do About It?CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  30. 30. Improving communication at all contactpoints with customers and suppliers will:•Boost sales•Build customer & supplier loyalty,•Enhance Brand value•Increase profitability.What’s In It For You?CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  31. 31. • Less selling costs• Reduced customer complaints• Less stressed employees• Highly motivated workforce• Reduced staff turnover• Increased PROFITWhat’s In It For You?CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  32. 32. • Loyal, happy customers• More profitable business from existingcustomers• Ambassadorial customers• Extra referral business• Increased PROFITWhat’s In It For You?CUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  33. 33. QuestionsCUSTOMER EXPERIENCERetaining & Gaining Customers
  34. 34. HealdiPhone number +44 1529 413476Fax number 0845 3081378E-mail address on the line