Social Brands 100 Methodology


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Social Brands 100 was created by Headstream in 2011 as an initiative to identify and acknowledge brands leading the way in social.

The research combines qualitative and quantitative analysis. Nominated brands' social interactions on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are monitored by social media analytics partner Socialbakers. Headstream surveys and interviews nominated brands to benchmark behaviours and identify emerging platforms and trends. The findings combine to create the final ranking and report, which will be published in May 2013.

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Social Brands 100 Methodology

  1. 1. Methodology2013© Lawton Communications Group Ltd
  2. 2. • Social Brands 100 is an annual initiative to identify and acknowledgebrands leading the way in social• Social Brands 100 exists to:– Identify high performing brands active in social media– Benchmark performance across companies and industries– Gain insight into the trends and patterns around social high performers© Lawton Communications Group LtdPurpose
  3. 3. • Nominations are crowd-sourced. Brands nominated in previous years areautomatically included• Socialbakers monitors brands for six weeks to measure externalperformance and calculate the data score• Headstream surveys nominated brands to understand internalperformance• The ranking is compiled and final report published.© Lawton Communications Group LtdProcess
  4. 4. • The methodology is based on measuring the three core principles of what makessocial brands -– Win-win relationships– Active listening– Appropriate social behaviour• Adopting these principles consistently creates positive effects in social spaces• These effects can be measured through a series of Social KPIsof behaviour andinteractions between people (including brands) in social spaces• Using percentiles, we are able to assess the brands behaviour relative to the totaldata set© Lawton Communications Group LtdMethodology
  5. 5. The following slides outline:• Which platforms are used to analyse social interactions• The relative weighting given to each platform• An overview of the observable markers analysed on each platform• A description of each marker and what each one can tell us about abrand’s social performance© Lawton Communications Group LtdData score detail
  6. 6. © Lawton Communications Group LtdWeightings by platform
  7. 7. © Lawton Communications Group LtdSocial KPIs by platform•Average post engagement rate (ER)•Fan growth•Response rate•Response time•Video views growth•Subscriber growth•Channel engagement rate•Channel Like/Dislike ratio•Follower growth•Average tweet engagement rate•Total mentions•Response rate•Response time
  8. 8. © Lawton Communications Group LtdFacebook markersLikes + Comments + Shares# wall postsTotal FansAverage PostERFan GrowthResponserateResponsetimeIncrease in the number offans of the pageTime taken byadministrators to respondto posts by usersNumber of posts by usersresponded to by theadministrators
  9. 9. © Lawton Communications Group LtdTwitter markersFollowergrowthAverage TweetEngagementrateTotalMentionsResponse rateResponse timeTime taken by administratorsto respond to posts by usersNumber of posts by usersresponded to be theadministratorsReplies + RetweetsNo. of tweetsNo. of FollowersIncrease in the number offollowersNumber of tweets from theaccount
  10. 10. © Lawton Communications Group LtdYouTube markersRatio of Likes/Dislikes acrossall videos on the channelLikes + Dislikes + CommentsSubscribersIncrease in subscribernumbersIncrease in video viewsVideo viewsgrowthSubscribergrowthChannelEngagementrateChannelLike/Dislikeratio
  11. 11. © Lawton Communications Group