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Social Brands 100


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100 brands and 30,000 social interactions later, we launched the Social Brands 100 on 11 March at an event in London.

Visit to download the report.

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Social Brands 100

  1. 1. #SB100 @socialbrands100
  2. 2. Built to be social?#SB100 @socialbrands100
  3. 3. Perfect imperfection#SB100 @socialbrands100
  4. 4. Panel score Brand engagement (On its ownSocial outposts)brand = +score Social Brand engagement engagement score = (Where talked about) Scale of the brand’s community engagement
  5. 5. Active listening + Win win = relationships + Appropriate social behaviour#SB100 @socialbrands100
  6. 6. Create value, over sending messages1 2 Exchange rigid control for greater involvement3 Manage brands in a human context 4 Reflect personality through different types of currency5 Timeliness of response critical to social enablement#SB100 @socialbrands100
  7. 7. Use of outposts driven by community6 7 Positive and negative acknowledged and accepted8 Create, develop and encourage social behaviours that mirror communities 9 True, compelling, authentic and transparent10 Simplify intent and continually fulfill it #SB100 @socialbrands100
  8. 8. To be a social brand you need a moral centre to your purpose, shared by those that represent you#SB100 @socialbrands100
  9. 9. Social is not a campaign, but a commitment#SB100 @socialbrands100