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Custom Audiences: The Crown Jewel of Facebook Advertising - Tara West - BrightonSEO - September 2015


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See how Facebook Custom Audiences can take your social advertising to the next level. This presentation covers strategies and some tips and tricks for getting the most out of Facebook Custom Audiences. Originally presented by Tara West at BrightonSEO in Spetmber 2015.

Published in: Marketing
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Custom Audiences: The Crown Jewel of Facebook Advertising - Tara West - BrightonSEO - September 2015

  1. 1. Custom Audiences: The Crown Jewel of Facebook Advertising Tara West | @Tara_Dee_West #BrightonSEO | September 2015
  2. 2. On the 27th of August 2015, one billion people logged into Facebook in a single day. That’s 1 in 7 people on Earth.
  3. 3. Boost your posts Promote your page (Page likes) Website conversions App installs App engagement Local awareness (reach people near your business) Raise event attendance Get people to claim an offer It’s not just about page likes anymore! There are now ten different Facebook advertising objectives. Video views Website traffic
  4. 4. You can target people based on almost anything, from what TV shows they like, to where they are going on holiday!
  5. 5. The real crown jewel of all Facebook ad targeting is Custom Audiences.
  6. 6. “Custom Audiences let you reach customers you already know with ads on Facebook. You can upload a list of email addresses or phone numbers of at least 20 people and we'll deliver your ad to those people if they're on Facebook. You can also build audiences from the people that visit your website or from people who use your mobile app.” Source: Facebook What are Facebook Custom Audiences? Website traffic lists created using cookies Email or Phone number list uploads Audiences you make yourself, using your own data App user lists created using cookies
  7. 7. Why are Facebook Custom Audiences so great? Your unique data creates competitive advantage Target people, not cookies Targeting accuracy is 2x greater than other ad networks (source Neilson) Set them up manually in your FB ad account
  8. 8. Upload CVS or .txt file for email addresses A pixel is used for website and app user lists Upload CVS or .txt file for phone numbers How do Custom Audiences work?
  9. 9. Land your search ads PPC traffic on bespoke landing pages Use those landing page URLs for Facebook Remarketing lists Use Custom Audiences to reach Facebook users with highly relevant purchase intent. PPC search traffic that is exposed to FB ads can generate better ROAS (Source: Kenshoo)
  10. 10. Enhance your email marketing messages. Yes: Show an ad to take them to the next purchase stage No: Show them an ad with the original email marketing message Did they open your email marketing?
  11. 11. Enhance your text message marketing.
  12. 12. Make your ads highly relevant by layering custom audiences with interest targeting.
  13. 13. Generate in-app engagements.
  14. 14. Exclude users who have already converted from seeing your ads.
  15. 15. Generate actions from your website content.
  16. 16. Get quick and easy customer feedback.
  17. 17. Advertise the products your user has been browsing using Dynamic Product Ads.
  18. 18. Generate competition entries.
  19. 19. Create Lookalike Audiences of your Custom Audiences to expand your reach.
  20. 20. Choose newsfeed only targeting to limit your frequency.
  21. 21. Test different list membership durations.
  22. 22. Segment your custom audiences by age and put them in their own ad sets.
  23. 23. You can share Custom Audiences between Facebook ad accounts.
  24. 24. Use Custom Audiences with Instagram ads.
  25. 25. Keep your email and phone data fresh!
  26. 26. Thanks! 02380 827 737 @Tara_Dee_West #BrightonSEO | September 2015
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