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Workshop: How good is your hospital website? #BPCW11


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Workshop: How good is your hospital website? at Building Perfect Council Websites 11, 14 July 2011 #BPCW11 Speaker: John Fox.

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Workshop: How good is your hospital website? #BPCW11

  1. 1. HOW GOOD IS YOURHOSPITAL’S WEBSITE?Can your visitors find what they are looking for?
  2. 2. Hospital websites have a diverse audience¨  Patients ¨  Other NHS organisations¨  Visitors ¨  GPs¨  Staff ¨  Suppliers¨  Strategic partners ¨  Jobseekers¨  News media ¨  &etc
  3. 3. No patients? No need for a hospital!¤  A hospital needs patients n  Inpatients n  Outpatients¤  Inpatients receive visitors¤  Patients and visitors should be the primary focus of the website.
  4. 4. Top tasks¨  Every website has a small number of tasks that deliver a huge amount of value to visitors. These are the top The final list of tasks should always be based on hard evidence of usage – not just usage of tasks. the website, but based on all forms of¨  Each site will also have a huge customer contact with your hospital. number of low value tasks (though still You will be able to build a picture of customer useful) which probably get in the way access which will enable you to identify the of the top tasks. top tasks.¨  Focus relentlessly on ensuring that The next stage is to ensure that identified top customers can complete their top tasks tasks can be completed on your website as without encountering problems. swiftly as possible.¨  Only then turn your attention to the secondary tasks.
  5. 5. “What informationCustomers’ top tasks would you expect to find on your local hospital’s website?”¨  Cancel an outpatient appointment¨  Prepare for a stay in hospital¨  Find out visiting hours¨  Find out about car parking at the hospital¨  Find out about infection prevention & control
  6. 6. Cancel an outpatient appointment¨  Does Google lead me to the task? ¨  Can I cancel or request a new¨  Does the homepage link me directly to appointment online? the task? ¨  Am I told what will happen if I fail to¨  Does an internal search return the correct attend my appointment? result in the first three results? ¨  Is it clear how I might obtain assistance, if¨  Is the task described in the A-Z? required, to complete this task?¨  Does the service description page link me ¨  How effectively is this hospital promoting directly to this task? this as a task?¨  Does my first click take me straight task ¨  How do you rate the completion of this completion? task?¨  Am I informed how I can cancel or re- ¨  Was completing this task a ‘Wow!’ arrange my outpatient appointment? experience?
  7. 7. Nine hospitals examined¨  Addenbrooke’s, ¨  Leeds General Cambridge Infirmary¨  St Bartholomew’s, London¨  John Radcliffe, Oxford ¨  Royal Victoria¨  Manchester Royal Infirmary, Newcastle Infirmary ¨  St Thomas’s, London¨  Queen Elizabeth, Birmingham ¨  Southampton General
  8. 8. Could I cancel my appointment?Hospital RatingAddenbrooke’s Very goodSt Bartholomew’s PoorJohn Radcliffe SatisfactoryManc Royal Infirmary PoorQueen Elizabeth PoorLeeds General Infirm’y n/aRoyal Victoria Infirmary n/aSt Thomas’s Very goodSouthampton General Very good
  9. 9. ‘Better connected hospitals’: highlightsCommon failures Good practice¨  Inadequate information for patients ¨  Some great examples of available car parking Nightmare navigation¨  facilities¨  Unhelpful search results¨  Clinical A-Zs ¨  Several sites provide¨  Multiple hospitals, single domain very good infection¨  Organisation-centric, lacks prevention & control customer focus resources
  10. 10. Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge Hospital Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Task 5 Overall“Generally OK for patients but little for Cancel Hospital Visiting Car Infectionvisitors and assumes more knowledge about appt stay hours parking controlthe hospital than might be reasonable. A bit 1 Addenbrookes Cambridge V good Satis Poor V good V good Satisconfusing that it is under the heading of St Bartholomews 2 Poor Satis Poor Poor Satis SatisCambridge University Hospitals when LondonAddenbrooke’s is better known.” 3 John Radcliffe, Oxford Satis Poor Poor Satis V good Satis Manchester Royal 4 Poor Poor Poor N/a N/a ‘Dire’ Infirmary Queen Elizabeth 5 Poor Poor V good V good Satis SatisRoyal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Birmingham“Evidence of effort being made to provide 6 Leeds General Infirmary N/a Poor Poor Poor Poor Poorcustomer-focused information but it’s a bit Royal Victoria 7 N/a Satis V good Satis Satis Satishit and miss, particularly in subjects that are Infirmary, Newcastlenot specifically medical related such as car 8 St Thomass, London V good Satis Satis Satis Satis Satisparking or visiting hours. Couldn’t find out Southampton 9 V good V good Satis Satis V good V goodhow to cancel an outpatient appointment.” General !
  11. 11. “It’s a great looking websiteand somebody is evidentlymaking best efforts toprovide customer-focusedinformation. For visitinghours and car parking theuser experience is first class,and infection control only alittle less so. For otheraspects of the websitethough it’s a struggle. Taskexcellence is achieved partlyby site design and partly aclear attempt to create anattractive and usablewebsite.”
  12. 12. “Once you get into thesite for the particularhospital it’s OK, butthere is a real risk oflosing one’s place,especially since somesubjects are on the Trustpages rather than theindividual hospitalones.”
  13. 13. “Very poor, indeed a dire user experience. All ‘patient/visitor’information is lumped together in a single, rather unhelpfulsection.”
  14. 14. TWO opinions sought“Clearly no-one on thewebsite team has aclue about designingwebsites for patients orvisitors. It’s impossibleto find anythinguseful.”“This is a terribleresource for theresidents [ofManchester]. I reallydon’t think it meritseven a ‘poor’ overall.”
  15. 15. “It’s ‘very good’ for me, the websitejust feels so user-oriented. Its notperfect, scope for improvement in acouple of places but as far as apatient/visitor resource is concernedit’s pretty much there.“I’d say the site navigation has beendesigned around what website userswill need.“You have to use the website to seewhat I mean and then comprehendwhy I say that the concept of toptasks is embedded on the site.”
  16. 16. Let’s discuss! ¨  How can we improve the overall customer focus of NHS hospital websites? ¨  Would a ‘mystery shopper’ national survey be welcomed? ¨  What best practice would you like to share today?
  17. 17. Martin GreenwoodProgramme Manager, Socitm Insight Socitm Insight offers a personalised service to assess your website, individually, using all the techniques and01926-498703 expertise developed over 13 years of our ‘BetterEmail connected’ surveys in local government.Visit We offer a range of additional options to meet individual requirements, eg identification of top tasks,John Fox content readability and accessibility.‘Better connected’ reviewerSocitm Insight An alternative approach is to invite a critical friend review with a Better connected reviewer who will visitEmail you on site.@x333xxx
  18. 18. Widescreen Test Pattern (16:9) Aspect Ratio Test (Should appear circular) 4x316x9