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Talk by Paul Edwards, Programme Manager – Paralympics 2012 Online, Channel 4, to eAccess 12 conference in London on 28 June 2012. www.headstar.com/eaccess12

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  • Balance between reporting every score and getting the correct pace to the narrative
  • Tested the game with members of GB Boccia, their feedback was essential Schools have used this game to teach children how to play Used Unity
  • Louise Simpson is a member of the GB Goalball team
  • eAccess12: Paul Edwards, Channel 4

    1. 1. C 4 A c c e s s ib ilit y & T h eL o n d o n 2 0 12 P a r a l y m p i cG a me s P a ul E dw a rds – C h a n n e l4 p e d w a r d s @ h a n n e l4 . c c o .u k @ a u le d w a r d s _p
    2. 2. Channel 4’s commitment toaccessibility
    3. 3. Why accessibility is important to Channel 4• Access to our content for all as a core part of Channel 4’s remit.• We promote and respect diversity in all its forms• We will be the host broadcaster of the London 2012 Paralympic Games
    4. 4. A different challenge• Commitment to Ofcom access services quota• Paralympics have been a focus point• Director of Disability• Regular meetings with disability interest groups• Digital has become more converged with TV
    5. 5. The digital challenges• Channel 4 work with internal and external development teams• In past 18 months the Multiplatform team have successfully delivered: • 172 projects (prototypes & commissions) • 100+ production companies • £16M+• Projects now involve TV, web, mobile and new technologies
    6. 6. The digital challenges• Business misconceptions – Accessibility is for a minority of users – Accessibility holds-back innovation – Accessibility increases project budgets• Don’t blame the developers… – “It’s in Flash so it can’t be made accessible” – “We’ve put alt tags on all our images” – “We’d like to do more but don’t know how to test” – “I’ve never seen anyone use an assistive device”
    7. 7. The process• Accessibility credentials part of commissioning process• Consultancy and drop-in clinic• Training for specific roles• Every project independently reviewed
    8. 8. Channel 4 and the Paralympic Games
    9. 9. The aims• More coverage than ever before (over 400 hours)• Create an amazing, compelling, engaging viewer experience• Raise profiles of athletes and talent to household names• Demystify the sports and classification
    10. 10. The Digital Results• Website and mobile apps• Live text commentary alongside live video• Interactive games (Boccia, Wheelchair rugby)• Social media
    11. 11. Live video
    12. 12. Boccia gamehttp://paralympics.channel4.com/boccia
    13. 13. 62 Days to go