eAccess 12: Martin Simmelker, Fujitsu


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Talk by Martin Simmelker, Fujitsu, at eAccess 12, 28 June 2012. www.headstar.com/eaccess12

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  • eAccess 12: Martin Simmelker, Fujitsu

    1. 1. Delivering against the BTATCharterFujitsu Working with the Employers Forum on DisabilityMartin Simmelker2012
    2. 2. Story so far… Fujitsu signed up in December 2010 as an EFD Gold Member Why did we join?  Partnership with the EFD supports the Fujitsu Diversity & Inclusion Programme, shaping future policy but also;  Opens the door to a high profile network of like minded companies  Positions Fujitsu with some of the World Leaders in Diversity Practices  Allows Fujitsu to contribute and make a difference in Accessible IT Technology Essential – buy in from the top!  Duncan Tait CEO Fujitsu UK & I signs the BTAT Charter  Gavin Bounds COO joins the EFD Presidency Group  Richard Bull (Fujitsu Executive Director for End User Services) sits on the Business Taskforce for Accessible Technology (BTAT)
    3. 3. The BTAT Charter We will ensure disabled and older people can apply for jobs with us, be employed by us and do business with us, by implementing an Information and Communications Technology strategy which includes the following commitments regarding accessibility:  We will appoint an executive level ICT Access Champion who will report to the board, raise awareness of the benefits of this agenda and ensure that we achieve continuous improvement in this area.  We will ensure that employees understand how technology can liberate the contribution of everyone, including disabled people, as colleagues and as customers.  We will routinely consult with disabled employees, customers and experts to ensure that we understand the impact of our technology on: talent management, employee productivity and our diverse customer base.  We will allow reasonable personalisation of technology by our employees and customers in order to meet their own accessibility requirements. Technologies that individuals interact with include display, keyboard and mouse, phones and self service facilities. Duncan Tait – CEO Fujitsu  We will embed and promote a reasonable adjustment process that provides speedy and UK & I Signs the BTAT usable ICT solutions for disabled colleagues and customers. Charter  We will give our relevant ICT people the ‘disability know how’ needed to deliver effective business processes and reasonable adjustments for disabled colleagues and customers.  We will establish our performance baseline using EFD’s E Accessibility Maturity Model. We will work to practical, easy to communicate accessibility requirements based on existing formal standards and will consistently go beyond minimum compliance to bring greater benefits to our business.  We will promote a development lifecycle for our ICT solutions that is based on inclusive design from definition to delivery, to minimise the cost and reputation risk triggered by retrofitting products and systems.  We will require, help and encourage our ICT supply partners to develop and deliver accessible products and services. We will formally consider accessibility in all our procurement decisions. We will purchase solutions which are as accessible as possible.  We will continuously improve our accessibility: we will document what works and share our learning with BTAT. 3
    4. 4. Key Objectives Delivering against the Employers Forum on Disability and the Business Taskforce on Accessible Technology - BTAT) Charter Raise awareness of the subject across the Fujitsu UK&I organisation via a formal ‘communications’ activity and events Position Fujitsu well from a legislative perspective Maintain an Accessible IT programme that understands the market and what technologies Fujitsu can use to create client solutions or value add to our organisation/particular needs users  Essential – that the programme delivers against the BTAT Charter! Understand the solutions that we create where accessibility is a requirement and creates ‘best practice’ guidelines for our delivery teams and governance processes
    5. 5. Accountability Matrix Fujitsu CR Fujitsu Senior Fujitsu UK & I Board Executive Board HR Ella Bennett Juliet Silvester Gavin Bounds•Responsible CR Strategy •Deputy Senior Executive Sponsor •EFD Presidency Group•EFD/BTAT activity to deliver not just against • Lead for driving recruitment policy around •Main Fujitsu Senior Executivethe charter but to the Fujitsu UK & I CR Disability and Inclusion RepresentativesStrategy/Objectives • Providing work placements for those with •Act as main Executive Sponsor for Accessible particular needs IT advancement in Fujitsu Diversity and Fujitsu Accessible Inclusion Fujitsu Technology Victoria Ward Disability Leslie Kett •Responsible for Diversity and Inclusion •Technical authority/support for all Accessibility •Position the BTAT Charter as main driver for Champions Network IT projects and the lead in to the 1 KM delivering Disability process and policy Programme improvement • Main liaison in ITG for IT personalisation •Instigate Disability networking/Champions Responsible for the ownership and delivery BTAT Forum Corporate Richard Bull & of EFD/BTAT Charter Communicating Martin Simmelker related activities Jane Francis• Richard Bull remains main representative • Support for all corporate communicatingon Forum inked to EFD/BTAT success stories• Martin Simmelker support to the BTAT • Corporate communications advisor forForum – responsible for delivering actions promoting any EFD/BTAT events and foragreed on behalf of Fujitsu out of the forum , helping Fujitsu staff realise the benefits offor follow up within Fujitsu UK & I Accessible IT
    6. 6. Events to promote EFD/BTAT Stakeholders  Fujitsu EFD/BTAT Disability Champions  BTAT Forum  EFD Contacts and Advisors  Fujitsu Particular Needs Staff Other  Accessible IT  Diversity and Inclusion Team 6
    7. 7. Accessible IT/Diversity & Inclusion Portals Portal set up to enable information share within Fujitsu UK & I 7
    8. 8. EFD’s E Accessibility Maturity Model. Leslie Kett and Victoria Ward completed an E Accessibility Maturity Model assessment for 2011/12, setting a baseline on where we need to focus and improve.  Going forward - focused activities that will raise our score on this assessment for 2012/13, in turn helping to steer and deliver to the BTAT charter 8