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South Central PCT Alliance doing it the wiki-way


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‘SCAN-collaborate’ is an online collaboration platform built on the Confluence enterprise wiki for the NHS. The project was developed by Headshift and the South Central PCT Alliance to facilitate greater collaboration and support communication and knowledge sharing across the Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in the South of England.

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South Central PCT Alliance doing it the wiki-way

  1. 1. SCAN - collaborate South Central Alliance Network - Case Study 28 April 2010, Confluence User Group Hemma Kocher
  2. 2. The story Online collaboration platform for the NHS South Central Primary Care Trust Alliance
  3. 3. To engage and share Facilitate greater collaboration, support communication and knowledge sharing across the Primary Care Trusts (PCTs)
  4. 4. Nine PCTs in the South Central region PCTs commission health services in their local area including GPs, hospitals, dental and community services ‣ Budget cuts ‣ Constant demand for delivering better health services more efficiently
  5. 5. Common issues ‣ Repetition and duplication of work ‣ Too much knowledge and information existing in silos ‣ Difficult to find or share information effectively, locally and regionally ‣ Little scope for collaboration across locations
  6. 6. Focus - projects Confluence's core features of project spaces, file-sharing, and document co- creation
  7. 7. Discussions Conversations enabled through commenting, blog posts and discussion forums
  8. 8. Over 150 individual project spaces ‣ Sharing Cancer Informatics Data and research ‣ Dental Practitioners space ‣ Developing region wide community services
  9. 9. User adoption and training ‣ Engagement strategy ‣ Initiating pilot projects and discussions on the platform ‣ User workshops ‣ Online support
  10. 10. Success ‣ Launched in October 2009 ‣ Successful uptake with 1600+ registered users ‣ 150+ project spaces Between 160-200 new users are now joining the platform every month.
  11. 11. Challenges "Get people to login and remember to use SCAN is a challenge." "Participating efficiently in collaborative groups can be difficult."
  12. 12. Feedback "I like that SCAN is self-service, you don't need anyone to set you up. You set up your own project spaces when you need them." "Being accessible anytime from anywhere is a real advantage of SCAN."
  13. 13. Future Possibly extending use of the platform to additional NHS organisations in the region.
  14. 14. Thank you. Questions. Images - courtesy of Daniel Siddle