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White paper Marketing Automation by


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The 3D Customer Approach Marketing Automation based on Data, Direction & Demand, check out animation.

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White paper Marketing Automation by

  1. 1. The 3D Customer Approach MarketingAutomation basedonData, Direction&Demand Whitepaper | MMIT Marketing Automation
  2. 2. Whitepaper | MMIT Marketing Automation 2 the right person, at the right moment and through the right channel. It’s not for everyone – but it’s close Marketing Automation isn’t just for big corporations, and it’s widely adopted by both B2B and B2C industries. However, there are organizations for which it’s particularly interesting. Does your company: • have customers with a high lifetime value? • collect customer and prospect data? • have a loyalty program, or do you wish you had one? • sell products with a high replacement value, a long purchase cycle or that require high contact pressure? • have a multi-channel approach, combining in- and outbound, on- and off-line marketing? • wish to minimize waste and customer irritation? • need to eliminate errors arising from heavy volumes of manual work? If your answer to one or more of these questions is ‘yes’, your company is very likely to benefit from Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation THE 3D CUSTOMER APPROACH No matter how large your organization is, consumers today expect personal and tailor- made communication. They don’t want to be treated like flat characters, but like the real people they are. And when they reach out to your com­pany, they expect a conversation partner that listens closely and speaks consistently – across touch points and for the duration of their relationship with you. This calls for a multi-dimensional marketing approach: the 3D Customer Approach, based on Data, Direction and Demand. Marketing automation Now, as soon as your company has more than a couple of thousand customers and prospects, tailor-made marketing becomes very hard to attain. Sending a mix of different messages to different people at different intervals, manually, is next to impossible. That’s why more and more companies turn to automation, to optimize their marketing communication with their customers and prospects. In short, marketing automation helps them to send the right message to
  3. 3. Marketing Automation has many benefits. It helps you identify and invest more in your high-value customers and leave ‘well enoughs’ alone. Well-timed, personalized and to-the- point communication with customers and prospects can limit waste, reduce irritation and improve your lead conversion as well as your business revenues. 3 Most importantly, though, Marketing Automation benefits your customers. It allows you to treat them with respect, giving them the amount of attention and communications they want, with a personal touch. To arrive at this multi-dimensional level, we recommend the 3D Customer Approach. What do the three D’s stand for? Data First of all, Marketing Automation is data driven. The amount and quality of customer and prospect data your company has collected, and keeps collecting with different campaigns, allows you to coordinate and optimize your marketing activities. You can begin small, an email address here, an expected purchase date there. But start collecting, because without data, you’re nowhere. And when your contacts start to notice you are listening to their needs, they’ll be inclined to give you even more data. Direction In our opinion, Marketing Automation is much more than boosting one single campaign or one communication channel. It encompasses campaigns that are part of customer programs, telling stories across multiple touch points, stories that are personal and relevant. An operation like this clearly needs direction. This allows your organization to coordinate the timing and content of your communication on all levels. To help you speak with one voice, across departments, across time, across channels. Demand Thirdly, Marketing Automation must be aimed at meeting customer demands. This may sound obvious, but there are plenty of companies that consider a product-driven, one-size-fits-all, computer-aided email blast ‘marketing automation’. In our view, Marketing Automation helps you truly communicate with your customers and prospects on a one-to-one basis. To get your timing and your content right, for each and every one of your contacts, the process of receiving information is just as important as sending it. 3D Customer Approach Whitepaper | MMIT Marketing Automation
  4. 4. When it comes to marketing, every company is faced with two strategic questions: who do we target and what is our overall message? Based on the answers, a number of customer programs – storylines, if you will – can be developed and implemented. 4 Every customer program is a set of campaigns, made to fit a specific phase in the customer life cycle. Each program addresses different con- sumer needs and demands: with specific goals, target groups, sets of messages and data used; also see page 6. So: how does Marketing Automation help to improve the results of these customer programs? Clustering First of all, you have to decide which customers to enroll in which programs. This is done by clustering: assembling groups of customers with the same profile. For this, you need up- to-date customer data. A customer that has recently bought the latest model of your product, should not get an up-sell mailing. If a customer has indicated that he wants to receive emails only, he should be excluded from call-center campaigns. Marketing Automation helps you compile and assess all the necessary data to achieve this. Contact pressure If a customer is on several programs (for instance cross-sell and loyalty programs), there are likely to be more contact moments. This may enforce the overall effect, but it can also lead to irritation. So: how do you combine customer programs, while at the same time optimizing the number of contacts? How much time should there be between contact moments? Contact pressure is one of the business rule driven elements that a good Marketing Automation solution takes into account. Variation Companies that send only aggressive sales campaigns are often seen as spammers, making customers lose interest or even opt out. In order to optimize the number of contacts, it is good to use different campaigns, carrying informative, inspirational, service or feel good messages. At the same time you tell a consistent story, addressing consumers’ needs as well as company goals. All this is not easy to coordinate, even within one customer program, let alone when your customer is enrolled in different programs. Again, Marketing Automation can help you out. Whitepaper | MMIT Marketing Automation Customer Programs AND MARKETING AUTOMATION
  5. 5. 5 Event-triggered There was a time when companies reasoned: we have a new product release, let’s send all our customers a mailing! This may have resulted in higher revenues, but also in a lot of waste and irritation. Imagine, some of the customers had just recently bought the old product, others had indicated by phone that they had no interest in product mailings. How do you think they felt? Marketing Automation makes it possible to put the customer first. It makes it possible to send him – or her – a mailing when their product is up for renewal. Is this three months before a new model release, then you can adjust your communication. Perhaps you can seduce the customer to wait for the new product with a teaser or a pre-subscription. This is only one of the many events that can trigger communications; events that you can all distill from your customer data. Just ask! A/B-testing Most companies have a desire to constantly adjust and improve their marketing communication. Marketing Automation supports programs like these in several ways. It makes it easy to test communication real-­ time (from lead generation to inbound calls), to send out different variations of the same mailing and to keep track of response and conversion rates. Moreover, well-organized Marketing Automation makes sure that you can easily compare to the data you already collected, making each test a valuable addition. 3D approach For years people have been talking about 1:1 marketing - now we can make it really happen. Marketing Automation makes it possible to get to know your customers and to use the insights you gain in your communication strategy. Especially when you use the 3D Customer Approach, based on your customer Data, overall Direction and customer Demands. The results: happier and more loyal customers for your company - not to mention a higher share-of-wallet. Whitepaper | MMIT Marketing Automation Customer Programs AND MARKETING AUTOMATION
  6. 6. 6 CUSTOMER PROGRAMS AT A GLANCE Lead acquisition programs In lead management the speed of follow up is crucial for success. Therefore, lead and acquisition programs should be interactive. This enables you to gather profile data that can be used to qualify leads. Welcome programs The honeymoon period, just after the first purchase, is crucial for future customer loyalty. Timely service is critical. Ask for motives, needs and background. This profile data can be used to optimize the following customer programs. Cross and up sell programs These sales driven programs must always be relevant, because the risks of being perceived as a spammer are very high. For each sales campaign it is important to identify adequate reasons to communicate: no relevance, no involvement, no sale. Retention programs These reactive programs try to hold on to customers who are likely to churn if no intervention takes place. Find out what is making them consider leaving and think of ways to make them consider staying. Loyalty programs Proactive programs, that are aimed at keeping the most valuable customers for the company, for as long as possible. Loyalty programs can be costly, so it’s important to differentiate between high potential and lower value customers. Win back programs These programs are designed to bring back customers that have left. Sometimes it’s not easy to decide if the customer has actually left, especially for companies that sell products or services with a low usage/buying rate. Customer Programs AND MARKETING AUTOMATION Whitepaper | MMIT Marketing Automation
  7. 7. 7 Talking about the many advantages of Marketing Automation is easy. But guess what: to actually experience those advantages is not that hard either. MMIT offers Marketing Automation solutions in three different forms: basic, medium and complete. To give you an impression: the basic solution allows you to manage relatively simple campaigns, like sending teasers, reminders, announcements and newsletters. Medium includes the automation of email, social and real-time marketing. It also offers specific retail solutions, protecting franchiser-owned customer data. The complete solution includes groundbreaking services such as the inter­action optimizer. This provides your call-center with all customer data they need to determine the best offer for the customer, in real-time. If you want to find out what Marketing Automation can do for your company, just start by using the basic solution. After that, you can always upgrade to a more sophisticated system, easily and seamlessly. Or talk to one of our account managers for a customized solution. Marketing Automation The possibilities are endless – not unlike the diversity in your messages. How can MMIT help? MMIT is not a Marketing Automation software developer/vendor. We are not interested in just selling you a software license and leaving you on your own at this point. MMIT provides a range of services to enable clients derive business success from the adoption of Marketing Automation solutions. We host Marketing Automation soft- ware within our environment and operate this on behalf of clients or we are equally happy to support clients with software installed in-house. We provide Consulting and Project Management Services to help our clients to implement the software, design and configure marketing programs and measure campaign success. We are your Marketing Automation Partner. Whitepaper | MMIT Marketing Automation Like to watch? MMIT produced a short animation, showing the advantages of Marketing Automation. Check out this video at
  8. 8. 8Whitepaper | MMIT Marketing Automation Services and Solutions Marketing Automation is one of many services and solutions that MMIT has to offer. This chart gives you a good impression of the way they are connected. Consultancy
  9. 9. MMIT Boston MMIT Amsterdam MMIT São Paulo Independence Wharf, Suite 4032 | 470 Atlantic Avenue | Boston, MA 02210, USA | T. +1 617 261 9950 Nieuwe Teertuinen 25a | 1013 LV Amsterdam | The Netherlands | T. +31 (0)20 638 11 55 | Av. Paulista, 2300 - Piso Pilotis | Cerqueira César – São Paulo-SP | 01310-300 Brazil | T. +55 11 2847 4657 Whitepaper | MMIT Marketing Automation