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Weekly Review Service at Startup Saturday, July 2011

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
  • [transcript for the presentation]

    Are you guys ready? ____
    OK so everyone grab your pen and paper and write down this URL
    Because that’s where the free stuff is :-)
    It is said top 3 goals are have bearing on most of the other goals. (hmm… agreed.) Also it is said that the top 3 goals of yours change you throughout.
    So at one point in your life you write down your goals and then many of you would forget about it, few would give a shot once and then.... (Drop the paper)
    There are 2 observations over here; first one working on your goals is like gardening. You have to come back everyday nurture and water it. But problem is we hardly remember to water plants and that’s the reason they are dying in our balconies. The 2nd observation is – Do you see a glass structure around over here - yes – so you need to be inside it cut-off from outside. Outside is where you have friends, family, daily grind, boring office, entertainment and TP.
    So in order to have your goals achieved you need a structure, in weekly review service we provide you that structure. (pick up the paper) Now wouldn’t it be nice to have someone talk to you on regular basis no how you are doing vis-à-vis your goals. Since meeting people face-to face it difficult, we converse with people over email – once a week and over phone – twice a month.
    So imagine you get a phone call from our tele-caller, if it’s a female – where ever you are you will straighten up and start talking sweetly, and to add more puzzle to the mystery you will go crazy when you hear she is interested in knowing your personal stuff – I mean goals.
    No seriously think about someone other than your mom is who is genuinely listening to you and appreciating, when you were kid and drew an ugly face your mom would praise you but today if you go running to her saying I earned 5 thousand in share market she not able to get it.
    Our Motto is
    “We accountable for you but you are responsible for yourself.”
    Finally disclaimer
    1. This service is free only for a month, after which we charge Rs. 800 per year
    2. We don’t provide pep-talk or quick-fix solutions to any of your problems.
    3. We don’t listen to sob stories or reasons we want you to be go-getter In life
    Let me give you one last example on measurement in the area on finance, we saw business quarter – April. May, June just got over here is a sample template for cash flow and net worth tracked on and the quarter.
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  7. 7. SMARTER<br /><ul><li>E - Evaluate
  8. 8. R - Reevaluate</li></li></ul><li>
  9. 9. Twice a month<br />Once a week<br />
  10. 10. Our Motto is - <br />“we accountable for you but you are responsible for yourself.”<br /><br />