WIll Never Grow Up @ Startup Saturday Mumbai


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Will Never Grow Up Presentation at Startup Saturday December (Mumbai)

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WIll Never Grow Up @ Startup Saturday Mumbai

  1. 1. ‘ Is your employee Waiting to be Engaged at work ? ’ © Never Grow Up WPL.
  2. 2. www.willnevergrowup.comNever Grow Up TM © Never Grow Up WPL.
  3. 3. Who are we ?We are a fun loving company dedicated to the pursuit of keeping employees &teams wilfully engaged in an attempt to create a strong employer brand whileenhancing the culture of your workplace leaving your employees happier! © Never Grow Up WPL.
  4. 4. What can we do ? Make Work Fun ! Research shows that staff performs better when theyre happily engaged at work. We are constantly thinking of ways for employees to find the right environment and culture to function effectively. We strongly believe that by taking action and making fun a priority in the work place, organizations can build a great culture and even excel in areas where challenges and problems may have been the norm. © Never Grow Up WPL.
  5. 5. What can we do ?Communicate to Connect !Backed by creative thinkers and designers, ourteam at Never Grow Up™ is equipped to manageall your communication needs right fromcollateral to internal branding & monthlynewsletters to developing the intranet. Fromproviding recruitment media services or evenbuilding a game to entrench brand values, we arethe guys ! © Never Grow Up WPL.
  6. 6. What can we do ? Workshops ! Build an effective team by getting them to bond with a sense of contribution and the spirit of collaboration! Or simply get them to shed their inhibitions with playful subjects like Fun Photography, Bartending & Cocktails, Theatre, Demystifying Finance, Wellness, Recycle Art, Creative Writing, Yoga Therapy, Bollywood Salsa, Laughter Therapy, Nature Trails, Music, Art Appreciation and Archery just to name a few... © Never Grow Up WPL.
  7. 7. What can we do ?Workspace Design !If most of the time that we are awake is spent atoffice, why should that space be boring? We believethat the right environment at work goes a long way inensuring that organizations have a happy, engagedand motivated workforce. You can add a dash ofcreativity to your workplace or even get us to design,decorate or customize your cubicle or office spacebased on your personality. © Never Grow Up WPL.
  8. 8. What can we do ?Consult !We feel that every team, organization andculture is unique and hence a properunderstanding of the workplace and environmentis an essential first step. From conductinginternal perception surveys, to making a calendarof employee activation ideas, buildingcommunication to providing execution support,consider us your partners in crime! © Never Grow Up WPL.
  9. 9. Fun Stuff ! © Never Grow Up WPL.
  10. 10. Our merchandise Partners !over 500 quirky products from our merchandise partners … © Never Grow Up WPL.
  11. 11. some interesting work done for… © Never Grow Up WPL.
  12. 12. Awards & accolades !Never Grow UpTM has been nominated asone of the top Professional ServiceBusinesses of 2011 at the Small Businessawards by Zee business & Franchise Indiaand feature in the Top 100 SmallBusinesses of 2011 in the Small andMedium Entrepreneur Magazine.The Top 100 Businesses were finalized on the basis ofexclusivity, market leadership & growth. Small Businessinclude companies with a turnover less than ` 100 Crores. © Never Grow Up WPL.
  13. 13. Work Life Balance & Fun @ Work Reach Out@MakeWorkFun Throw us a challenge, give us a brief or just ask us how is it that we can make.com/MakeWorkFun your organization a desirable place to work in. Call +91 98923 38317 or invite usWillnevergrowup.blogspot.com over for a meeting. www.willnevergrowup.com © Never Grow Up WPL.
  14. 14. To whomsoever this may concernThis document is disclosed only to the recipient to whom this document is addressed and is pursuant to a relationship of confidentiality under which therecipient has obligations of confidentiality. This document constitutes confidential information and contains proprietary information belonging to NeverGrow Up Workshops Pvt. Ltd. (NGU). The confidential information is to be used by the recipient only for the purpose for which this document issupplied. The recipient must obtain consent from NGU before the recipient or any other person acting on its behalf, communicate any information on thecontents or subject matter of this document or part thereof to any other third party. The recipient, by its receipt of this document, acknowledges itsobligation to comply with the provisions of this notice. The reader/ recipient /viewer of this document agrees that he/she will not use the ideas in anyform succinct or direct, in any form whatsoever and that violating this clause would be an acceptance of plagiarism on his/her behalf. The reader of thisdocument also agrees that all/any dispute/s in this regard will be in the favour of the owner of this document i.e. Never Grow Up Workshops Pvt. Ltd.if proven that the document has been shared with at one point of time or other through written/email communication through a letter ormarketing/sponsorship proposal/presentation. The contents, ideas and initiatives of this Idea presentation are the sole property of Never Grow UpWorkshops Pvt. Ltd. and should not be used by any other party including the recipient unless so specified and agreed upon in writing. Never Grow Up and the Never Grow Up Brown box logo are registered trademarks of Never Grow Up Workshops Pvt. Ltd. © 2012. All rights reserved. Terms of useand policies available on www.willnevergrowup.com © Never Grow Up WPL.